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  1.  A Brilliant Wee Set!


    Well this is a great little set. It comes with 2 Clone Troopers + Blasters, a Clone Pilot + Blaster and a Commander + Dual Blaster Pistols and a Clone Walker.

    First off, the walker is actually quite fun to build and incredibly easy to do so. It has a pair of flick-fire missiles and can fit 2 clones in it. The walker is overall a good wee thing and functions almost identically to the Clone Walker from the old Episode III range.

    The Clone figures are really good. This was my first LEGO set in a while and the quality has certainly gone up. I also like how LEGO now make actual Blaster models instead of the old Microphone + Stud combo. The Commander is especially cool. He comes with a waist thing, shoulder armour, a visor and his Dual Blaster Pistols really add up to make him a badass figure!

    Overall, I was very happy with this set. It gives you a nice starting point and its really handy if you want to boost the number of Clones in your army. The price wasn't an issue either, it is a very well priced LEGO set for what you get. I can definitely recommend this to anyone interested in the Clone Wars LEGO range!

  2.  ---LONG REVIEW---


    This game is fairly good in this section. Environments are pretty and snow levels look beautiful with their bluey-white glistening ice and snow. The shiny purple covenant also look really good. The UNSC I think only let it down a bit. Really its just the UNSC Marines to be honest. They just look a bit too basic compared, but otherwise this game does very well for an RTS. And the cutscenes are immense, some of the best with amazing graphics throughout.

    Its Halo. What does that mean? An epic soundtrack and great sound effects. If you don't know any Halo music then your missing out, it is some of the best. The Sound Effects are also really good, almost all are from Halo 3 making it feel very authentic and reinforces the Halo theme. (Specific appreciation goes to the UNSC Spartans. When they lose their shields in combat, you hear that beeping noise as in the FPS installments and it all works well to immerse you in the universe.)

    A bit basic in terms of how some other RTS games play but I think that suits this game. Its extremely easy to pick up and play and the controls have been mapped perfectly, providing easy fluid control of your troops on the battlefield. This game proves an RTS can be done on consoles. The levels are very fun and well designed, the only gripe being they are a tad easy, but Legendary certainly makes up for that. Skirmish allows you to play as UNSC or Covenant on loads of maps from 1v1 to 3v3 and coupled with Co-Op and Online, there's alot here to keep you playing past the Campaign.

    Again, truly amazing. Ensemble have done a fine job to capture the Halo universe. The Menu's are exceptionally well done with some fine CGI and music complimenting the traditional Blue Halo screens. The CGI cutscenes are down right amazing in this game. Overall, a damn good job by Ensemble.

    Halo Wars looks, sounds and feels like Halo in all ways. With the amazing soundtrack, pretty graphics and amazingly fluid gameplay - coupled with Skirmish, Co-Op and Online - provide a stunning addition to any Halo fan's collection and to RTS players alike. Bear in mind, it isn't as deep as some other RTS games in terms of gameplay but it is a damn fine game, Ensemble have done sterling work and proved that with effort, it is possible to make a killer RTS on the console.

    I would give it a 4.5 if I could, I don't really like giving out 5/5's because that would assume it is a perfect game will next to no issues at all, a category I believe to be reserved only for the best games. But this certainly comes close. A damn good buy, and greatly recommended.

  3.  Words Can't Do It Justice!


    Having bought a PS3 just for this game I can safely say I wasn't let down. Infact, this is one of THE greatest FPS games EVER made. Seriously, its that good!

    Ridiculously good. If you're running this through HDMI at 1080p then you're in for one hell of a treat, the visuals are unreal. The detail is extraordinary and theres wee things here and there you don't really notice, but when you do its mindblowing. The weapons are exceedingly well rendered and look gorgeous and one particular mission in the last half of the game on an ISA spaceship simply looks unreal. Never before have I seen such graphical wonder (and I have Crysis!).

    Excellently done. The voice acting leaves a bit to be desired but it really doesn't detract from the awesomeness of the sound. The epic soundtrack is accompanied by some of the most intense battle sounds and effects I have experienced. If you own surround sound systems then, again, you're in for a treat. The battles are just so intense, and the guns make such loud, strong and noticeable noises and grenades/effects/screams etc are so well made you feel asif you're there on the battlefield. Simply kick ass!

    Amazingly fun. CoD veterans (including myself!) will maybe struggle at first with controls, but they can be changed to a number of different types (Alternate 2 best suits CoD vets), but to be fair it works really well and you do feel like you're carrying all the kit and you're not some ninja that can swing MG's about asif they way nothing. Equal blends of action, shooting, tactical and full on kickin ass create excellent gameplay that keeps you coming back. Very well made and the cover scheme especially works very, very well for an FPS and it WILL come in handy especially during the later half of the game.

