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  1.  Hillbilly HILLarious


    This is the most refreshing 'comedy-horror' film I have seen in ages. I cannot wait to get this on Blu-Ray.
    For the first 10-15 mins, I thought, "here we go again" usual slasher fodder being churned out of studios for a quick buck... but no, this really is a belly-laugh riot! (The chainsaw bit honestly had me rolling on the floor!).
    The title or cast does not really offer much appeal, and that may be one of the reasons this film has gone unnoticed for quite a while. But belive me, it will have a massive cult following.
    Tucker and Dale just want to go and 'do up' their holiday home deep in the forest. But in the eyes of the beautiful college kids on a road trip, Tucker and Dale tick all the boxes of crazed hillbilly psychos. Hilarious set pieces are stacked up and knocked down to perfection, along with a good storyline in their too.
    Do yourself a favour, get Tucker and Dale.
    A refreshing comedy romp that you'll want to share with your friends.

  2.  Bridges the gap, waiting for Bond 23...


    As a devoted (more likely to be called a Bond Geek!) Bond fan, I happily admit that I would buy anything with the 007 logo on it and being a gamer, means when the two come together= Good times.
    I liked the QoS game and could immediately see that Activision wanted to be true to Bond this time, this is not just a Bond game, it is Daniel Craigs Bond game. It has the modern, fast moving and gritty pace that the films reboot have adapted to.

    Obviously having key characters reprising their movie roles in game also adds to the authenticity.

    You can steamroller through, performing bone snapping, face breaking takedowns with bullets spraying everywhere, or take a more stealthy approach with silenced pistol taking precision shots. Either way, a real sense of actually playing as James Bond is achieved by the game makers.

    The driving sequences are action packed and the cars are responsive, although this was your basic get from A to B fodder, crashes or wrong turns do not really hinder you getting to the goal. (if you want a challenge, gain the trophies).

    The music, storyline, baddies and gadgets are all here, everything you want from a Bond experience.

    Why this game loses a star in my opinion is for two reasons; James Bond cannot crouch! How hard can this basic manoeuvre be for the developers, when going for stealth it is frustrating that you do so well, only to be seen by a guard/henchman simply because you could not crouch! And secondly, the graphics, it seems that it was decided a bit of cell shading will cover over the cracks/lack of detail. The gameplay appears to be more detailed than the cutscenes. Although it is not so ugly that it will affect the game, it is obvious that the full power of the PS3 is not being used. This would probably have looked just as good on the Playstation 2 at the end of its glorious run.

    All in all 007: Blood Stone is a great game and bridges the gap while we patiently wait for Bond 23. (Hopefully!).

  3.  If you only buy one game all year... buy this!!!


    Since I got this I have not been able to stop playing it!!! YES, yet another big slap on the makers back for creating what could be the best game so far ever for the PS3 and whats even better is it is a PS3 exclusive.
    The original game was of course amazing and was a massive boost during the launch of the PS3 early days, but it should be a criminal offence now to not own a PS3 when a game this good is available.
    The control system is the same as Drakes Fortune, but for some reason it seems to be alot more user friendly. Within minutes you'll be hanging, punching and shooting as though it was second nature.
    Everything just seems to be so much better and that is no easy feat when considering how groundbreaking the original was. The character animation is staggering and so lifelike, the (animated) scenery goes on for miles and miles and the story never slows down to let you take a breather.
    The main character Nathan is so likable and along with his gang you will soon be swept away into the story that you will really care about the characters. Once the 'story mode' is finished, their is the newly introduced multipayer games to give you even more value for your money, not that you'd have already been spoilt!
    The storyline is Grade A hollywood material and along with great voice casting, music, animation, gameplay this is the complete package. A modern classic that will stand the test of time.
    If you only buy one game all year... buy this, if you buy only one console all year... buy a PS3 so you can buy this.

