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  1.  goo but no great


    Well whats to say it plays the same as every other one with different controls slapped on for wii, mostly its button pressing with a little bit of wii controls shoved on. First thing i noticed was the iritating aiming you do point at the screen but imagine a small circle and you point the the very edge of the circle to aim in that direction, well you have to point to the edge to move the pointer in that direction, (if it makes sense) well it isnt as simple as red steel or RE4 for example. But well other than that the only annoying thing is the very annoying camera controll you turn the camera on a third person perspective like you do on red steel, point to the left to turn the camera around you in that direction, it gets very annoying, it takes time and can do it when you dont want it to and when you do want it to it does it wrong or doesnt to it sometimes. it is just annoying.
    Graphical wise its rubbish, i dont mean rubbish like N64 rubbish but its just rubbish for wii, its about as good as the medium quality PS2 or GC graphics. Not impressive,
    one good thing is the multiplayer Co-op its the exact same as the Single player control wise but the levels are somewhat different with changes in most parts to suit the co-op, and it is pretty fun, Multiplayer is definatly the best part of the game but is only suitable for 2 good expierienced gamers, not really for begginers.
    Story wise its a little confusing, you are working for 2 different companies, trying to infiltrate one for the other while doing missions for both, each mission you do has consequenses depending on whether or not you do the side missions to gain trust for each company. If you are to trustworthy in one the other will be suspicious and you will have to prove your loyalyties. The overall objective to me remained unclear and therefore so did the story.

    Story........... 4/10 (not compelling and slightly confusing)
    Game play..... 4/10 (same as all previous game, But wii controls slapped on)
    Graphics........ 5/10 (dissapointing for wii capabilities)
    Sound........... 7/10 (No iritating music just sounds you make)
    Play length..... 5/10 (i didnt complete it got bored)
    Replayability... 2/10 (i havent completed so havent replayed)
    Multiplayer..... 7/10 (ok would be better if controls were better)

    Total 34/70

  2.  sanic back to basics, (sort of)


    Sonic back to basics, well near enough, The simplistic control method and the set paths of the game, keep up for a fast paced simple yet fun game,
    The controls are very simple, hold the remote on the side and tilt it left to turn left, Right to turn right. the running is automatic (which is not for everyone) and jump by lifting the remote quickly, thats the basics, further controls like homing attack are done by thrusting the remote forward while jumping and reverse by tiliting backwards. This is very simple but can take a bit of getting used to, and it does make for fresh and fun gameplay,
    the game is about sonic going into arabian knights book and saving the story's by beating the erazer gjin who is erasing the books words, (wierd i know) and is set over 7 or so levels which have about 20 missions each so around 140 missions some long some short, good fun, although the game does get of to a slow start (leterally sonic is slow to start of with) he does get upgrades and later into the game gets very very fast.
    Multiplayer consist of a selection of around 50 party games some are really fun some not so but it is one of the better multiplayers i have tried on wii, and it is good fun.

    Story........... 4/10 (not great and slightly wierd but ok)
    Game play..... 8/10 (simple and best of all the next gen sonics)
    Graphics........ 7/10 (some of the better graphics, decent for wii)
    Sound........... 7/10 (non repetitive, and good quality)
    Play length..... 6/10 (fairly long around 8 hours i think dont remember)
    Replayability... 5/10 (the levels do get boring but its fun to use the controls)
    Multiplayer..... 7/10 (fun variety of minigames some amazing some not)

    Total 44/70

  3.  Good fun,


    Well first thing i noticed about this game was the amazing brilliant Cut scene graphics. but well they deteriorated in the gameplay graphics,
    But after playing this game i found it slightly boring i thought the gameplay was repetitive and got old i did however enjoy the game the further into it i got,
    Now im not comic book fan but i do enjoy all the comic book heroes movies (with the exception of the Hulk) But i enjoyed the story of this game, the evil victor von doom has gained huge power and gathered all the super villains together to destroy the heroes once and for all and rule the world, you travel between many of the heroes home places and fight together to clear each areas missions and help. with a sort of multiple ending conclusion depending on the missions you do and dont do. adds a slight replayability but still even after that the replay value was very poor.

