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  1.  Fastest and best WipEout yet!


    This is the beans if you want eye-blistering speed, jaw-dropping visuals or just to show your mates how cool the OLED is. Great fun to play but a real task ahead if you want that platinum trophy!

    NB: With the WipEout HD and WipEout FURY DLC, Free if you own the PS3 versions already, this becomes one of the most necessary purchases on Vita at the moment.

  2.  Vita's first genuinely essential franchise


    Quite simply the best game on Vita right now.
    Free-roaming, intuitive controls, fascinating story, unique gameplay dynamics and gorgeous visuals make this a must buy. Stunning and original.

  3.  Best. Collection. Ever.


    If you knew what these games were you would have bought them already. Fact.

    Rendering this review redundant.

  4.  Now for something completely different...


    I've been waiting for the UK release of this little gem for a while now as I watched it on region1 sometime last year. If you like your films to explain everything simply and in easy-to-understand segments then avoid this film. If, however, you like your films to be quixotic and at-the-disturbing-end of amusing then this will be right up your particular street. Personally, I found it one of the most brilliantly original, surprising and memorable films i'd seen in a good long while. If you want a film like [insert film name here] or like that one with [insert actor name here] then look elsewhere. If you want something genuinely different, however, and a film that will stay with you long after you watch it then try this. You might just love it.

  5.  All the rock. All the time


    Quite simply put. This is guitar hero. On PS3. And all that implies. And more! Really enjoying this and can't wait for the downloadable content. It's the game that keeps on giving - and how cool is that controller?!

  6.  Breathtaking, beautiful and disturbing. Un-missable!


    Whilst the spanish audio and subtitles may put some people off, for those who are not put off this is quite possibly the most beautiful, brutal, moving and arresting film I've seen in years. Absolutely breathtaking in execution and plot. Awe-inspiring and disturbing at a turn. Simply put: Un-missable. Truly a work of art. Buy this film!

  7.  Now look what's happened...


    Before I start, I've got to set the scene. I was stuck in a hospital room for two weeks and a friend lent me this film. Now with two weeks on your hands you're not overly picky about your entertainment. Also, I am one of the biggest zombie film fans there's ever been. It's my only vice! So I really wanted to like this and was massively disappointed. Next thing, there's a zombie film I won't be buying. Now look what happened. I'm not saying "don't watch this film" I'm just saying "don't expect to be blown away by it." My apologies to anyone involved. You just lost me on this one.