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  1.  Need we say more...


    Firefly...Blu Ray...Limited Edition Steelbook...Nuff said.

    Is there any reason to NOT buy this classic series?

  2.  This little phone packs quite a punch!


    I got one of these (not from Play) a couple of months ago. I'd heard it was pretty good for the price but what a surprise! This little "...cheap entry level Android..." packs a punch far above it's weight and has gone toe to toe against far more expensive phones and come out as a well respected equal.

    Yes, I'm going to upgrade to a better Android device in the near future but I'll sure as heck be taking my time because I love this phone and will probably miss it.

    Small but with a reassuring weight and substantial feel, it can take quite a beating and is yet to show even a scratch from extensive use and being dropped.

    Yes, screen resolution is definitely not HD but for what it'll be used for, absolutely perfect. Photos are crystal clear and apps work with no issues as far as screen tap accuracy is concerned. Google Maps is excellent with pinch to zoom functionality as standard for all websites. This is an easy to set up and use phone. As noted by pretty much every reviewer, the battery in this phone was originally designed for a much bigger HTC phone and is awesome! I've had up to 4 days use from one charge but average 2 days between charges as I use it more and more every day in preference to my Blackberry Curve 9360, because apart from BBM, this phone beats even a Blackberry!

    If I have one gripe about it, it's more to do with Apps which are designed for larger screen sizes (e.g. Call Of Duty Elite) and don't resize to the screen of the LG L3, so not a fault of the phone. Oh and for, shall we say, 'larger finger sized persons', you'll want to type texts and e-mails with the phone in Landscape view. The screen sensitivity is so sharp you'll end up typing all kinds of garbage whilst you're getting used to it.

  3.  What is all the fuss about? This is their best yet.


    I have heard SO many Muse fans say this album is ranging from "utter garbage" to "ok in places". I've also heard so many of the same fans say they know the band wants to reinvent itself with almost every new album and then complain when they do it! What do you guys want - the same thing all the time but slightly different so as not to upset the apple cart too much? Yes, it's a touch "Queenesque", maybe even a bit "U2ish" and definitely 80's sounding in places but what's bad about this? A passing tribute to two of the greatest bands ever and to a sound that no matter how cheesy, millions of people still love, because apart from the clothes and hairdos what's NOT to love about the 80's? I know, I was there.

    What's all the fuss about? I have 5 of Muse's albums, so maybe not a complete hardcore fan, but as far as I'm concerned this is their best album so far.

    "..weak and tinny..." is one quote I've seen. Bang the album into a decent sound system and crank up the volume. Madness and Follow Me are FAR from weak and tinny, as is the rest of the album! In fact so good is this album, I have finally managed to get my Mrs to admit that actually she quite likes it, which for a die hard 60's, 70's and 80's music afficianado is not a bad feat at all.

    You know what? GIve it a go and see for yourself. Personally, I think you'll be happy with the purchase.

  4.  Elton John - REALLY!!!?


    Elton John releasing a collaboration with an Australian Electro group, in 2012, based on obscure album tracks from the early to mid 70's, remixed into an Ibiza inspired semi-trance/chillout genre.

    Everything about this should be wrong but HOLY COW! The first two tracks are good - Sad especially - but get past these and it just gets better! I guess that with half of Pnau being half of Empire of the Sun I should've expected something special but this has really caught me by surprise. A review I saw in a paper this week said "...this is what all collaboration albums should aspire to...". They were right.

    If you enjoy 70's or 80's inspired music, or trance, or chillout or just a damn good album that is as pleasing to listen to as receiving a really good shoulder massage, give your ears a treat and just enjoy the hell out of this album!

  5.  Another Discworld Tied in Winner by Mr Pratchett


    For those who have read Snuff, The World of Poo will have some meaning and reference. For those who haven't read it yet, it's not a pre-requisite. You'll enjoy this book regardless of your age and the humour IS aimed at all ages - the older you become, the more jokes you'll find and get!

    You'll be able to read this to your kids (probably aged 7 onwards) and have them howling with laughter at the farting and poo references whilst reading between the lines and enjoying some of the more mature humour that will fly over the heads of youngsters.

    Some of the details in the book are even educating, albeit in a probably useless manner except for general knowledge quizzes.

    Sheer genius and a perfect Discworld tie in. Better that Where's my Cow, but not by much...

