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  1.  Brill


    Not going to say much, just watch it!!!! now, your be laughing start to finish

  2.  Games rockin'


    This game is amazing. To be honest i wasn't sure on this game but after reading the reviews on here i thought sod it, buy it and give it a go. And now i must say thanks to everyone who's given it a good review to make me buy the game.
    This game to me has everything, action, pace, good game-play etc. The most important thing this games got for me, is the feel good factor while playing it. I would recommended this game to anyone now. Buy it!

  3.  Brill


    I'm not going to write anything just buy and watch it. Simple amazing.

  4.  Game of the year!


    Simply amazing. Everything about it was truly amazing! Put the game in my 360 and didn't take it out or turn the 360 off till i completed it!

  5.  Zac is...


    Buff...Film could have been alot better, expected alot more from Burr Steers loved Igby Goes Down!

  6.  Simple amazing


    The game is amazing, second to none. Im addicted to it, great line-up of boxers, great graphics and simple amazing gameplay. Must buy for any sports fan.

  7.  The last thing to offend!


    To me this series really was the last series to just go out there and slap you in the face. It really is worth buying on DVD for a breathe of fresh air. On TV your not allowed to say or do anything anymore with-out some person and normally only one person getting offended, writing in and someone has to apoligize. This on the other hand does and say what it wants really with-out fear. This really does stick two fingers up to anyone who does get offended and good!

  8.  Good company


    It is a really good game. Maps are good and very large. Now what i didn't really like about the first battlefield was that the maps were so big your spend half your time running round looking for people only to find that you get picked off by a sniper the second you find someone. On these maps the action is filtered into certain places but still has freedom to attack in many different ways. I really prefer this to CoD4, alright it only has one game mode but its a good game mod. People whom play CoD4 seem to take the game to serious, with this it dosnt seem to be like that, this game is just fun action. Well worth buying!

  9.  Ambitious but rubbish come to mind


    Glitchy, horrible controls and flat out annoying. As the title says "ambitious but rubbish" i think really does discribe it. I think the creaters spent so much time on using and combining objects that they forgot about the physics of the game. For that the game is horried in terms of glitching. They also seem to have just rushed the game, the it shows from the controls and the camera angles being rubbish. It really seemed to have something going for it but seems to miss the target but miles. Not worth buying!

  10.  loved it


    I couldnt put it down! Really a good book from a person who has done most things in wrestling. I think it is a honest book from a honest person. He really dosnt try and hide the truth, he tells the truth and hes blunt about it!