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  1.  Wow!


    It's always a worry when someone says "I'm going to remake an all time classic" but as with the Spartacus mini series (not Blood and Sand), they've done an excellent job here.

    The characters are believable and full of real emotion. Not too heavy on the "A Tale of the Christ" just like the original, in fact even less interaction than before but enough to make it work and make the final scenes as emotional as you'd expect.

    Another classic treated with the respect it deserves and one I will definitely own as soon as it's released.

  2.  The Best Yet


    I'm a huge fan of this programme and Season 4 leaves the previous 3 seasons for dust! It's excellent with the usual mix of comedy, romance, extreme geek sci fi and some rather cool hidden references to other cult tv and movies (see if you can spot the tribute to Karate Kid).

    The storyline takes Eureka to a whole new level and regenerates a format that wasn't in the least bit tired in the first place.

    Still thinking about it? Stop thinking and buy it - you won't regret it!

  3.  For £7 you gotta love it!


    Fits my 37 inch LG flat screen perfectly with no tweaking. Nice and sturdy but as mentioned by others, it probably won't stand up to a lot of mauling.

    The instructions rock! They're all pictures but amazingly the manufacturer has seen fit to print the same pictures in 6 different languages! Oh and read them carefully - the product comes completely disassembled but there is a warning that once built, the product can't be taken apart without permission! It's so nice to see a manufacturer with such a good sense of humour.

    Summary: Product - Excellent. Value for money - Excellent. Comedy value within instructions - Excellent. Ease of construction - very simple.



    I bought one of these a short while ago. It's brilliant!

    Bad points - you have to use the stylus to send a text. The screen can be a bit unresponsive on occasion (probably down to my fat fingers). The camera will more than likely take a pic of the back of your hand if you try to use it whilst you're wearing it.

    Good points - just look at the stuff the watch comes with! It does everything a normal mobile does with a really funky touch screen, which is surprisingly clear. Once you eventually get used to the touchscreen, it's actaully realy eaasy to navigate. The music player is easy to use, really clear sound and with 2gb of memory in teh supplied card, you'll have plenty to listen to. Bluetooth is excellent, really quick when transferring files and crystal clear through the Parrot kit i have in my car.

    Major good point - ITS ALL IN A WATCH! Gadget fans will love this and your friends and colleagues will be sick with envy!

    Oh, it also tells the time.

  5.  Marmite lovers unite!


    Bought this book for a laugh 'cos it was different. Never looked back, the recipes are serious stuff - buy the book for the devilled kidney recipe alone! Best i ever tasted.

    Theres a Worcester Sauce book out there too.

  6.  Dont bother reading this - JUST ORDER THE PLAYER ALREADY!


    Made the upgrade to Blu Ray in December. Delivery was spot on as expected from Play.
    Unpacked and set up the player in 10 mins. Plugged in the network cable and had a fully upgraded player just 10 mins later so I have no idea what all the fuss is about with upgrades.
    If there is any problem, it's that the sound quality from (the free - yes I got mine just fine after registering) Batman disc punched out so much bass and clear sound it blew a speaker in my LG TV! How about that - complaining 'cos it's TOO good?
    Never mind - a good excuse to get the 1000w Sony amp i just saw on Play... gotta look to the positive!
    Value for money, picture quality, delivery, ease of use - it's all good so stop reading these reviews and just order it!

  7.  This Card Rocks!


    Dropped this into my o2 xda stellar, copied over 160 albums and co pilot sat nav with uk & europe maps. Still have over 6gb left to play with. Minimal impact on the phones operating speed bearing in mind the volume of data it trawls through playing tracks at random.

    With an adapter this may also work in any other (older) xda out there. Xda users, please note use of the word may in that last sentence although the 8gb size works a treat in the xdaiis...

    An invaluable addition to your phones memory as long as the processor can handle it. When's the 32gb going to be available?

  8.  Oh dear...


    I've been a fan of JMJ for almost 30 years so thought nothing of buying the album. This is jean Michel Jarre at his absolute worst. Buy it to complete his collection if you must but expect nothing above mediocre.
    Virtually every track has the same beat and half hearted bassline and even manually changing track whilst watching the display on the sound system, i was hard pressed to spot the difference between one track and the next.
    Not good.

  9.  Why are you still thinking about it?!!!


    8gb memory for this little money? It's impolite not to! I use it in my XDA Stellar storing over 130 MP3 albums, running Co-Pilot Sat Nav and have room to spare for anything else i choose to throw at it. It's as fast as the processor in the phone allows it to be and using the USB adaptor, lightning quick at data transfer. STOP THINKING AND JUST BUY IT!

  10.  Why didn't I get one of these aerlier?


    Saw it on the gadget show and thought "welll there's a nifty piece of kit". If only i knew then what i know now.
    Got hit with a virus that smashed its way through the latest version of McAffee and resulted in a complete 2 day re-format of the hard drive. Wouldn't have had that problem with a Yoggi Firestick as it sits between your computer and all the nasty stuff out there. How much more secure will banking and buying from Play be in the future? Anyone who's seen the Gadget show knows those guys don't muck about. On their recommendation alone, get one.