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    This was not a poor film as some may say,it was steven spielberg back to his best.

    it zoomed along nicely in the action scenes and yeah the story may have been abit silly but hey it worked and spielberg is a fantastic storyteller the sfx were great.

    it was great to see karen allen back in her role as marion also and shia did a great turn as indys son,harrison forn was still on great form and as he did in previous films performed his own stunts.

    some ppl may not like this but the rest will its a great film more than worth a watch and with spielberg and lucas now talking indy 5 with the box office takings proving that this film is a winner.



    man this has to be the best show itv has shown in a long while it has everything thrills,action everything

    the effects are amazing and it just keeps growing in popularity and the creatures just get better and better

    this is a most for and monster fan and with series 3 alreadt been given the green light with a 13 episode run next year the show is proving to be a huge hit.

    dont miss out on this you will not be dissapointed.

  3.  Dont you wish you had a remote like that


    Another very funny Adam Sandler film i laughed all the way through.
    look out for the scene when hes in the office with his boss quality.good price to if you liked his other films you'll love this one well worth a look.

  4.  great value


    what ever you say about the spiderman movies theres no doubt there all action packed throughout and for what your paying this is excellent value.
    every film is worth a look and will not disappoint.

  5.  the ultimate bushman


    Crocodile dundee has to be one of the best films of the 80,s with Paul Hogan perfectly cast as the hero,the way he goes from one situation to the next is great its not slow in anyway and quickly races along.
    and for the price you cant go wrong they dont make films like these anymore.

  6.  a right royle comedy


    this is proof why more british comedies need to be made.there are so many funny moments in this series and the dont evn leave the house we see the everyday life of the royles from there livingroom ricky tomlinson is perfectly cast as jim (oi lurkio make a brew)and caroline athern as denise again takes a great part.
    well worth buying.

  7.  A Royle finale


    I had been waiting a long time for another royle family to grace our screens and i was not let down this was a brilliant end to a classic british comedy show.
    Ricky tomlinson and caroline athern are on fine form.
    the queen of sheba was full of laughs and touching moments especially the ending.
    this is proof that british comedy is on the up.

  8.  brings a tear to your eye


    This has to be one of tom hanks best performances,and no matter how what you do this film will make men and women shed a tear its a thrill ride of emotion as we follow forrest through his life.
    Hanks put so much into this and it shows an amazing film you will never forget.

  9.  weve come for the krites


    critters furballs with teeth they are like gremlins but in my opinion better you have all 4 films here.
    ther critters escape from prison in space and head to earth to feed,hot on there heels are a pair of bounty hunters.
    there crash land near a farm and mayhem breaks out.
    1,2 and 3 were decent the forth not that good overall though a good boxset.

  10.  on the beat


    for what you get for the price is really good value.
    the first film is eddie murphy at his best fast paced and action packed.
    the second is still good but just alittle less paced murphy still gets all the gags and has sone great lines.
    the 3rd film was very disappointing it just lacked everything the first 2 had but this box set is still worthy of being in anybodys collection.