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  1.  i love it


    I played this game on the DS because I wanted something different to what I usually play and found it totally addictive. This version is updated so its even better! Although it is rather girly, there are aspects on a boy will enjoy such as the fishing and bug catching, plus if you know someone who has it you can compete against eachother with a timer. Also the feature where you can transport your character from the DS to the wii is great because you dont have to have 2 entirely different characters if you plan to continue the DS one too.
    However, as this is an updated version of the DS and Gamecube games, there is only slight changes to the actual gameplay so anyone looking to play it hoping for it to be totally different will feel rather disappointed. Also only one person can play it at a time, so if 2 people have characters living in the town they cannot play together, only if its on seperate wiis through the wifi connection. Saying that though, the graphics are amazing, the characters are cuter and its an easy playing game that everyone can enjoy.
    The wii speak is a good device, I cannot fault the sound quality as it is so clear that you can hear anyone else in the room besides the person you are talking too. The only downside is if you know no one with it there is little point having it as you will rarely use it other than to send messages to people.

  2.  good stuff


    I bought this DVD as i was sick of trying different things such as the wii fit and being bored very easily. After doing just the warm up i was sweating buckets and could barely move but I am determined to keep it up as it obviously works.
    Its a fun DVD to do as my mum also had a go, but it helps and with the different sections you can pick which ones you feel work the best for your body, rather than trying to fit it all in.
    The combat section is different but I enjoyed this part as it is totally different to the dancing/aerobics parts, and can be fun for both men and women (though the back up dancers are clearly there just for a bit of eyecandy =])