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  1.  Average at best


    Like I said in the tiltle, Average, I have played call of duty from cod4 and played online since mw2, this is my least enjoyable of the franchise. The campaign is brilliant as all cod campaigns are but the MP is horrible. My advice, complete the campaign, and then hammer the spec ops.

  2.  Hmmmm...


    I must admit I was really lookin forward to the release of this game, I love the fight night franchise and was annoyed it took them so long to bring this out. I bought it this afternoon thinkin I would'nt be able to drag myself away but less than an hour later ive already turned it off to watch the tennis!! They've changed to much about the way you control your fighter, the computer counters almost everything you do and the way you deliver a haymaker has changed and is awkward, now for me that was one of the fun aspects of the game.
    I will give it another go but im not as impressed as i thought i would be, the graphics are good an im glad they at last added iron mike but what happened to Money Mayweather! He was missed out in round 3, sort it guys!
    Give this game a go by all means but dont get to excited.

  3.  Fantastic!!!


    The is the best game I have played for a long time, maybe since Halo the original. It blows other FPS out of the water, I havnt yet played CoD 5 but im told its been rushed an nowhere near as good. Really lookin forward to modern warfare 2. MW 1 has a good story and some great action/cut scenes. Next stop for me is goin on line with it... BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!

  4.  Awesome


    This is by far the greatest film I have ever and will ever see, it has everythin, a great plot, action, adventure, romance, drama... just everythin, o, and the sound track is amazin. The final scenes as they run up the mountain side is spectacular!!!

  5.  Er... What!!


    How can I be the first person to ever rate this product, to put it simple, these are some of the greatest films you will ever see, corny they might be but its worth the price just for the fight seen in number 4!!! Buy this, sit back an enjoy... number 5 might disappoint but only because the others are so good!!!

  6.  Dont go there


    One word... Poor, need i say any more ? This game lacks a good pvp server and is based to much on solo play. im a big fan of lord of the rings an this was a big let down.

  7.  A must!


    DAoC is by far the best role play game out there at the moment although i am looking forward to Age of Connan Dark ages is a game all will enjoy.