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  1.  Call Of Duty World At War


    I recently downloaded the beta and having playing cod 4 from the day it came out id had my fair share of playtime on the game sao i basically knew wat it was about. Then like most people heard the annoucement that Call Of Duty was going back to world war 2 , and i didnt seem to impressed and thought it would be abismal.

    I played the beta for the first time 4 days before the beta ran out and i was basically hooked straight away, the gameplay is similar to that of call of duty 4 but i think its a little bit slower as the maps seem alot larger and not as many 'camping' spots as the 3 maps you play are fairly open. I think the weapons they have hit spot on as they reflect near enough all the WWII weapons, as a sniper fan and single shooter person i love the fact that the rifles you start with are single shooters and that you dont get the red dot sight at 25 kills because come on some people can get that very easyily by runnign around hip firing. Not to say you stil cant do that but this time you have to get 50 or 75 kills to earn the sight. Another part that i found hard but didnt anoy me at all that was all the other snipers apart from the springfield you had to get 25 kills as using it as a bolt action rifle without a scope or dot sight to earn your scope. Frustrating as it is, as you have to hit people 2 times usually unless u hit them in neck or above (this is even with stopping power) it make it harder to rank and get the attachments to the weapons.
    As i found with cod 4 i thought it was very easy to rank up and get the 150 kills with the weapons as you get the red dot sight at 25 kills.
    On the whole game play and different game types you can have i love the fact that there is still the hardcore side of the game and the normal type. i love the fact that they have also introducded the capture the flag game type again.

    On the whole i wud recommen this game and i feel its success will be bigger than the success of call of duty 4.