    Story........... 8/10 (i enjoyed it alot)
    Game play..... 6/10 ( got repetitive but still fun)
    Graphics........ 7/10 (excelent cut scene graphic, not so good in game)
    Sound........... 6/10 (Ok not best But good quality)
    Play length..... 8/10 (11 hours isnt to bad)
    Replayability... 2/10 (even more boring than zelda twice round)
    Multiplayer..... 3/10 (basically the one player with 2 people not to fun)

    Total 40/70

  4.  Great Game but ..


    No different fro the first in the perspective of no new gameplay, just a few new maps and thats about it, but still its really good fun to plpay multiplayer and solo, although the campaing may be on the short side conquering the galaxy is quite fun.

    if your a real fan of the firs get this,
    or if you havent played the first go for this one as it is slightly better

  5.  Fun While the gimmick lasts.


    The Eye toy series have been very successfull and im not suprised, as they are so fun to use but pretty soon the games get old and tiring then you realise its basically a gimmick.

    the good thing is the camera can also be used as a webcam if you have the right files. But the game only last a short time, Then after that you will probably only get it out when you have a few friends over and wanna laugh.

  6.  Great


    In My honest opinion there have only been 1 or 2 console where i did not like the controllers, But Almost as rare it is to find one i dont like its just as hard to find one i like as much as this controll.

    Great button distribution, and very strong materials, Its a control that will last and is extremely comfortable to use.

    the only reason it gets 4 stars is for two reasons.

    1, the shoulder buttons especially R1 can slowly loosen and become irritating as they are used alot in most games they do ware down over the years.

    but 2. is because its only my second fave controll over the new nintendo wiimote n nunchuck.

    but overally great controller for a great console

  7.  Red Steel Bad? No way


    i got this game on launch and well heres a few things i heard since,

    Bad graphics
    terrible controls
    ridiculous story.
    crap swordplay.

    But infact i find all but one of these things to be incorrect

    Firstly Graphics are not something to admire but they are not bad and certainly not N64 style.

    second controls may take a while to pick up but they work great,

    Third Story. Your a guy trying to save his fiance from the yakuza (mob like gang). pretty good to me.

    But fourth the sword play well it is pretty dissapointing, with a limtation of moves and it does not copy your exact moves. so its well dissapointing.

    so 4/5 in total as its not 100% impressive but its a great game which if you out a litttle effort into you get a lot of fun out.

  8.  Great


    I dont own this game but iv played it a few times at a mates house.

    firstly i have to say great graphics
    and second great fun game.

    From what i'v seen (yes he did most of the playing lol) it looks great and the gameplay looks awsome but i did get a good shot of online though

    i have an xbox 360 but i cant connect to xbox live, but my mate can and well i played this game online at his house and well its one of the best online expieriences, its just so satisfying to actualy get a kill.

    overall great fun

    only 4 stars though because im not a huge fan of World war fighters.

  9.  Amazing, But..


    I first saw this film on Tv, i loved it soo much i bought the DVD, i watched the DVD and well i wasnt all impressed. Mostly the dissapointing ending compared to the orignal, now i wont spoil it for thos who have not seen it but lets just say the new ending does not add as much to the story and is less satisfying.

    if you get hold of this film by all means watch it but if possible get the non directors cut as its much better.

    and im gald to see after reading other comments im not the only one that thinks so.

    original 5/5
    directors cut 3/5 (but mostly because iv seen original)

    4/5 because well its average of the two versions

  10.  Like a galmorised Mp3 player.


    Thes handheld dissapointed me. i was expectic great things from a handheld console. but what did i get well it felt more like an mp3 player that had been pimped up.

    its great for an mp3 player i.e stores music, photos and even videos,

    But for gaming well its pretty shocking, graphics wise its great for a handheld but all the games are pretty bad and the analogue stick is terrible.

    its only good for media but its too big for that soo its pretty pointless in my opinion, also the poor attempt at a web browser is just embarasing.


    4/5 graphics
    0/5 games
    3/5 Mp3 capabilities
    1/5 size

    average 2/5 pretty dissapointing