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  1.  a genuinely Fantastic Ripp-off


    This game is Fantastic and one of my all time faves, but as others have pointed out this version is a rip-off

    you are being charged full price for a Old game, and a FREE update.

    i highly recomend buying the original version and get online to download all the FREE updates including survival mode.

    i do however recomend this version for those who cannot get any online. but even then i dont highly recommend this as its mostly fantastic for multiplayer gaming.

    dont just listen to me listen to everyone. get the old version

  2.  Best value around


    On all the online and high street shops this is the best value. Even better than buying from the console itself.

    Ontop of that this specific (4200) points card is the most value for money on play aswell.

    You get
    1600 For 13.99 that's 114.4 points per pound
    2100 For 16.99 that's 123.6 points per pound
    4200 For 32.99 that's 127.3 points per pound.

    Now its not that much cheaper but it adds up. And points can be used for many things.

    You can

    Rent some classic or new movies.
    Buy some old school arcade games.
    Buy some new arcade games.
    Personalise you dashboard or gamer pictures
    Expand the experience of some games. Dlc

    Dlc includes many things. Such as songs for rock band / guitar hero. New characters, new maps, new weapons, new cars, the new gta iv add on "the lost and the damned"

    Points are extremely usefull, and you will find it very difficult if not impossible to get better value for money on here

  3.  The point is --- There is no point


    Yeah there is no point to the film but that is the point of the film. That after all the trouble the characters go through it is kind off pointless.
    The film is riddled with comedy. Star cast, and great acting. You actually like the cast and feel for some of them. The story is niether fantastic or crap. Its just a story. It follows multiple peoples lives and shows how the all intertwine.
    I and my ex found the film hilarious. And i in particular like the point being no point, and the humour behind all the people.

    I say go for it watch the film if it sounds like your film. But if your someone who loves a deep story and to have a reason behind everything you watch then its definatly not for you

  4.  Game of 2008


    Easily the best game of 2008.
    Endless playability wrapped into a fantastic game, zombie killing greatness.
    The game unfortunately is very short. After practice you could run through the whole game in around 2-3 hours. But with the games random a.i director, fantastic gameplay, you could play these four campaigns 100x over each and not be bored,
    If you have online this is where the game shines, playng through these campigns with 3 other friends is just the best fun to have in a game ever. And even more fun can be had if you have 7 freinds and want to kill them in verses mode, 4v4. Overall fanatastic game with unlimited replayability.

    + Easy to play
    + Last you forever
    + Online is fantastic
    + Sooo much fun
    - Only 2 campaigns available in verses
    - Short

    Just cant wait for the dlc weve been promised

  5.  Scrubs is slipping


    Scrubs in my opinion hit its high around series 2-3. 4 And 5 were just as good but not better, 6 started to get old, but this series swapped good humour for silly gags, making jds quirky fantasies more reality, making all the characters goofy, whereas jd is supposed to be the goof, it worth watching but most dissapointing series to date

  6.  Dissapointing Conclusion


    The film as a whole, is classic indiana jones, funny, charming, exciting and engaging.
    But the new one looses this all when it gets all paranormal around 80% into it, the ending is not satisfying and seems cheap, not what i was looking for,
    By all means watch it, if you like indy then i can guarantee you will enjoy most of the film, but the ending just isnt for everyone

  7.  Brilliant Best handheld ever (except DS Lite)


    Brilliant, and here's why, its just so fun to use, iv had mine just under 2 years now and had no problems, it works great and has well amazing games, touch screen, microphone over all brilliant, only disappointment no mp3 capabilities, but still its not that important.


    2/5 Graphics
    5/5 Games
    4/5 Size
    5/5 Screen

    Average 4/5 great

  8.  My first CD buy


    Genuinely my first CD buy, iv never been a Music fan, at 17 i got an ipod for my Christmas and bought this CD from work as i needed something to put on it, id heard it at work and found it a very good compilation, some great songs only a few i dislike, but best cd buy ever from me, as it is the only one lol.

  9.  Cheapest around.


    after doing platy of research, i found this is the best, cheapest option for points (except my work with my discount :))
    if your willing to wait a few days then its fantastic value, 100 free points, when on live its same price for 2000.

    100 points may not seem much but it can buy a fair few things, from gamer pics/themes to some game content, Music for Guitar hero/rock band.

    decks for uno.

    characters, for other games.

    definatly worht the money, and definatly cheapest around

  10.  No Oblivion but great


    when looking at this game you cant help but compare it to oblivion, there is just so much about it thats similar.

    the only differences, are, oblivion has a hell of a lot more freedom. and a lot more to do.
    but its stll great game, and its differences is what makes it good, if it were the same, it would feel like a crappy version of the same game.
    the game is very linear in many ways, story, leveling, and its battle system is very simple, but still effective and fun. 4 diifferent classes of characters, adds quite a lot of replay value, as they are and play very differently.
    while the 3 difficulty settings, difficult mode, is actually, not much harder than easy, so you might aswell start on difficult,
    overall, its slightly rushed with one or two glitches, bad voice acting, but its a great game, if you look at it as a seperate game, and try not comparing it to oblivion unless you must, but if your looking for a hardcore RPG oblivion is the way to go, but this is a good playthrough for the less experienced or even hardcore players looking for a easier game. with fairly easy achievments aswell Go for it