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  1.  Underrated!


    As the title says, this album is possibly the most underrated in the collection. It has a more psychidellic feel than the rest of the albums, but this plays to the album's strengths in songs like "Everybody Knows You're Insane", "In My Head" and especially in "Someone's In The Wolf", which when heard live will blow your mind. Don't be a fan boy to Songs for the Deaf without listening to this one first, as it is a nice departure from QOTSA's sound which would return in Era Vulgaris. My favourite will always be "Rated R", but my favourite tracks lie in this album!

  2.  This is Resident Evil - Time Crisis edition, not a sequel!


    Some of the reviewers seem to be misinformed about this game. They think because it's "on rails", that it is bad. Well let me tell you all this is not a classic Resident Evil style of movement.

    Think Time Crisis and House of the Dead. You know, those games you can play in the arcade before you go bowling or watch a film. This game uses the technology of the Wii's motion sensor to provide you a highly interactive shoot fest featuring scenarios from the classic Resident Evil games. You cover the events that occur in Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil (following the design of the Gamecube remake), Resident Evil 3 and a new scenario helping the avid follower of the story, reasons to why the "Umbrella Corporation" collapse, and give foundations to Wesker's story on Resident Evil 4.

    This game definitely is a must buy for those who have been following the series since the 1990's, as it is very nostalgic, and fighting old bosses in a new and exciting way can prove very exciting. You can tell the creators were looking forward to also recreate some of the scenes, like the "first zombie" scene from the very first game. This should also be recommended to those who are new to the series, or have only played Resident Evil 4, as it is a fast, interactive and modern, so will have you up to speed on the classic story much faster than buying all the old games and spending days on them, although if you enjoy the more complex controls of the old games, I suggest you also buy them all too as Gamecube discs for the Wii.

    The other advantage to mention is that you get to see and play scenarios as Chris Redfield. He will be the main character on Resident Evil 5, so this game is a good opportunity to learn his story, his personality, and why he is so much more cooler than Leon :D

    The one gripe I have is the fact that there are no scenarios from Resident Evil 2 or Code Veronica featured in this game, this would have been a nice addition to the game as it would fully explain the story to date. But I guess they will be paired with Resident Evil 4 and 5 in a sequel to the Umbrella Chronicles, seeing as Capcom are a business.

    To summarise, an excellent game from an excellent company, making good use of the Wii's functionality and helping to revive the classic light gun games we were all going crazy at the arcades for over 10 years ago. As long as you go in with the mindset that this ISN'T the follow up to Resident Evil 4 like some disappointed reviewers seem to think, then you are more than likely going to enjoy this. If you are looking for the sequel to 4, then you will need to get a 360 and wait for the release (hopefully) next year.