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  1.  Just awsome


    Movie is a classic. Is serious. And nowadys has humour just because we all know arnie and his one-liners. Isn't designed to be humorous of course. The scenes are awsome. The sci-fi aspects are amazing. A lot of the scenes look better than what they would look on todays standards because it all looks so real - no computer generated graphics.

  2.  Just awsome - so much more serious than the others


    Only downside is that one of the scenes you can tell they replace arnie with a wax-work. However it was made nearly 30 years ago.

  3.  Was ok - just what I was expecting


    The prequel to Underworld is a movie that isn't poor but isn't as good as the first 2 movies. If you have watched the first 2, then you know exactly what happens and what to expect from this movie and there are no twists in the story or anything else included - but saying that if you are a fan you will still enjoy 'Rise of the Lycans'. The battle scenes are great and the acting is believable. The film should be watched in the dark for greater enjoyability as the background is that dark and gloomy way.

  4.  Really enjoyed it and made me laugh a lot


    A man in a rut goes to a motivation seminar and has to say YES whenever an opportunity arises. His life transforms of course. The script is great and Jim Carey is the best he has been in a long long time.

  5.  Porno turns thriller


    Strange movie in that it starts with boys and girls getting together on a boat and having a porn fest (very detailed scene). Then an accident happens and they all turn on each other. I really enjoyed the movie but the sex scene will definetly make you feel uncomfortable if you are watching it with family/friends cause it is so detailed (seeing a lot of private parts).

  6.  Not funny and very amateur


    I lov Seann William Scott (American Pie) and Paul Rudd (Phoebes boyfriend in Friends) however they had nothing to work with in this movie. The script is not funny, the characters are limp and the scenes scream 'amatuer movie'. The only good thing about the movie is the small kid Seann takes under his wing - the kid is awsome. I will never watch this movie again and have to warn you that it is so bad there is a good chance you will give up and switch it off before even seeing the end.

  7.  Belly Laughs


    Was just awesome. Started a bit slow and build up and up. Awsome fight scenes with hits that look really sore and in a lot of cases hilerious. Story about a guy who whilst stoned sees a murder and goes on the run from the killers.

  8.  Exactly what i was expecting


    I saw this movie with the notion that X, Y, and Z would happen in it and it did. So the story is predictable. The acting is very good (Kevin Spacey is always brilliant). The characters are very good as well. I early gave it 4 stars but it is a movie that I doubt i would watch again. Story is about a kid who joins a club that counts cards at casinos and wins lots of money. But things change when you take risks and things always catch up with you.

  9. Bats



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     Average in every way


    The movie is alright. So average. The cast has lou diamond phillips (young guns) and the girl-soldier out of starship troopers. Acting average, story average, charcaters are average. What can i say- a total average movie. Not bad, but nothing special at all.

  10.  Totally awsome


    From start to finish the story is ongoing and engrossing. The Joker in it is amazing and is definetly a movie I will watch again and again. Blue-Ray quality cannot be better - top notch stuff.