    The campaign may be a bit short, waying it at about 9 levels, but these levels, especially the last few, are so amazingly intense and adrenaline fuelled that you will play the campaign again. There's also 4 difficulties, the hardest being Elite where you get no HUD and you die in a few shots only - it's not easy!!! Also, the Skirmish mode let's anyone without online to still play some 'multiplayer' matches albeit against Bots, but these work fairly well and you can play on numerous maps with many modes. Finally, the Warzone multiplayer mode lets you fight in games of 32 people with varying modes like Body Count (Team Deathmatch) to Search and Destroy games. With the Cod-like rank and perk system, unlocking classes/abilities, multiplayer is very deep and engaging, it will keep you playing for a long time after you finish Single Player.

    A truly remarkable peice of work. Excellent sound effects and eye poppingly ridiculously good graphics combine for the most intense FPS experience possible, and the gameplay is fun enough to make you want to play it whilst the multiplayer modes give plenty of lasting appeal, even to those who haven't got PSN.

    You MUST buy this game! *****

  4.  Left 4 Dead Review (wordy)


    First up, this game just simply KICKS ASS! Now on to the actual review...

    Well not much to be fair, but in all fairness do you really need a plotline for a zombie game? Nope. Also, this game plays out like films. There are 4 seperate ''Films'' that you play through with 5 sections in each. Each takes place in a different place such as a hospital or air field. Each ''Film'' can take between 30mins to 2hrs depending on your skill and difficulty level. The story is told well through scriblings left by other survivors on the walls of Safe Houses. Thats about it in this department.

    Simply awesome! The controls are fluid, responsive and work very well. The AI comrades (offline) obviously don't match up to real people but they are very good at holding their ground, healing you, reviving you and generally kicking ass! However, don't expect them to push on without you leading the way, they're more defensive. The environments sutie the setting very well, from deserted and zombie filled hospitals to tall wheat fields. Yes. Wheat Fields. The ultimate in Zombie horror settings. However, the thing I find the best about gameplay is the character animations, especially on normal Infected. These aren't your dumb shuffling zombies, oh no. These ones can run as fast as an Olympic sprinter and give you a good challenge especially when they rush you in hordes of hundreds at a time. The animation of them when they're running, their reactions to fire and the way the interact with the environment are so very realistic and the only thing unrealistic about them is that their zombies. Its THAT good! They're also very smart, swarming you, flanking you and pouncing on you or grabbing you with tongues.

    Fairly standard music throughout but its the Sound Effects where this game shines. When you approach a 'Witch' (crying women zombies that tear you to shreds if you disturb them) the music changes to very tense and heartpounding music that gets your pulses racing as you try to avoid her. This also happens if you are downed by zombies etc. The sound of zombies is very good, typical groaning, moaning and general undead-ness. Gunshots are very satisfying and the guns certainly feel beefy and strong and you do feel like you are firing a strong weapon and not a weak little pea shooter.

    This game really shines too in multiplayer. You can either play co-op with 3 other players through the main campaigns (films), or you can play an exceptionally fun mode called 'Versus' whereby 8 playes are split into 2 teams. 1 team are the survivors, 1 are the Infected. The survivors are just like in the main story, but playing as the infected is a very fun thing. You can play as a 'Hunter', hooden infected that leap and pin humans before shredding them. 'Smokers' who use extended tongues to grab humans and pull them away from the safety of the group. 'Boomers' who are giant infected that vomit bile on humans which attracts all Infected in the nearby area, something that can severly cripple the survivor team. But finally, you can play as the 'Tank'. This is a hugely powerful muscly Infected that can rip chunks out of the ground and hurl them. But you can only play as one about once every match and only one player gets to. They're THAT strong.

    To sum up then...

    Graphics - 9/10. (On a good PC it looks photorealistic in parts with great animations and textures.
    Sound - 9/10. (Great 'zombie' atmoshpheric music with great sound effects.)
    Gameplay - 10/10. (Simply awesome. Survival Horror Shooter. Amazing fun!)
    Campaign - 8/10. (A little bit short and if it wasn't for the AI director that spawns infected randomly, it would be v. repetitive.)

    Overall - 9-10/10.

