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  1.  Good but room for improvement


    AVP is a game that trys to deliver a bit of everything in it's gaming experience and this is carried off quite well.
    The problem with taking a fairly broad aproach is that none of it feels exceptional which is where this title falls down.

    The graphics in this game are fairly good on the xbox and provide sufficient immersion although nothing awe inspiring.

    The Marine part of the game essencially boils down to a pretty average FPS without the punch of the frontrunners of the genre like COD etc.

    The Predator part of the game reminded me much of Chronicles of Riddick except with less stealth and less narrative. To me this was the most dissappointing bit as the predator is limited to only 4 weapons and most of the time they're irrelevant because your hammering the right trigger and slashing everything to death that comes near. Don't get me wrong the shoulder cannon and the disk are very good but there should have been so much more.

    The Alien part was as good as you could ask for - with no weapons and only meele attacks to worry about the developers created a convincing alien experience. The camera angles can be a bit confusing at first but you get used to it eventually. The experience of sprinting towards an unsuspecting marine along the ceiling in the dark killing them in the most grizzly way the imagination can conjure is quite satisfying indeed.

    The single player is entertaining for a while but is really just an overblown tutorial for the multplayer modes which is where the game shines most.

    Overall this game is above average and has some great moments but it lacks the quality that makes a game truley great.

    4/5 Stars

  2.  My God...


    To sum up this game i can think of only one word that adequately describes it and it begins with 's' and ends in 't'.

    I was gobsmacked when i saw the size of the units in this poor game - they're HUGE. Although i suppose they haf to be to fill the screen because you only get about of them 5 at any time.

    This game has only one multiplayer mode which is capture and hold and this holds true through the campaign aswell, which gets REALLY old REALLY fast.

    The plot is indistinguishable and poorley ends the series.

    The basebuilding, resources, strategy and everything that made the previous games good has been stripped away to leave a shallow shell of a game that probably wont satisfy fans of the previous games.

    This does sounds overly negative but it really is that bad!
    Very poorely done indeed.

  3.  Demo Impresssions


    From playing the demo on xbl i can say that this is going to be a very fun game.

    The gameplay is fast, flowing and compelling.

    The graphics are better than the original anime.

    The controls take a little bit of getting used to and aren't intuitive at first, but they are very accessible when you get to grips with them.

    This game is a sequal to the successful tenkaichi games on the ps2 and wii and is an improvement over them in terms of quality of presentation and the flow of combat.

    The demo promises great things, let's hope the game delivers.

  4.  Surprised...


    I thought i'd give this game a shot because i hadn't played a realistic shooter since the old ghost recon days. This game is realistic in every way that matters: headshot kill, fatal injuries, real world weapons etc. and it is very entertaining, however as it is entertaining it is frustrating because of the numerous glitches in the game. The ai is sometimes very clever but it seems to wait until the crucial point in the mission to completely spaz out and become suicidal - resulting in your own men needlessly sacrificing themselves or just plain ignoring you (which is annoying when telling them to board a helicopter to end the mission.

    This game was a nice surprise and is good fun but not for the pick up and play kind of gamer. To play this well takes a lot of patience and redoing things to get them right, bare this in mind before buying it.

  5.  My Favorite PS2 Game Ever!


    Can understand a negative outlook if you never saw Transformers Armada, or beastwars for that matter (same voice actors). I have no bad comments about this game at all. Best Transformers game ever made. Graphics are beautiful (for ps2). INCREDIBLE!!!

  6.  No Problems


    I have had this mic for well over 6 months now and still no problems. It charges whilst my xbox is off and will last for about 8-9 hours of solid gaming. Now and then it will disconnect annd reconnect for some unknown reason but this is barely anything to complain about. Much better (in quality, durability and sound) than the wired mic. Also this is the cheapest i've seen it (new).

  7.  A Truely Polished Experience


    This game was made with care and it shows. Everything flows nicely, the controls, the units and tactics you can employ, the animations are smooth and crisp. A very polished, funny and enjoyable game. Well worth the money.

  8.  Very, VERY good


    This game is great, one of the better titles out for the 360. Singleplayer is in a word... Godly, there is no other word to describe the experience of being riddick throughout not one but two campaigns. The multiplayer is pants but thts not what this game is about. 5 Stars for a 5 star game!!!

  9.  A Good Game!


    I thought this game would be just another pathetic excuse for a movie based game like so many others that came before it (including it's predecessor) however it's actually quite good.
    The main campaigns, split into 2 (good/autobot and bad/decepticon) are similar to eachother but there is enough diversity to keep it from being tedious.

    Where this game comes into it's own however is the multiplayer where you can battle it out online against REAL people instead of the ai for a change. This is a welcome feature and is what lifts it from the yawn zone that the 1st game created a permanent residence in.

    Overall it's a pretty good shooter with fluent controls, it does get a little repetitive at times but you can forgive this due to the fact that you are a giant robot fighting other giant robots in a big brawl, and lets face it that's never a bad thing.

  10.  Reality check


    First off this is a very good game, the campaign is varied and has lots of elements to spice it up and is a delight to play from beginning to end. That said, it has to have interesting plot developments etc because there is very little depth in the factions. The demo pretty much had every unit in except the uniques that the general people have but that's it. The game is also rather unbalanced in that when someone gets the ODST ability they have pretty much won especially in combination with some vultures (which are waaaay to overpowered). I sometimes think that this game should simply be called BANG because every battle if left to go on long enough results in vultures and mac blasts that decimate an army in literally seconds and end the game.
    The obvious solution to this is to rush which is fun at first but after a while it gets old. My point is that whilst everything looks pretty and i commend the developer for keeping it true to the halo games in the way every unit functions etc - it is still very shallow.

    One more thing: this game has had reviews like "finally a good RTS game for a console!!!" but the thing is i have had 4 rts games for the 360 so far and this is possibly the wettest or shallowest of them all (gameplay wise). LOTR BFME2 is by far the greatest strategy game for 360 to date. I'm probably gonna get some opposition to this review but the bottom line is this is a good game, worth the money but it isn't that immersive that you will play it for ages.