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  1.  Don't Read a Book by its Trailers


    Terminator: Salvation the game is set right before the Box Office movie. A very poor and disappointing story.
    You play as John Connor as you attempt to save mankind with the resistance.
    Unluckily the game is surprisingly short and lacks that 'WOW factor.' The gameplay is that similar of Gears of War / Uncharted but isn't well made, It's far too repetitive. The graphics are depressing and some the amount of enemies in the game surprisingly small.
    Not the best game to buy. Maybe rent... but isn't worth £20 let alone £30 to £40.

    Story: 1/5
    Gameplay: 2/5
    Graphics: 2/5
    OVERALL: 2/5

  2.  a new type of star trek


    i saw this film last night at midnight, and i've got to say the film was amazing. i'll tell you the truth i never did like the original star trek films, but this is one of my favorites for 2009.

    the CGI and special effects throughout the film were probably the best i've ever seen. i know quite a few original star trek fan's won't like the remake that JJ Abrams has done.
    But for any SCI-FI fan (even star trek haters...) YOU NEED TO SEE THIS FILM, BUY IT ASAP!

  3.  so far so good...


    I havn't heard the whole album but i've heard most of them.
    They've taken a different style to their last album take to the skies. Hopefully the rest of the fans will be impressed with what they've done :) i know i am. So... Buy it

  4.  ok film ruined by a s**t ending...


    if any of you have seen the trailer for the second film you'll know what i'm on about.
    the film starts off really well. but for me it's just a normal action film. buy it if you like stupid action films but if your looking for something smart or something (e.g. Fight Club or Layer Cake) then DONT BUY THIS MOVIE!

  5.  not even close...


    a good film for the family but no where near as good as Bruce Almighty. Still a must buy though, as its still a good comedy film.

  6.  Comedy, Action, Romance, Drama


    This film has it all!
    A very clever film, with a really good soundtrack!

  7.  LOST fans will enjoy


    When i watched this film in the cinemas i couldnt help but notice a sence of LOST. It had the same feel to it, but with more intensity! if you loved Panic Room or Phone Booth then you HAVE to buy this film. Only thing i didnt like was watching the assasination take place 8 times. apart from that it was amazing.

  8.  Final Fantasy back at its best!


    Crisis Core lived up to its hype AND MORE! A very fun and challenging game. I was very happy when i found out they used the original designs for the towns and cities from Final Fantasy VII on the PS One. Final Fantasy Fans or Cloud fans should definatly get this game to uncover things you don't find out in the first original game. e.g. where the buster sword came from!

    gameplay - 9/10
    graphics - 8/10
    storyline - 10/10

    A definate 5star must buy!

  9.  Best Game on PS3 to date!


    Graphics - 10/10
    Gameplay - 10/10
    Story - 7/10
    Online Mode - 10/10

    This game is a definate MUST BUY! The best online game and best first person shooter to date. The online ranking system will definatly keep you addicted to the game for years to come. Storyline is short but amazing. For this price i'd buy it twice!

  10.  good. worth the buy


    make your controller look alot more stylish. it helps you from hitting the triggers by accident (which i used to do.) Another good thing is, that they dont fall of, but are easy and simple to put on and take off. BRILL!