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  1.  Brilliant camera.


    I got this as an insurance replacement for my aging Nikon D40. I had decided that the changing lenses and bulky unit was now no use to me for carrying around catching those family snaps. I had looked into this camera because I have a Sony Ericsson Arc S that is based on the same Exmor-R technology and the low light shots were impressive. I was not dissapointed with this camera. The zoom is more far reaching than my old 55-200 nikon lens and the low light shots without the flash are excellent.

    Dont get me wrong when it comes to raw photo quality the nikon would still win but this is only really an issue if you are going to enlarge pictures way beyond A3 size Whereas I had to use some cropping and enlarging from my nikon because of the short zoom lens (too stingy to pay out another few hundred quid for a bigger lens) I no longer have this issue as the 16X zoom is more than adequate to mean that any cropping and enlarging would be kept to an absolute minimum.

    the camera itself is well built. Solid and heavy enough to show its sturdy yet light enough to carry around easily. There are variable usefull options like the option to take 2 pictures right after one another. One uses the flash and the second doesnt. this means that if you take a photo and it over exposes the next one is more than likely to be perfect. In low light without flash the camera takes 10 shots rapidly (around 1 sec) and combines them in order to weed out noise, camera shake and enhance detail. this results in some really great low light shots with plenty of colour and detail without washing out the picture or having over lit areas.

    Some of the features take a while to get used to and finding exactly what you want will take a few tries but the range of manually selected scenes as well as auto features and auto + give a camera than delivers excellent picture quality with the compact size that would suit more people.

    The movie quality is the best I have seen from a non dedicated video camera. the low light video is far superior to any I have seen on a dedicated camera and the zoom works brilliant as well.

    Only niggle is the flash. It is positioned where you naturally place your finger on the camera and results in your finger getting pushed off or you stopping the flash from rising.

    All in All this camera is more than I expected and for my needs now beats my old Nikon D40 hands down.

  2.  Good Player with custom firmware


    I have had this player for a few months now. The player with the official firmware is awfull. It has out of sync issues with mkv/avi files as well as slow loading from drives over 500GB. After looking at and loading custom firmware it now loads my 1 TB drive with my entire DVD collection on it (all converted to MKV with DTS sound) in under 4 seconds (the official firmware took 28 to find and display the drive). The customs also fix the OOS bug and fast forwarding/rewinding is now not a problem. It also supports USB wifi dongles meaning you can now link it to a network for streaming. This is done because the firmware used for the custom is actually a mod of the WDTV LIVE firmware as the official firmware for this model is now discontinued and will no longer be updated.

    So if you are going to buy this but are to scared to use custom then its great but dont expect MKV/AVI files to play without issue as somewhere along the line you will get OOS errors and there is no official fix ever being released.

  3.  Excellent little device


    I bought this so I could transfer data from an old laptop Hard Drive I had been left with when my old laptop died. The enclosure is excellent. It is very easy to install the drive and comes with the screw driver to do it. All it takes is to push the adapter in, slot it into the enclosure and secure with the supplied 2 small screws. It also comes with a small carry pouch as well. I had intentions of only using it to transfer data then give away as after reading reviews of other products the 2 USB port thing annoyed me but the fact it works with 1 means I am keeping it and the old laptop deive is my new 120GB portable drive.

    It comes with a split USB cable so it can use up to 2 ports but mine works fine with only 1 connected (the first one not the second in line). All in all a tremendous piece of kit for the money.

  4.  Brilliant Piece Of Kit


    The installation of this was rally easy and straight forward. It then connected to my wireles network with the minimum of fuss(choose network and input network key) and its up and running. The antenna can be left disconnected for me as it is strong enough without it and with it I pick up a few of my neighbours.

    An excellent recommended buy.

  5.  Best Controller For PC


    This is by far the best controller I have ever bought. It was so easy to set up and even gets its updates automatically. The pad is solid and a good weight as well as being comfortable and precise. The amount of my games that have adopted the pad automatically is amazing including Euro 08 and racdriver GRID.

    Brilliant product

  6.  Well worth the money


    I had been mulling over getting one of these for ages. I had a bad wrist injury about 6 years ago and since then I have had weakness in my wrist/arm. I had all the usuall treatments from physio but mostly boring exercises was the end result and because of my job it was hard to get in any regular excercise.

    Now with the powerball it takes the boredom out of excersising. I can definately feel it working my wrist in all the same places as the exercises the physio gave me but with the bonus of my arms also getting a bit of a workout as well.

    That coupled with the fact I can do this at work makes this ideal for me and by far one of the best products I have bought in years. Only thing is its going to take a while to build up the rythem in my left hand as I am all over the place and find it hard to keep it going but it is getting there.

    BTW. If you are looking for replacement start cords try a shoe shop. The laces on my daughters shoes are identical to the cords with the exception you may have to cut the small plastic sheeth at the end down to the same length. I bought myself 10 pairs for £1.50 so now have 20 replacement cords (and they do work).

  7.  The Best Yet


    After buying numerous types and manufacturers this is the first one that will actually let my Nikon D40 shoot at its full 2.8 FPS shooting speed.

    The performance is by far the best I have seen and the recovery software is absolutely unbelievable.

    I had an old Play 1GB card that had wedding photos on and became corrupt. I would not use it again because of this and I could never get the photos off no matter what software I used. The recovery software recovered 127 out of 129 and all were in perfect condition. It also fixed the errors on the card for me with the format tool.

    I would have gladly paid the money for the software alone. An absolute bargain...