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  1.  Excellent bag for only £15 I love this!!


    I love this!! There's loads of space, and compartments to organise all my things. It's got two moblie phone pockets on the outsides, and a wide velcro-close pocket on the front side. It has a large zip-compartment on the back side. The inside is zip fastoning (with a cute key-shade zip tag). Inside there is yet another zip compartment, as well as sewn pockets for pens (or lipgloss), and two wider ones for keys, purses, make-up etc. The bag is well made, with water-resistant type material outside. This was a lot more than I expected for the money.

  2.  Excellent quality feel for not much money!


    This is great, better than I expected for the price!
    It feels great - smooth, expensive-feeling, but is also non-slip enough so I don't worry about it slipping out of my hands.
    It has holes for the hold button, earphones, and dock connector (which I needed most as I use the iTrip). It is quite a snug fit, so can get into docking stations with it on (although it is quite a close call)
    The click-wheel is covered with a thin layer of silicon, which reduces the sesitivity of the scrolling etc, but once I got used to this, it's fine.
    Also comes with a protective screen cover, which is great! No screen scatches!!

  3.  Good for the multiplayer


    For single-player game, it's okay but don't expect much - i played for a couple of hours, then was shocked to find that I'd finished it!!
    But...once you finish, multiplayer is unlocked and that's where the fun begins! Darts is fun, and the bungee-buddies game is hilarious. Sudden death is also fun with friends.
    I'd recommend it, but for it's multiplayer alone.

  4.  Worth the extra if you're after a new remote


    As previous, if you need another wii remote get this for just an extra £5 than the controller alone.
    However, this has some really fun games on it! If you get it expecting no more than wii sports, you wont be disappointed. Good party games, but also good for showing you how the wii can be used. Fishing, snooker, and the shooting game is really fun. The cow-racing game highly amuses me just for the novelty!

  5.  Good fun and classic elements give retro feel


    I got this saturday 15th. It's good fun to play. it plays homage to the classic mario (esp Super Mario 1 in caves 1-3 level), which i liked but also has new element which make use of the wii controller.
    Was a bit annoyed with REALLY LONG and boring intro where they teach you how to play etc, but it took more than half an hour before actual game play began, which is a bit too much!! Once it get's goin tho, lots of fun!

  6.  Brilliant


    Excellent cd whether you want to chill out, listen in the car, or have it on for party music, weirdly it seems to work for all!! I love this band.

  7.  Excellent album


    Very good stuff on this. The only song I don't like is Charmer, but only cos he wails like a cat, and it goes through me. Everyone I know seems to like even that one tho! Good stuff, hope to see them in concert in future.

  8.  Stereophonics are amazing


    Excellent album! All songs great, esp Bartender, T-Shirt Sun Tan, and Plastic California. Brilliant. Any new to the 'Phonics work should def check out earlier albums as this and Word Gets Around are their best work.

  9.  One of the best albums ever!!!!


    There are very few albums where every single song on it is brilliant, and this is one of them. No other album they have done is nearly half as good as this (and that's saying something cos Performance&Cocktails is ace). Buy it buy it buy it!!!!!

  10.  Looks just like the real thing!


    This was funny! Got it for someone who has an Audi to get people with and it really does shock you! Very similar to the actual key.
    Only downside is it's not very durable - after shocking someone, they dropped it (auto reaction to being electrocuted!) and this broke it. After tinkering managed to fix it again but I'm a bit disappointed it is more resistant to being dropped as this is likely to happed when it shocks someone.