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  1.  It's no Cooking or Gardening Mama but it's not bad


    I was stuck for ages doing the same 4 experiments and trying to build up my reputation so I could progress onto competitions, getting more and more frustrated with the futile repetitiveness of it when I finally caved in and READ THE MANUAL.

    Once I found out how to gain reputation properly there was no stopping me! It's quite a short game that you can carry on playing once you've finished (although there's not really much point apart from buying everything available and being perfect at all experiments). Nice little distraction from Cooking Mama I suppose.

  2.  Dark horse


    I picked this up as a preowned cos i liked the pretty pictures on the cover. I usually like games i can just pick up and play which you sort of can with this. It frustrated me at first cos i didnt really know what was going on (no tutorial), but if you read the (lengthy) manual you'll get so much more out of it. It's really well thought out and very addictive - i've been playing it for about 40hrs and still have a way to go. It's kind of like pokemon in that you have to build up your level to progress (i don't know how that dude finished it in 12 hours!) For the price it's selling at now i would definitely recommend (not for young kids as i think they would get impatient with it).

  3.  Probably the best DS game ever


    This game is huge! There's so much to do when you're not carrying out the story missions - fishing, sailing, treasure hunting - keeps you entertained for ages.

    I love going in the temple although some people would find it repetitive as you have to keep going back there, but it manages to be different every time ie. different beasties and challenges. But thats probably how they can fit so much into one little cartridge.

    The story and variety of puzzles is inspired, the character and location design is perfect. The boss battles are great split over the 2 screens, loads of extras/secrets too. Really well thought out - Brilliant!

  4.  Only useful if you wanna get fit


    Takes a bit of getting used to as you can't move unless you walk/run - I'm using it on Zelda twilight princess. I don't mind it but my daughter hates it on My sims - it just frustrated her.

    If you want a workout then I would recommend it but otherwise it's not much fun. It really sensitive and counts every slight movement as a step.

    It would be so much better if it recognised the difference between running and walking like wii fit jogging. As it is you could stroll along or sprint and your character moves at the same speed.

  5.  Short and sweet


    Really short - took me 9 hours and I really was dawdling and repeated quite a few levels. But it is fun which is why I repeated some levels. The storyline's good but it did feel like I was playing a sequel ie. I should know certain things about the past already. If you don't worry too much about the strange scandinavian names for places and characters then you'll be fine. But if you're like me and need to know what everything means and where you heard that word before in the story then it'll frustrate you a little.

    It's amazing how you can do so many different actions with just a few buttons.

    The cut scenes were great visually but the sound quality was really bad and fuzzy (maybe my ds).

  6.  I think I preferred it when Pokemon couldn't speak :)


    I found it a bit boring compared to other pokemon games which is why I found it easy to put down and not pick up for ages even though I know I should make the effort.

    I didn't enjoy being a pokemon as I couldn't control any of my fellow pokemons moves. The dungeon missions are pretty repetitive with bits of vaguely interesting storyline in between.

    The adventure is dominated by inane dialogue which you have to click or tap your way through. So you can imagine how frustrating it is when the conversation consists of: "Shall we go? (tap) Yes let's! (tap) Ok! (tap) Off we go then! (tap) Yay! (tap) Whoopee! etc..." I found myself clicking through and not bothering to read half of it.

    There isn't enough variety of activities compared with other pokemon games. I would recommend Diamond/Pearl, Ranger or any of the GBA games instead. 2 stars with an extra one for trying to be different.

  7. Alias



    Available  used  from  £1.72

     For Alias fans only


    Plenty of combat moves to master and spy gadgets to play with - it really made me feel like Sydney Bristow...for a while anyway.

    This game is good but too short (that explains the 2 min demo on the magazine disk - any longer and there'd be no need to buy the game).

    I'm still waiting for the sequel...

  8.  If you like stealth, you'll love this


    I feel a bit cheeky as I haven't even finished this game yet. I've been playing it for ages but it seems to go on forever (or maybe I'm slow).

    The story is entertaining and humourous, the environments are inviting and the tasks are varied and challenging.

    Haven't played Sly 1 or 3 yet but I would definately recommend this to ratchet and clank/jak and daxter fans.

  9.  How fun is this game?


    I admit I'm a bit behind the times as I haven't played any of the sequels yet but I have to say I had so much fun with this.

    The environments are gorgeous, it's packed with humour and crazy/fun weapons and secret places.

    Even when you've finished you can play the whole thing again armed with all the weapons...payback mwahahaha!!

  10.  Not that bad


    There's no story or anything it's just minigames. However it has enough variety of minigames to keep you entertained for a while. It's still quite short though as are most rugrats games.

    Some of the minigames are fiendishly challenging which is odd for a game aimed at kids...!

    It's still kinda fun I guess.