  4.  Hate to admit it, I like it.....


    I reluctantly brought this for my daughter, knowing full well it'll keep her interested for a full 7.63 seconds. But grateful that the little object with a red and blue light that sits next to my PS3 would be dusted off and used once again...
    It is very easy to get up and going with the little scary/cute/clever monkey/dog/cat thinging! You are first introduced to the world of Eye Pet by a (mad) scientist that easily guides you through the process of being (a) setting up the camera and (b) coaxing your little critter out of it's 'egg'! Within 10-15 mins of first putting in the disc, the Eye Pet was running around the screen.
    My daughter loved it, and I have to admit I thought it was great (I even put it back on when she'd gone to bed!), the responsive actions of the Eye Pet to your movements are spot on. The only bit that was a bit awkward was the hatching process, but once that was done no problems at all.
    We immediately dressed, fed, washed, groomed the Eyepet and used it as a bowling ball to knock down skittles, there was no long drawn out process of waiting to unlock stuff to get on and have fun. As a 'game' for a family this is great, I am fully aware that the novelty factor may soon be over but it was good for us all to have a bit of fun on the PS3 all together. The PSN store will most likely offer many new items and 'challenges' to keep the most dedicated coming back (which is ok if the prices are right).
    A 'magic card' is your main way of interacting with your Eye Pet, this is very simple and easily picked up with regard to holding a showerhead, hair dryer, trampoline and anything else that can be possibly dreamed up.
    Within an hour or so we had done some 'challenges' (which are mainly just the learning process) and been rewarded with new games, clothing and toys etc ... for the Eye Pet.
    So, all in all, I was plesantly surprised how quick and easy the set up process was and how easily my daughter took to interacting with the little critter. Children are going to love this and parents will soon 'take over' to help care for it.
    Don't be shy, admit it, you are either curious and want to give it go or are worried that you'll get too emotionally attached and be concerned that taking a day off work to look after your Eye Pet will quickly lose you friends.
    A great buy for family fun with a difference.

  5.  Love it, love it.... love it!


    Easily the best driving fun you have on the PS3 (so far!!!).
    At first i hated the 'Americanised' feel that the game had, and as a true fan not only to the Colin McRae Rally franchise going back to the Playstation 1 days, but also having the honour of also meeting the man himself and being a fan, I felt quite uneasy about Ken Block and Dave Mirra having such a big part in the 'game'.
    I was not too happy with the original Colin McRae Dirt losing it's 'Rally feel' but found it enjoyable. Dirt 2, really has gone out to attract a wider international audience, mainly aimed at America. The other drivers call you 'Dude' now and again and you will also make a visit to the 'X-Games'. I was expecting Tony Hawk to show up at any moment. Beside Colin's name on the cover and a respectful tribute video to him, nothing else really warrents the Colin McRae estate allowing his name to be used... anyway this was my only annoyance, back to the game.
    It is BRILLIANT, the graphics (scenery, damage, cars) the physics (all vehicles, cars, trucks and buggys have a different feel to them), and sound are great. I have honestly never overall enjoyed a driving game so much and I have pretty much played most. I loved the single player 'career' mode and the online multiplayer mode is excellent, working together as a team or being on your own is great. Alot of effort has gone into making the online mode as enjoyable as possible, even making anyone that decides to cause an accident by going around tracks the wrong way; into a ghost car. There are plenty of differnt styles/modes to keep you busy and it just does not lose any appeal over time. As I stated earlier, if you really want to have some fun, this is the game for you. 100% highly recommended.

  6.  Too good to be fun!


    With the devoted followers of the COD (myself being one), it is very hard to look anywhere else for first person shooting action. But, with baited breath I was really looking forward to Operation Flashpoint 2. I knew it was a lot more tactical and a certain amount of grey cell matter would be needed to defeat 'the enemy'. But I have to admit, I was not expecting to have needed a minimum of 10 years service experience behind me to 'enjoy' this tactical shooter.
    Operation Flashpoint 2 has never tried to come across as a COD clone and has been honest and proud to admit the hard level of tactical awareness required to survive the deadly islands battlefield. But a certain level of enjoyment should be rewarded for all your hard work.
    At the start, you are thrown into the deep end, but it would be nice to know not only knowing what your objective is, but what buttons do what. My team and I were soon being fired upon (from a great distance) and I had no idea how to heal them let alone myself. A brief pause of the game and flick through the manual was not too much help either. Maybe I should have brought the Strategy Guide offered at the time of purchase (I swear I heard tutting as I walked away).
    Once I had a relative idea of what was happening and what to do, my team were very unresponive to 'my orders', either I was getting it completely wrong or they just wanted to do their own thing!
    Now, I must admit, the level of detail was amazing and for anyone who knows or likes their military warfare advancements, this would be camo-heaven. I was very impressed with the scale of things and was obviously made by people that truely cared for what they were doing... only when a game becomes too good and technically specific it can unfortunately alienate itself to only a devoted few.
    I cannot take away the fact that alot effort and care has gone into this and if not for these points, I would only rate the game at a generous 2 stars.
    I was unable to connect (for a long time) to the servers to experience multiplayer so I cannot comment on how that plays.
    This is not for a casual gamer, only get this if you expect to love it as much as the developers to enjoy it. Sadly (and ignorantly) I have to admit I now know, I like a bit more 'arcadey' feel to my FPS game, I really wanted to enjoy this, but my hum-drum life will get in the way.
    Worried now about looking forward to Ghost Recon!

