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  1.  Overpriced but outstanding Emile


    One look at the price tag is off putting considering can get smaller versions a lot cheaper but you really get what you pay for with these.

    With an extra set of hands, a trade mark weapon and a grenade, play arts have really done themselves proud with Emile, excellent articulation and attention to detail its a joy to display.

  2.  Not a good start


    Tali comes with a shotgun which she can barely hold, poor articulation just like the others in this series and she comes with an omni tool on her right hand which seems unable to be removed without breaking it, DC have not done themselves proud here, again looks good, but a fan only item

  3.  Very disappointing


    The supplied stand actually broke when I attempted to put Grunt on it, he comes with the claymore shotgun which is difficult to hold and has very poor articulation for poses, looks good but is a fan only item

  4.  Thor Shirt


    This t-shirt is very awesome, nice and light and the detail is near enough exactly how it appears on the picture here, there is a bonus though as there is an inscription on the back which reads 'whosoever wears this garment, if they be worthy shall have the power of Thor' in a nice design too, 4 stars because I would have preferred non faded white circles on the front as shown here

  5.  Dissidia Euphoria


    After ordering this late Thursday night, received early Saturday morning so thank you play, as for the game, love it.
    Its kept the standard of graphics that the psp can deliver and worked even further to produce a good looking and playing game. Gameplay itself is straight forward fight rules, hurt your enemy, win however in story mode also have bonus objectives to earn more DP for bigger bonuses. Also worth a mention, Dissidia gives you two batle mode choices, one free play where you fight in full real time but also a command based battlemode for those who may prefer it.
    The lithographs are not as big as I would have hoped (about size of a psp case) but still look very good, the little book is handy to start off with, though for hardcore players would recommend the full strategy guide and I can't seem to get the mini cd to play on my pc, but will on cd player so fine. Artbook is also quite nice too.
    Overall its reminiscent of Ehrgeiz on the PS1 so if you remember it and like it, think massively improved and buy

  6.  Arkham unleashed


    The demo, was good, the full game, is amazing. the graphics are great, the dialogue is typical and stays within the parameters set by Batman TAS and the costumes, well, the updated versions on certain characters make a pleasing sight for the eyes too. The game itself would get 5 stars however, the collectors edition is good, but not great.

    The batarang comes fixed to a stand, is made of plastic, albeit high quality and does not have silver trim as shown, is all black and VERY scratched. Have heard reports that it is supposed to be but that is rediculous. Gets 4 stars because is easy to remove batarang and the patient notes make for an amusing and educational read. Overall, if can get for a good price, say 40-50 pounds then definitely worth it, 60 is pushing a bit

  7.  Good but not Spectre grade


    Received this morning after ordering two days ago so play keep their record of good delivery times, its a good quality statue and I am pleased with it, and the price i paid for it however it is not exactly as shown,
    Shepard's secondary weapon is on the other side of his back to the one shown and is another assault rifle and there is no pistol or shotgun, his eyes appear bigger and his expression appears quite different to the one i have seen. My hope is that this is a tribute to the games multiple facial combinations and that maybe every statue is a little different however I have not heard anything along those lines. Still a good buy and a must for fans of Mass effect

  8.  A decent piece of tech


    I can't fault this item, charges controllers quicker than most battery rechargers would charge and can charge rechargable batteries in the controller, do not need to have the controller battery packs to use, well worth the money if you need better charging times, simple to use, definite recommend

  9.  Quite awesome


    First off should open with a bad point, the reviewer below is a liar, it is not a full size replica, it is about 6-7 inches long so please ignore that bit, but do not ignore the fact that this is a good quality replica, received in good time after order and it looks amazing next to my other master replicas which i would also recommend, price tag here is a bit steep atm but i would have paid it if necessary. Definitely not an item to be over looked

  10.  Oh dear


    Don't watch either anymore due to talking and bad storylines, but still appreciate being able to beat up people in a ring with flashy looking moves, this is useless. many moves seem to miss, the reversal system as said before me is awful, the first review covered all the points but i want to stress just how bad it really is.

    Hopefully xbox will release a few updates and clear up the major flaws and it says ingame that new wrestlers will be added (lets hope they're free) if not this is a highly disappointing game and i would not recommend anyone without xbox live getting this, because you have no chance.
    Two stars for the possibility that it could get better via content, which better be free