  6.  AT LAST!!!!!


    Since i first saw this film back in the 80's I've been trying to track down my own copy of this film.

    100% respect to Fritz Langs original, which i own anyway, but the music and work that was put into this version makes it, in my opinion, the definitive version (sorry purists!).

    If you've not seen the original buy that version first, then this version to see just how amazing it really is. Ok, the film is 2 hours long and watching both versions will cost you 4 hours of your life - but they wont be wasted.

    Historically this is still one of the biggest films ever made by way of cast, sets, special effects (WAY ahead of their time), musical score (both versions) and cost to produce. Every film enthusiast and indeed anyone who just loves a damn good story should own this film and the added benefit of the Georgio Moroder soundtrack will only make it better.

    You absolutely will not regret this purchase.

  7. Gone



    13 New from  £3.69  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.63



    Move over The Hunger Games, which itself is a fantastic trilogy, Gone has arrived! Michael Grant delivers every emotion felt by the kids in the FAYZ with startling clarity and in some cases brutality.

    Not for younger kids or those easily scared these books demonstrate what fear, power (and powers), hunger and loneliness can do to those we traditionally think of as innocent. I've been unable to put these books down and have more than once missed my station on the way to work as the books, story and characters are SO absorbing.

    To begin with it can take a bit to know all of the characters, soon though you'll know Sam, Astrid, Caine, Diana and all of the other dozen or so main characters intimately. you'll not only want to know but you'll NEED to know what happens next.

    Don't just buy Gone - get the whole series in one hit, you'll not regret it. You will if you have to buy themone at a time!

  8.  Quick Reply to some folks below


    I had one of these before i got my Blackberry and I'd have another. This is one tough little phone and easy to use.

    YES! Absolutely be aware that some apps are malicious - be careful about what you download, Android is open source so anyone can build anything - Apple and Blackberry are harder to crack but even then it pays to be careful.

    BATTERY LIFE: I had to charge mine daily - it's a smart phone - you want infinite battery life dont get a smart phone! Switching off GPS, Geo Tagging and making sure you close apps properly all help in extending battery life. Your phone will constantly check in on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail if you have them synchronised so again they won't do the battery any favours.

    As this is an Android phone, you may be able to update the O/S. I did with mine and it was a relatively simple operation only taking 15 minutes. I think i updated mine to Android 2.3, not 100% sure but it worked just fine.

    A MUST when you first dip into Android Market is to download AVG Antivirus. Even the free version is good and offers serious protection. Pay for the full app if you feel better doing so but the free one does the job fine.

    I'd not balk at getting another of these and if you're interested in a cheap effective smartphone - you can't go wrong with this one.

  9.  I'm in!


    A lot of folks say Paloma has sold out with this album. Well having heard Picking Up the Pieces I'm inclined to say "So what?". Good for her - if you could earn that much money with your voice would say no? I sure as heck wouldn't! Mercenary? No, just business.

    Same Paloma Faith, same voice and if the rest of the album is only half as good as the one track I've heard so far, I'm going to enjoy taking delivery of it on release date!

    Just based on Picking Up The Pieces, stunning vocals, brilliant orchestral backing, poignant story behind the words and she looks incredible in the video (Google it, you'll find it).

    Can't give 5 stars as I haven't heard the rest of the album but I suspect it wouldn't be hard to do so in May...

  10.  Not bad at all for the money


    This is a pretty speedy phone where 3G is concerned, Apps are all Android so i guess you'll be ok with them and not need a description.

    The camera is good quality, the touchscreen sensitive enough for quick typing but not so sensitive it goes nuts and types garbage. The tactile feedback when a letter is typed is reassuring once you get used to it.

    For those with fat fingers (like me), the slide out keyboard is really nice to use but can sound a bit cheap and "plascticky" until it wears in properly.

    The only real criticism i have about this otherwise excellent phone is screensize - it's really quite small for browsing and really only best suited for apps. That being said if you buy a small phone you can't really complain about it being small so you're getting what you pay for. I just need better glasses!

    One final note - this phone is tough! My previous one only died after I dropped it out a pocket, down a flight of metal stairs and under the stilletto'd heel of a fellow commuter that went through the screen. Even then the touchscreen was still responding however I could only see 1/8th of the screen.

    I currently run a Blackberry Curve 9360 but I've ordered another of these for the value for money and Android Apps that i really miss (remote TiVo access, COD Elite, Star Maps etc).