  7. WET



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     Wet and Wild!!!


    I was quite reluctant to buy this based on many magazine reviews, but, with all the reference to a certain Mr Tarantino an my own appreciation of his work, I thought the idea of playing a 'Kill Bill' style game would be OK.
    Yes, the makers have been heavily influenced by Tarantino and with the efforts they have gone to, to try and show this in the game (a) do not go unnoticed and (b) are spot on. The grainy grindhouse effect (which you can turn off - and I advise you do), the music and attitude of the game is great.
    The controls are a nightmare to start with, but with a bit of patience the efforts will soon pay off as you jump from wall to wall swinging your sword and shooting in two different directions at once!!! In all honestly the controls are the only flaw, but no different to learning how 'Uncharted' wanted to do things.
    It is a bit of a hidden unappreciated gem (Dead Space anyone?), it is refreshing that game makers are trying new things and trying to not just spew out another sequel. Yes, it could have done with a bit more development time and a bit more spit and polish. Take a chance on it, yes it's a bit different to the norm and takes a bit of getting used to, but the rewards are only yours for the taking.

  8.  Need for speed SHI(f)T


    Did someone in the EA office come in one day and reminded everyone that they have not done a NFS game this year? An absolute mess of a game... I cannot believe that such a great driving game; Colin McRae DIRT 2 and Need For Speed SHIFT came out in the same year, let alone month! DIRT 2 is miles ahead (No pun intended) in terms of graphics, physics and playability.
    The driving physics of NFS are 'floaty' and you never really feel in anyway truly in control of the car, when you go off the track, instead of feeling that you are 'losing it', the car (and controller) just vibrate violently until you just go back on track and to not even be able to configure your own controls is just unbelivable; who honestly likes to accelerate and brake using shoulder buttons. (Burnout only got away with this as it's a great game!) Sorry EA, I was really looking forward to this, but its a massive letdown, rather go get Dirrrty with Colin!

  9.  A challenge for the 'world's greatest detective'?


    Now this has been described as "Batman's worst night"! If you are a fan of the comic books, you'd probaly know he's had worse.
    Yes, the game is visually stunning and captures a more 'adult' feel to the world of comic-book video games. But, for the first week I was amazed with the gameplay, atmosphere etc... and if I'd written this review last week, it'd have been completely different and definately 5*s.
    Firstly, I played it 'avidly' and easily completed it on 'Normal', solved all the riddles, found all the Riddler's trophys etc... If you want a challenge, start it on Hard! When you 'die' the loading screen lets you know what you did wrong and what to do, even with a 'free-roaming' map of Arkham, you are gently nudged as to where you should be going and as for riddles!!! Well, not exactly requiring any effort as even if you do not understand the riddle, you are bound to stumble upon the item in question as it stands out (especially in 'detective mode'). You'll spend most of the game playing in the dull colours of 'detective mode' flicking to 'normal' mode just to take in the excellent scenery. Frustration sets in when you've progressed through the game to earn extra gadgets, but they are suddenly unusable on some enviroments/walls. But as Harvey Dent would say, there are always two-sides to everything. As I've already mentioned, the visuals are unbelivable and you'll soon become immersed in the brilliantly set out Arkham Asylum Island. The story, animation and voice acting are all first class. The iconic figure has been respected with regard to the history of Batman and various 'nods' to things that fans will pick up on is a great touch.
    So, sadly Batman Arkham Asylum loses a star only because the boss battles were too easy and when they were hard, I only had to die to find out what I needed to do! One button attacking got a bit boring and now I've completed it, I going to play through on Hard. There is always the challenge mode games, but they are just exactly 'one-scene challenges' that you have already virtually done in the main game.
    Still, it is definately not a game to be missed, you will not regret playing it (probaly only once though) and it is definately the best superhero game ever made.

    In all, over a bit too quick and now a standard has been set, I'm looking forward to what will be coming next!