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  1.  Best Printer Ever!


    By far this has to be the best printer I hve bought during my lifetime. It looks great with its piano finish look, they give 60, 10cm by 15cm photo paper and 3 ultra premium 10cm by 15cm photo paper. which I think is brilliant. the utility software and KOdak AIware is brilliant, very easy to use for scanning, photocopying editing and printing. I always had diificulty placing smaller size photo paper in printers but this is great. It is also very fast when it comes to priniting. The quality of the prints are also very good and so is the scan when photocopying. The other huge factor is its INK cost Black catridge cost £6.95 and Colour cost £9.99. that is huge savings compared to my old printer ink.

  2.  Worst ever!!!!!!!!!!!


    This has to be the worst camera I have ever bought. I thought it would be worth the purcahse because of value for money and its big 10.1 mega pixel spec. But when I first took pictures it seemed very poor, even my previous sanyo 8MP and sony W1series 7.2MP took greater quality pictures which were cheaper or the same price as this and produced greater quality.

    Also the camera does not take the usual recahrgeble battery like most cameras it takes AA batteries. NOT GOOD!

    Also the camera has no gret features appart from flash functions and timing. This might aswell been a disposable camera. I reccomend everyone not to buy it. just spend extra £10 to £15 and get he samsungs or a better sony camera.

  3.  Flash


    Has the camera got a flash anyone? Also has anyone tried tried out the texting mode? and is it good?

  4.  Blew my Mind Away!!!


    The description given by most retailers do not do it justice.

    The monitor has 2 USB slots and a slot for a printer wire.

    The monitor swivels 90 degrees so it becomes potrait view.

    It also has a headset output. which is not mentioned.

    It also provides another input for audio. they also provide a wire so you can connect your pc directly to the monitor and use the in built speaker.

    The stand has some sort some hydraulic mechanism because it is very smooth.

    Overrall great buy and great product, probably best in its range.