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  1.  Best Guitar hero to date


    From the start you have everything. ultimately there is 85 songs from 83 different artists.
    you can play these when and how you want. up to four players and all four of them can choose whaever instrument they want,, 4 drummers? go ahead.
    the career consists of every song once, plus around 10 encores where you choose what song. so i dont understans the guy who said career is too short is around twice as long as GH3 and just a bit longer than world tour.

    the setlist was brilliant and very modern music with huge variety plus loads of first time artists. one problem i had with the game though is in general it was very easy for me in expert guitar, drums however proove a lot more challenging.

    the online lets you play with up to 8 players. again any instrument, in around 10 different game modes, which bring a whole new life to the game. this game is easily the most accesable game to date and easy fro player to grasp and enjoy. plus you can exprt around half of the world tour and smahs hits songs into the game for a small fee. brings a huge setlisst into play.

  2.  Unbelievably GREAT!!!


    There a fair collection of survival horror games out now,
    and when choosing one youd probably go for the most well known ones like Resident evil 5 or silent hill homecoming.
    But i Urge you to go for this one. Everything about this game has soo much detail to it. The control Scheme is the same as in Resident evil 5. But the game is about 50 Times scarier. a bit longer, and has a relly Great Story.
    The games Enviroment is where it stands out. The Graphics are Superb but the best thing in this game is the Sounds, and atmosphere, the lighting, its all perfect.
    Killing enemies with the very original weapons is also fun, you can litterally remove Every limb from the aliens, Slow them own with stasis, Throw things at them with kinesis,
    and my faveourite, picking there heads up and splatting them agains a wall with kinesis.
    A Real Cracking game, which dose everything you need from a horror game and more.
    However i do stress the game is pretty dam scary so be warned

  3.  This should be an arcade game, but its still bad


    The game is very small, there 2 game modes, and like 8 boards, the size of the game is micascule. so it really should have been released on the arcade.

    but that wouldnt have made the game better its So incredibally incomplete.
    There is No online play, which in this day is Shocking.
    the new game mode is pretty bad, because you play mini games every round, and the mini games are just Awful simple, using around 2 buttons, and theres only ,like 6 mini games, and most are just a copy of each other.
    playing the traditional game is the only thing of value, and even then you will want to shoot the host, in the head, for using the same phrases a million times, every time you play it, you get like an explanation of everything you land on, i found a way eventually of muting him by holding the Y button throughout the game, but its a bit of a hassle.
    i like to play the game muted, and even then the pace of the game is soo slow, and dice rolling is very unrealistic.

    One really good thing though is the way you can customise the rules of traditional mode to suit how you would play it, because the rules seem to be different for everyone who plays it

    the game is not good, and for this price you can buy a very decent REAL version of the game, so dont buy this but the board game, its much more sociable aswell

  4.  Great Re-iterations


    all the best songs from guitar hero 1, guitar hero 2, guitar hero 3, guitar hero rock the 80's, and 1 from aerosmith.
    now made better with full band play, nice neat display
    my only problems with it is, some songs they didnt put in that i thought should have, like knights of cydonia, and paint it black

    The BEST NEWS EVER THOUGH IS. Activision anounced that, Songs From
    Guitar hero Greatest HITS.
    Guitar Hero World Tour.
    will be exportable to Guitar hero 5 !! woo hoo

  5.  Another Shoddy movie game, only BETTER


    Movie tie in games are usually (though not always) really really bad.
    While this game doesnt redefine that, its underlying gameplay offers a fairly decent platforming game.
    The 3d is not great, and too gimiky to get into though its fairly interesting to try, its a pain to keep it turned on throughout.

    The fact its a movie game will put most people off, but if your a fan of the movie, and enjoy decent platforming games. You can do a lot worse that this. Though saying that you can also do a lot better

  6.  Fantastic and Original


    Mirrors, edge is Brilliant and Unique.
    Its graphics while not great in a high detail way, they are fantastic in its lighting and Strong Colours. It's Presentation and gameplay are just Superb, its Fast paced action which Flows so smoothly its actually satisfying,
    Too bad the Story is told through Comic book style and not very well portrayed. it's story had potential
    The game is pretty short, and has next to No replay value. you will soon grow sick and tired trying to outdo yourself in the time trials, and grow tired of the game 8-10 hours down the line.

    + Totally Original
    + Fantastic Flowing Gameplay
    +Stunning Settings
    +Good Story - Badly Yold
    - No Replay Value
    - Short



    3 Instruments, drums, guitar, and mic for only £54 this is a deal not to miss.
    The instruments are all very sturdy and much more reliable than the recent guitar heros instruments (which are still fairly good)
    The rock band guitar is strong, and silent strum bar (if your used to guitar hero guitars it may take a while to get used to a silent strum)

    The drums are fairly noisey, unfortunatly. But are strong and sturdy, there have been few reports of breakage in pads and foot pedal but iv had mine 9 months now and still in perfect working condition.

    And the mic well its a standard mic which can also be use in pc's .

    All instruments work for all rock band games,
    And all intstuments work in all guitar hero games from world tour onwards. (In other words the only games that the instruments dont work for is gh 2,3 and aerosmith and that includes the guitar which doesnt work either)

    The instruments come with a 4 way usb hub so ports are not a problem

    And this is a fantastic deal

  8.  Not too bad


    This game while it tries to compete with the likes of guitar hero and rock band, its not very successfull.
    But does have few good qualities. and many bad ones.
    if your a big fan of the GH RB series then try it. its cheap and you will find a few good challenges and some decent songs here.

    but the problem with the songs there ALL covers and most of them Very Poor with a few relly good ones.

    if you go into this game expecting another rock band guitar hero, then your going to be severly dissapointed. but as long as you know not the expect a great deal you can have a fair bit off fun with this game.

    enjoy it for what it is, not for what its not. its not good, but its not terrible.

    i reccomend to big music game fans but not to newcomers. or people who are not big players

  9.  Metallica


    ok this is the best guitar hero to date. though im still a Rock band fan 1st GH 2nd.

    I was never a fan of Metallica but this game has really changed my opinion of them, i kinda like them, they are perfect matches for this type of game aswell. and the game overall has and absolute perfect difficulty level. and the guest acts are all very fun to play aswell

    Drummers will find a slight new challenge with expert+ mode, (expert with more bass pedal notes) which suports 2 kick pedals.

    Guitar players will just find the same gameplay as GH WT but overall slightly more difficult, something i welcome

    the Vocals has been improved upon fro GH WT making it playable.

    but the thing i Love the most about this game is the pure detail and presentation and effort put into the game.

    once a song has been played you can listen to it while reading interesting facts about he song,
    also get the lyrics and details about the song.

    the career mode is a lot more free choice. you choose what songs to play to unlock more. you dont have to play them,all and you can even complete the game by playing 17 songs. but where the fun in that.

    one slight downer for the guys that like achievements is its a bit harder than the rest of the games to get 1000 from

  10.  Wait a While


    for parent shoppers. or people who do not know. THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON NEW GAMES THAT SUPPORT IT.

    its a great little gadget, adding the the wii remote's responsiveness.

    but the problem is theres only a few games out that supports it and they are not that great.

    wait for a month or 2 then get this or. wait for a game that interests you that supports it before you get it.