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  1.  ok - nothing brilliant


    it is a good game especially if you are a wrestling fan, however there is a lack of detail especially with the weapons. another downside is the controls as they are pretty difficult to get the hang of. i think 2008 is a great improvement on this.

    the good thing about the game is the range of wrestlers new & old and a pretty fun game to play with your mates aswell.

  2.  awesome


    the graphics in this game are simply breath-taking and i havent even got a hd tv!!!! the gameplay is good to but the fighting can be a bit repetitive at times but there are so many missions and optional missions to do to keep you occupied.overall this game is simply awesome.

    this is defo a next gen game!!! highly recommended

  3.  good game


    great game. career mode is also good too and game play is awesome. i prefer it to fifa and is a great game to play with your mates. one of my favourite footie games!!

  4.  great product


    if you have wireless controllers then this is a must. just plug it in to charge and when charged can last for ages. i hardly ever charge mine up as it lasts for ever!!! where as normal batteries used to last about 5 hours or so. great money saver and highly recommended

  5.  perfect game


    i have played all of the hitmans and have to admit that this is one of the best yet. the game and missions are awesome and the weapons are great. you can customise weapons and use poison syringes etc so it has a wide range of weapons. highly recommended to anyone - only downside is that it isnt long enough. bring on the new hitman!!!!!

  6.  great


    great game, great gameplay and is based on the film too so it is pretty great. the game has so many missions which will keep you busy for a while. very similar to gta`s but has a decent storyline too!!!

  7.  great game


    i heard that this game was brill so i ended up buying it and i am no way disappointed at all. one of the best games i have played. the graphics, gameplay, weapons - basically everything is great. this is highly recommended to anyone and is one of those games you dont get bored of easily!!!

  8.  great


    great game, lovely graphics and great gameplay. i have not got bored of this game yet and if career mode is pretty good and an semi-easy way to get 1000 gamer points!!!

  9.  excellent


    great game, one of the best racers i have ever played. graphics, cars, tracks and the length of the game are brilliant. highly recommended!!!! love the kudos thing aswell!!

  10.  you either hate it or love it!!


    i bought this game with high expectations. the graphics and cars are great but its a shame that you have to go 2mph just to turn a corner. this is so annoying and is why i have only played this game for 10mins. pgr4 is a million times better in my opinion.