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  1.  Good to be back


    enjoying this.
    no good playing with the kids running around as you need to take notice of the story and enjoy it without rushing through.
    Very nice to look at, Mass Effect has a very distinctive style and the massive Reaper ships look great.
    Another review has given a low score for a poor ending, but I think its already earned its 5 stars for me.
    P.S. If you have a saved M.Effect 2 game you can load your character to the new game complete with upgrade points.

  2.  I dont why..


    I enjoy this game so much.
    Its now quite old and dated, has a few glitches, but I really enjoy playing it. This does not happen very often as I usually enjoy free roaming sandbox games.. Maybe its because its as simple as an adventure game can get, pretty much on rails and with basic things to do and achieve.
    And at this stupid low price you cant go wrong.

  3.  I feel Conned by this.


    When I first started playing this, I thought it was cool that the game was playing a bit retro, and that the proper graphics and gameplay would suddenly appear. They didn't, this was it.

    It feels as though you are playing this on a playstation 2.
    Characters have a weird white outline ( like actors in front of a blue screen ). Lots of the detail looks 2D, pretending to be 3D.
    There seems to be more loading than gameplay, and the gameplay struggles with the limited graphics (and the pinball sucks).

    I feel conned ( considering its priced the same as proper games such as C.O.D, Portal 2, L.A.Noire and even the kids LEGO games ).

  4.  Bad


    Bad, bad not meaning good.
    very unresponsive, terrible camera angles. I can think of so many things wrong with this game..
    Could not have been play tested much, at least not with a Kinect attached.

  5.  The story continues...


    The story carries on from No.2, a little bit tweaked, seems a lot bigger and looks fantastic ( you do not need to play AC2 to enjoy this game though ).
    In my opinion it is on par with AC2 but no so different to make it better but still different enough to warrant a purchase.
    It's one of those games that gets better the more you play and is worth investing some time in. Im playing this more than Fallout NV which is a good indication of how good it is.
    The only real downside for me is the unusual controls, especially combat, I find it a bit fiddly most of the time , other times it flows perfectly, it's probably just me.

  6.  Easier to get started


    Been playing for a few days now, and have not even got to Vegas. So many side quests and "wonder whats over there" moments that I dont want to miss.
    I found this easier to get into than than Fallout 3 and good weapons seem to be a bit more easier to obtain.
    I started in the Harcore mode but have now changed to normal as it distracted from a lot of the fun stuff when worrying about radiation, water etc .
    There are a few glitched such as finding critters stuck in the landscape ( easy to hit with a 9 iron though ), and followers going a very long way around an obsticle. But nothing too serious, that can be forgiven in such a huge enviroment.

    Friends and Family ....... sorry may not be around for a while.

  7.  Not so good


    Whats up with the background ? the trees and hills look like cartoon graphics and cardboard cutouts.
    Not impressed.

  8.  Worth the price


    I can hear things that I did not notice before, especially in games such as Modern Warfare ( air conditioning fans, flies buzzing, water dripping etc ).
    They also give a good sense of distance and direction of sounds.
    A nice touch is a second headphone out socket which allows another person to listen in while you shoot zombie nazies.
    Love em.

  9.  No like


    Single player - short & sweet. started it Saturday morning, finished in the afternoon. I usually complete on normal setting then go through on hard but I just cant be bothered with this game.

    Multiplayer - sooooo many snipers, its not enjoyable just annoying, I have spent a few hours on multiplayer just to get the achievements and every game type is sniper city. The super accurate long range weapons in these small maps dont work for the flow of the game.

    2 stars, would have been 1 but I enjoyed the helecopter level.

    A message to Dice

  10.  Very Playable


    I love this.
    Graphics / Playability are nice with a big variety of level types. they could probably create a game just about Monkey riding his Cloud ( a bit like a Back to The Future style hoverboard ).
    Lots of jumping, swinging and puzzles to solve.
    The game has a post Apocaliptic steam punkish setting and it works very well with the story.
    I normally play a game and sell it on very quickly to get the best 2nd hand price, but this one is a keeper for sure

    And Sing !! "Born from an egg on a mountain top, Monkey is funky etc. etc." ... you know the rest..... or am I showing my age...