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    The dark night rises is one of the best films I have ever seen. You can watch this film over and over and still enjoy it. Like all the recent batman films it is no let down and is a must have!



    Avengers is by far the best marvel film to date. I can watch it over and over and never get bored. The story is great, there is a great mix of action and humour which is fun for the whole family. This film is a must have!

  3.  Worth buying


    Ac3 in my opinion isn't the best in the series, but its not as bad as everyone says. Although I have had a few minor glitches ive never got anything so bad as to spoil the game. The story is great fun. Playing as connor is a breath of fresh air from the past few games. Free roaming has greatly improved with much larger maps and naval missions. Plus the multiplayer has also improved. The ending is quite a let down but nothing that should stop you from buying it, I suggest waiting until the price has gone to at least below 40 before buying.

  4.  Dissapointment


    Ezio was great to play as in AC2 but now he's starting to drag on. Its not that the game is bad but its nothing compared to AC 1, 2 or 3. The story is boring although it has its moments. Multiplayer is basically exactly like brotherhood, nothing new. I real let down to AC fans

  5.  Abit dissapointing


    In all honesty I preferred the first game. Army of two 40th day gets extremely repetitive and boring really fast. Its a fun game but not worth getting is you have to pay alot

  6.  Doesn't Dissapoint


    Like all Uncharted games number 3 does not disappoint. The story is great fun, and at some points can be quite challenging, the multiplayer both online or with friends can get abit repetitive but never boring. This game is a must have!

  7.  Great game


    I bought this game because I loved the previous elder scroll games, Skyrim gives the player a whole land to roam and explore many creatures to fight and people to save (if u want). Its not that hard but the amount of quests in it create hours and hours of gameplay. The main issue I have with this game is that the expansions do not work on PS3 so if you have the choice between PS3 and PC definatly buy it on PC, if not its still a great game worth having.

  8.  Amazing!


    I love this game, its extremely fun although the story line is quite short.The online gets repetitive but is still really good! the only problem i have with the assassins creed games is that theyre getting less realistic everytime but otherwise a must buy!!

  9.  Really Good Game


    I borrowed this game from my friend a while back and still havent finished it. Its basically a futuristic view on the dynasty warriors games. The game was amazing i dont have any complaints! the only thing that bothered me was the levels were abit repetitive. But still an amazing game

  10.  Decent


    When i first got this game i was really excited. I loved the previous Dynasty warrior games and thought this one would be just as good. (i was wrong) for 1 thing its only a one player game unlike the other dynasty warrior games (not including online play) the levels get repetitive and the game soon gets boring. Its not terrible but its not the best buy either.