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  1.  Only good for value.


    considering the game cost 5 pounds, its really worth it the games are fair, the multiplayer is fun, and well the problem is it has short life in other words gets boring, but for 5 pounds what do you expect, If it alone were £30 or £20 or even £10 it would only have 1-3 stars.

    but everbody knows, It's all about the remote

    if you ever need another remote then get this bundle

  2.  Amazing In every single way.


    I just got this game after waitng three weeks for it and i can tell you its more than worth the wait.

    Firstly the graphics, For the wii they are just above average (nothing to admire, but good enough).

    Second the gameplay. Great especially for the wii. fun and works incredibly well,

    Thirdly, the story, definatly one of the best resident evils so far story follows you working for goverment under presidents orders to find and rescue the presidents Daughter, (not original i know) but this is fun to follow and makes you want to know whats going to happen.

    Overall. Even if you have owned this game for gamecube definatly get it as its longer and has loads of added weapons and chapters and characters. But if you have owned for the playstation 2 its the exact same in almost every way except controls but trust me its worth buying again for wii as the controlls add a whole new level to the game, incresing both gameplay and scare factor as you feel like your in the game. and for £25 its a steal

    10/10---100%---5/5 amazing

  3.  Over Hyped But still GReat


    I do enjoy this game, and it does a lot of new things for the Genre. but i still think it is over hyped. its not as revolutionary as its made out to be.
    The story 5/5
    The graphics 5/5
    the game play 5/5
    but i just think its game play gets slightly repetitve and its just not as fun as say the wii's gameplay. thats the only reason it drops a star

    but its still one of the best xbox360 games

  4.  Wario Ware: Boringly bad Moves


    I went to get this game after hearing great things about, i started to play, and my mouth dropped at the shear horror of one of the worst games i have ever ever known. The game involves no real story line and has a long line of incredibly short and pointless mini games which are extremely stupid. each mini game last around 3-5 seconds, and are repetitive. I must aadmit i had about 5 minutes of fun playing this gamel. and the only other fun i had was playing the multiplayers which were fairly ok this is the only reason i have even given it a rating of 1. overall this game is a pointless waste of your time and money so 1/5 very poor and over rated game which is the worst game i have ever played and i have played alot. in my own opinion.

  5.  Same Old Zelda But Still Great.


    Realy Realy Loved this game it was great and any Zelda fan Should buy this game. It has an incredible storyline and has extremely long game play i took 32 hours to complete it but i was hooked so much that i did it in 4 days. one bad point is. it felt a little familiar to me. i felt many of the dungeons and order of the dungeons were TO similar to those of The Ocarina of time. And i felt that when you were the wolf it could get a little boring. Also you may find some of The Puzzles can baffle you for Hours. also the one last bad point about it and all Zelda games, I find That they have Little or no replay Value. But the Length of the game makes up for that. But the game itself is more than worth those similarities. highly recomended game. worth the time and money. 4.9/5 so 5* D.K

  6.  Best controll around


    Nintendo have done it again they have made a piece of equipment that naturally fits in your hand and does exactly what it says on the tin. In other wors everything they claimed about it is true. it works perfectly although if not treated properly they can get wonky pointers (same happened to one of mine when i accidentally chucked it and it hit the roof while i was playing warioware lol(wrist strap is always advised)) anyway that aside if its looked after its the best controll ever for the best console ever

  7.  A must own.


    and not just because its needed for most of the wii games but its so natural and comfortable to hold. hence the reason its almost always sold out.

  8.  One word, Best Wii game so far, OK thats 5 words


    Now im not into football. And Not into any Sports game but. When i found out that this was the first online game that was the only reason i wanted to try it. And i found it to be incredibly fun and addictive.
    The games itself works great with the controls and is very quick, easy and simple to learn. But the more advanced controls and strategies can take a while. the variety of captains and sidekicks add a range of possibilities and strategies.

    The single player in the game is fairly short and easy but the last cup can be slightly challenging to the less experienced players. The single player/offline mode of the game itself is worth 7/10. But the real star of the game is The online Mode. This adds a whole new Value to the game and makes more personal challenges like, trying to get in the top 100 rankings or even the top 1000. so far i have only managed 874. the great thing is the rankings reset after each season meaning new owners of the game still have a chance to get to number one at one point.. The matches can get pretty heated and intense. and nothing is more satisfiying the winning on a skillshot in sudden death, apart from winning 10 - 0 and getting a bundle of points of course.

    The only downside to the game is no talk or messaging so it can sometimes feel no different from playing the computer except that it is usually harder than the computer.

    Overall Great game must buy for football fans and none. offline worth 7/10 online worth an extra 5/10 so overall 12/10 but you can only go 5 max so i have to settle with that. exellent start to wii online i just cant wait for the next one.

  9.  Bigger, Bolder and Better


    One of the best N64 Games just got better for the DS.

    the DS version of the game is better for many reasons thats what makes it so great.

    first the main story line of the game. involes a lot more exploration and has you controlling 4 characters instead of 1 with all the new characters having there own abilities this add a whole new style of play. and has a whole 30 more stars to collect.

    second the Mini games. you start with 8 mini games but you have to find bunnys in the games to unlock more. there is a total of 36.

    third is the ds-ds multi player where up to 4 players race through mini levels to collect stars and hit each other to make them loose there stars.

    and third is the drawing room where you draw pictures and mess about with them using the stylus.

    The only downfall on this game is the main adventure is very hard to controll using the touch pad. but you can set it so that you dont need the touch pad which makes it easier.

    5 out of 5 best ds game so far. perfect remake of an old classic. worth every penny

  10.  Great But.. Not perfect


    When i first got this game i loved it but after a while, after the main game has finished there is not much else to do. There is of course a new missions section to add a little life to the game and thats about it. as for whats new in the title of the hugly popular game. well not much. there is only a few new tracks the rest are from previous titles and well only 1 or 2 new items.

    The online mode of this game finds itself the victim to over ratings.
    There is no chat function no talking. so there is no real difference online from not, there is no rankings or leader boards of the sort and you can't choose who you race unless you have the other persons friend code.
    and you also may sometime find yourself racing impossible people as there can be people who race at a natural pace of 2 or 3 times your speed. i dont know if this is a cheat or people from other countries who may have a faster version. I dont know.

    So any way overall this gets 4 stars. it would have five but it does get boring after a while and the online mode adds very very little to it. but still its worth the money