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  1.  This game is very good


    People keep complaining that it wont install and the graphics are rubbish and it doesnt run properly i havent had this problem. i have a good enough computer with a 3.2ghz triple core proccesser and a nvidia geforce gts250. i dont consider it to be high end.

    Gameplay, easy to play, easy aiming. people are complaining because it doesnt have auto aim. it is easy enough to aim. the driving levels are easy to do. it is easy to interact with the world.

    the graphics are very good. i am running it on full everything. ultra graphics, full anti-aliasing and v-sync. i dont have any lag or other graphical issues. i think it looks just as good as the call of duty games on my 42" TV

    the music is good. it has guitar tunes, perfect for duke nukem games. duke's voice is good and funny and all the sound effects fit in.

    Lasting appeal
    i am near the end of the game and it isnt increddibly long. but it is short and sweet with very good boss battle's. the multiplayer is good and funny.

    overall the game is good. people are saying its bad and terrible because they have being making it for over 12 years. but i bet if they had only being making it for 1 year every body would say its really good. its pathetic.

    overall 9/10

  2.  An Ok game


    i pre-ordered this game and thought it would be great but it wasnt as good as it should of being
    the graphics are great. it has better anti-anailising than gta-4 and the actors face's are amazing. 9/10

    The gameplay is really great it can get repetitive after a while. the driving mechanics are great and it is easy to shoot, 7/10

    Lasting appeal
    i did finish it but after a few hours i got bored of the story line and the gameplay but it is about a 12 hour game and there is free-roaming with not much to do but collect things. 7/10

    The worst thing about it is the repetitive gameplay and annoying storyline. it is worth about 28 pounds but not 40.
    it is a very ambitious game from team bondi and rockstar.
    just dont be like my friends and say its rubbish without even trying it out

  3.  Thank you Ubisoft


    Ubisoft is the best. i didnt get into the first 3 splinter cell personaly i hated them. double agent was a little bit better and this is awsome. it has gone from stealth to action. there is a little bit of stealth involved but the interragation system is amazing. i am about 5 hours into the game and think it is almost over
    Graphics 10/10 THEY LOOK AWSOME
    Story 10/10 really compelling story and the forward flashbacks are good
    Lasting appeal 10/10 the single player is amazing but seems a bit short but the co-op is good.
    this deserves to get game of the year (:

  4.  Better than gta 4


    i played this for about 4 days. took me 9 hours to finish but the story line is more complex than gta and a lot better loads of people dying and some sick scenes along with 50 playboy magazines to collect along away. with only 15 chapters its not long but i though it was so good i am going to replay it again to find all the collectibles.the music is its only downfall i do like the songs but there is only 3 radio stations so if you dont like a song you can switch to another radio station but only empire and empire classic are good so you only have 2 radio stations with some great songs on

  5.  fun :)


    i paid 4.00 for it on the pc it runs and plays awsomly its basically sega rally 10 times better and funner and includes whacky tracks and whacky characters with some cool power ups

  6.  i hated the 1st one


    the 1st one was bad i mean terrible. but this one is so much better the story is better the action is better and the graphics are like wow. it fun unlike the 1st i only paid 9.99 for the first one and i still didnt like it. thats why i am confused i like this one but i do. it is a must buy

  7.  good but read on


    this game is like a 3+ game in the intro there is a narrator who goes hello naughty bear in such a stupid voice like in a toddlers show but then as it goes on you have to go up to a bear and snap its neck or stab a bear or flush their head down the toilet you have to even make a bear kill them self in episode 1 so pretty creepy but the graphics are actually really good childish but give the game so much. the gameplay as i mentioned is really really good free roaming game sort of. loads of things to do. sound is alright the music is like a lullabi but makes the game really creepy. the sounds of the bears are funny help me in a really sqeky voice.
    gameplay 10/10
    graphics 9/10
    sound 9/10
    lasting appeal 10/10 seems quite loong only through episode 1 but seems like it has a replay value
    havent played online yet but it is only 2-4 players
    a must buy but not for children

  8. Blur



    2 New from  £34.80  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.75

     Good but be warned "Review"


    this game is amazing good graphics good racing and has great cars but the drifting is easy but the cornering isnt what is the point of that i wont say it is bad it isnt because of the music support and the gameplay but i am going to sell it and try split/second out see if that is better
    Graphics 5/5 Beatiful
    Gameplay 4/5 just bad cornering thats all
    Sound 5/5 music isnt too good but custom support makes it good
    Lasting Appeal 4/5 just gets boring and repetive after beating about 5 of the boss's tracks seem to repeat themself what isnt too bad

    Total 4/5 and the multiplayer is actually really good but just buy COD instead

  9. SAW



    5 New from  £25.51  Free delivery

     Good game dont listen to the bad reviews


    if you like resident evil silent hill or any other game like that then this is your game i like the saw films i love the game easy to finish easy trophies good weapons pretty nice graphics aswell not too realistic and not too cartoony
    Game 5/5
    Graphics 4.5/5
    Audio 5/5 just like the movies
    Lasting appeal 4/5 once done nothing else to do
    Gameplay 5/5 i dont think the puzzles are repetive they are good and sometimes easy and sometimes hard
    watch the films play the game good fun so dont nock it untill you try it

  10.  amazing but short


    one of the best games on the market
    soundtrack 5/5
    Game 5/5
    after you have finished 3/5
    not much to do but fun while it lasts