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  1.  Never Gets Old!!!


    Charlie79 says he's 30 - Heck I'm 45 and still loved this game!

    Played it on the PS2 and loved it so much i bought it for the XBox 360 and did it all again (without the cheats to make it last a bit longer). I gave it to my nephews for them to enjoy and am seriously thinking of buying this one again. It's THAT good!

    Buy a spare, you'll need it...

  2.  Not the best


    Get it to complete your Lego collection but this one just didn't grab my attention like the first two sagas.

    The battles are ok but once you crack the pretty simple sequence they're over quickly and it's back to the same old routine of lightsabre, droids opening doors and wookies pulling enemies arms off (actually that part just never gets old).

    Lego Pirates and Harry Potter leave this for dead.

  3.  So good i played it through twice!


    Really, this is about the best Lego game I have played so far! took me ages to complete one level in particular and was enjoyed so much by visiting friends another 4 were purchased by them and much multiplayer/split screen action ensued!

    Dare I say it - Even better than Star Wars

  4.  One of the originals and the best


    Loved this so much on my PS2, I got it for the XBox 360 and played it through again!

    One of the first Lego games out and it still rocks with the perfect blend of humour and puzzle solving that have become the hallmark of this amazing series.

  5.  I like it but...


    Man alive this guy doesn't fit into any genre - listening to the MP3 clips via the download album, he IS a genre!

    There are smatterings of reggae, early 80's style Jon and Vangelis (in a good way), Sting, Peter Gabriel and a whole lot of completely original... well... original!

    It's unique, immediately enthralling, quiet and yet something you can equally belt out at massive volume. Perfect quiet driving music or windows down "check me out" summer music.

    And yet, there is something mildly disturbing too. The lyrics are sometimes angry and hurt - how much pain has this guy seen?

    It's a damn good album and one that can only grow as you listen to it, but if you're ready for a session of something "samey" this album will make you dizzy!

    Eclectic is probably the way to best describe this album. Odd would work too... I like it, regardless of how confused this review sounds.

  6.  AWESOME!!!


    I see loads of women and no men reading this on the train whilst commuting but thought I'd give the series a go as it's obviously popular. Stuff appearances, I'm buying the books now as this series is absolutely amazing!

    Urbanlake mentioned the Blu Ray image quality is grainy and I agree that for this format it's unusual, however I think it is done purposely as many scenes are of a standard I expect from Blu Ray and overall it adds to the gritty feel and nature of the story.

    The plot contains more twists and turns than a screwed up ball of wool and is utterly engrossing - heck even my other half, who can't sit still - EVER, was immobile for two, three hour sittings mesmerised by the story. Watch it in Swedish or in dubbed English, it doesn't matter either way, you'll be hooked.

  7.  Soundtrack included


    I've not heard the rest of the album (yet) but fans of the TV series Chuck will immediately recognise the track entitled Short Skirt/Long Jacket.

    If the rest of the album is as good as this track (and I'm not just talking the instrumental version used for Chuck) then this is as good as NotoroiusNIG above says it is.

    I'm only giving 3 stars at the moment as I've not heard the rest of the album but don't be put off by that. For Short Skirt/Long Jacket I'll give 5 stars but i wouldn't review or score the rest of the album without hearing it.

    I'll be back...

  8.  OK so it's a Curve - now challenge it!


    The keyboard is not ideal for those (like me) with slightly larger than normal hands, but not impossible to use. That's the bad bit.

    It's a Curve and it's a Blackberry so you know what you're getting and with OS7 navigation, use is exceptional. It could've benefitted from a larger processor but really, it makes little difference unless you try to run multiple downloads, e-mail and music player all at once - if you want the 1Gb processor, go for the Bold but if you want an affordable phone that does the job look no further.

    In the hands (even my fat ones) this is the thinnest Blackberry Curve available yet it still feels sturdy and extremely comfortable and don't be fooled by it's skinny appearance as the battery still takes a huge pounding just like its fatter predecessor. Sure you'll need to recharge it daily if you rinse it (show me a phone that doesn't), but it'll sit there for days with light to moderate use.

    For an "entry level" Blackberry you can't go wrong. You can definitely buy cheaper than Play, but they're network locked. At least with the small additional investment, you get the freedom to chop and change as you require (plus you'll normally get a cheaper SIM only tariff with better deals on minutes, texts and data use.)

    I love this phone!

    Quick update - I finally ordered this phone on the 7th Jan 12. It arrived before the e-mail confirming it had been posted. Damn this phone is even better than I thought and the service from Play was amazing!

    Ref my first paragraph above, the keyboard is easier to use than i remembered from when i originally played with a demo version.

    Play - Can you add more stars to your rating please? I may need them.

  9.  Does the job and does it well


    This little beauty does everything you'd expect from a Blackberry but does it far more discreetly in it's slinky little chassis.

    This really is a serious bit of kit with GPS, 3G and all the other toys you'd expect from a smartphone. E-mail integration is simple and receiving and sending is pretty much instant.

    The music player is excellent and the video player was able to play a full episode of Chuck (from the memory card) with almost HD quality screen clarity and full stereo sound! The camera has produced some stunning pictures for me to the point where i discovered that Red Admiral butterflies have black and white antennae! It's that good.

    Out of curiosity i chucked in a 32Gb memory card to see how far i can push it. Just saw the 64Gb card on Play and I reckon the Pearl could handle one of those without stressing too much as it took the 32Gb without any recognisable loss of performance.

    I'm going to reluctantly replace my Pearl with a Curve 9360 but only because in my old age I need the bigger screen.

    This really is an excellent phone and one I'd recommend to anyone.

  10.  Yup - this does the job


    I don't have any SD Card testing kit and have no idea about bit rate transfers or what class card is best - and NO disreaspect is aimed at those who have gone the extra mile, thanks guys.

    In the real world, for the money, this wee beastie was a must buy! I chucked it into my Blackberry Pearl 3G and copied around 250 albums. Took about 20 minutes and i still have 16Gb spare - that's enough for at least one whole season of Chuck. As soon as i get it, it's going into my Blackberry Curve 3G and i guess it'll do the same job in there too.

    So in a nutshell - Lots of storage and you can copy stuff onto it quickly (it takes a 4Mb MP3 track in about 6 seconds from what i saw on my Windows Media Player Sync screen) and it's stupid good value for money.

    Yeah I'd buy one of these again if i ever fill the first one.