  5.  Kane's Back And Better Than Before!


    Well well where to begin? This game is really very good and works so well on the console. The introduction of the CommandStick feature does exactly what it says on the box and lets you control your units etc. with the flick of a thumb. This system works alot better than previous control systems and almost erases the fiddly controls of previous RTS's on consoles from history. Well, the CommandStick aside this game is alot like the last, which is a good thing because the last one was very good! The graphics, sound and gameplay mechanics are the same as before, but with the introduction of new sub-factions theres alot more to play around with and many new toys to annihilate your enemy with. A challenging and thrilling campaign with the signature HD video cutscenes boosts the game, although I recommed playing at at least medium difficulty as its not challenging on easy and with the addition of over 50 multiplayer maps the game has ALOT of replay value. Just when you though there was enough to be getting on with, Kane's Wrath pulls something else from under its sleeves. The unique 360 exclusive 'Kane's Challenge' mode whereby you control one of the 9 races and take them through various scenarious set out by Kane himself, which become more challenging and again boost the amount of time you can play this game for. Theres some new additions to the normal races too like the addition of laser fencing around buildings which is useful for keeping pesky Commandos or Engineers away from them. The new factions certainly offer more unit variety with sonic firing tanks, minigun toting walkers, cyborg Nod infantry, stealthed artillery, Hammerhead gunships and Tiberium soldiers to name but a few. Below is a breakdown of the key areas I based my judgement on:

    Presentation - 10/10.
    Graphics - 8/10.
    Sound - 9/10.
    Gameplay - 9/10.
    Replay Value - 10/10.



    This game is truly amazing! Whilst the single player may not be as strong as the first, it is still incredibly terrifying and in depth. Theres seriously no way to say how scary this game is when u switch of all the lights and close the curtains, especially on a large HD telly! Honestly, playing this gave me the creeps. Combat is also terryfing as the zombified hobos can come from all directions in pitch black and all u have is a torch at times to light the way. the enemies are very relentless in their attack and wont stop till one of u is dead and hurl abuse at u during ur fight. The multiplayer is a good addition, especially the crime scene mode!!

    Truly amazing game with enough scares to rival most horror films and more gore to rival manhunt!

    This is genu

  7.  Fairly Decent Shooter....


    Well, in my usual style I will start off with simple positives and negatives.

    - Amazing graphics really help the experience.
    - Great character models and textures that all react well to eachother and the environments.
    - Vast range of weaponry/armour that can be 'pimped' for that golden diamond encrusted look.
    - Absolutly amazing Co-Op game with the shields, back-to-back etc.
    - Fairly decent mission variety.
    - Cool system of beating, slapping, high-fiving, playing gun-guitar with your partner during missions.
    - Fairly in-depth storyline.
    - Great online Co-Op and versus modes.
    - Aggro system works fairly well allowing one player to soak up bullets whilst the other sneaks around.
    - Sticks to it's roots of being a mercenary based shooter as you complete missions and goals for money, nothing else.
    - If you have no-one to play this with in Co-Op don't bother as Co-Op is no longer a mode, it's the game.
    - Stupid, stupid AI that run into machine guns and armoured soldiers.
    - Small amount of missions with quite linear gameplay.
    - Fiddly aiming system that often makes playing the game quite hard.

    So, there we go. That should give you an idea if this is a game for you. Gung-Ho, gun-toting lunatics that love their shooters where they can waste streams of enemies with the good ole ragdoll physics will LOVE this. Players used to games like Rainbow where vast amounts of strategic planning are required to tactically carry out missions and eliminate targets, or people wanting a serious and realistic shooting simulator should maybe give this a miss or try renting it first.

  8.  Not quite the game you were waiting for...


    To start off with I will point out that Assassin's Creed is by no means a 'bad game' it's just a game that, in my opinion, has not lived up to it's overwhelming hype.
    I will be quick and give the positives and negatives.

    - Spectacular Graphics and Textures are superbly created.
    - Large, vast and detailed holy land (and cities) to explore.
    - Fairly fun, if not repetitive, fighting system that let's you use blocks, counters and finishing moves to kill your enemies.
    - Easy and fluid controls allow the player to quickly get stuck in and get going.

    - Extremely repetitive gameplay that really cuts the games play time and replay value.
    - Linear storyline and fairly linear assassinations.
    - A small set of four weapons, hardly the ''wide range of medieval weaponry'' stated on the case.
    - Ridiculous, rubbish and completely unnecessary ''sci-fi'' back plot that cuts into the game at key points and generally spoils any atmosphere you may have created.

    Overall, Assassin's Creed isn't a complete write-off though because it's juicy visuals and pretty fun action and free running will no doubt keep some people happy. But if you a serious gamer looking for an in depth, and long lasting, game then you should maybe give this one a miss.

    (If it let me, I would give it 3.5)

  9.  COOL!!!


    Got the game the day it came out! It's awesome...but these things! They're so cool! They each come with a battle rifle and SMGs!!!! All Halo fans who like Kubricks/Lego/MegaBloks (or even just Halo the game) have to get these !