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  1.  Excellent Value


    Does exactly what it says on the tin, for £4.99 this is a excellent buy. 1.3b compliant, good build quality, gold plated connectors and the length is just about right in my opinion. Very pleased with purchase (for my PS3), ordered second for my Virgin V+ box. Thank you Play.com.

  2.  Purchased for Samsung NC10 Netbook


    Ordered this particular ram after reading the other reviews. It arrived really quickly (thanks Play) and I had it installed in next to no time.
    One screw to the ram compartment cover, but then it seemed as though I was going to snap the cover by the way it was bending when I was pulling on the cover. Don`t panic it just pops off. With the two metal clips (either side of the ram module) pushed away the ram chip just pops up. simply push in place the new strip of ram and re-fit the cover.
    Dont be put off by the word value in the title, its great memory for the price and I would recommend this memory to anyone looking to upgrade a netbook/laptop (obviously checking to see if its compatible first).

  3.  Thumbs Down


    I wanted my hour and a half back after watching this rubbish, bad acting and no laugh out loud gags..... the song at the end was the best bit. Superhero Movie is way better than this.

  4.  To reviewer Below


    To Deadmangamer..... solus just means you get the game only and not the guitar, hope this helps

  5.  COD 4 (xbox 360)


    what can I say.... amazing single player campaign with amazing detailed graphics, but if you want the best from this game take it online! Oh my god what a multiplayer experience, the smoothest most engrossing battles ive ever encounted! worthy buy if you are a FPS fan

  6.  Cooking Mama DS


    Excellent little game for the younger generation, even my 3 year old plays on this! good clean fun, not awarding it 5 stars as all the recipes will be quickly unlocked and there will be no further reply value in my opinion (but I suppose I am a mature gamer and would say that!)

  7.  Peppa`s Christmas


    Ordered this DVD for a christmas present, but the little blighters intercepted the post man and opened it before I had the chance to grab it and hide it. That aside its a brilliant DVD, as others have pointed out its a little light on the christmas theme but still excellent value, great for the family..... oh and watch out for the burping duck, it has the kids in bits

  8.  ........... (speechless)


    How the hell did they manage to fit everything into its tiny size?!? this in my opinion is the only mp3 player to be seen with, its awesome, the screen is really clear and the jog wheel superbly precise. Im loving it, I also own its bigger counter part but this holds its own against the ipod classics. The unit is very small and slim and is great for on the move. I would recommend this ipod nano to anyone.

  9.  Awesome Set For The Price


    I have recently purchased one of these beauties and i must say i dont regret it... first of all the looks and style to me are perfect, its stood on a glossy black glass stand and it looks the bee`s knees, secondly performance so far has been outstanding, freeview picture is very good ( but i did have a new aerial fitted when i moved in), I dont have a blu-ray or HD DVD player yet but using an upscaling dvd player just blew me apart... i have yet to rig up my xbox 360 but i have had my laptop hooked up and ive been watching some HD tv on it through the laptop. Theres a very good selection of connections around the side and back with 3 HDMI inputs for future proofing the set. My only very slight niggle is the sound quality, having come from a toshiba lcd to this one i have noticed a drop in sound quality, but that still hasnt put me off... Im loving my 37" samsung and at this price it puts the competition to shame.

  10.  Skool daze....


    Brilliant, utter brilliant, I watch in amazement as my 6 yr old daughter plays and learns, then when she`s gone to bed I crank the difficulty level up and thrash it out with the wife. Fun for all the family, Highly recommended.