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  1.  micked


    The 7th album by Stray found the band swimming against the music fashion of the day unlucky not to find themselves a household name the band returned from touring America and recorded Houdini with renewed energy.The record starts with Feel Like I've Been Here Before a no nonsence rock track which features some fine guitar work from Del Bromham,second track Houdini is another Harmony driven rocker which still features in the bands live set to this day.Other highlights include Fire and Glass again with blinding guitar work by Bromham and the sinister Percy the Pimp.There are a couple of quiet songs,including the John Lennon tribute Everybodys Song which is nice and Take It Easy should have been a hit single.Good album but not great, it lacks a little consistency by the bands high standards also included as a bonus track is the ballsy instumental Paramount which has the band jamming in the studio to good effect.Not the bands best but still a good effort and essential part of this fine bands history.

  2.  micked


    Man Overboard is Ian Hunter's third masterpiece in a row there is not one poor track on this fantastic CD.The lyrics are fascinating how about this from the title track "They got lasers that zap-They got cures for the clap-You can see your insides on TV" and from Flowers "Top 2 per cent out of touch" and "Any man killed is an insult to faith" movingly sung.There is great pop,rock n' roll and some quite beautiful ballads on this album some great story songs like Girl In The Office and The Great Escape.Up And Running is pure rock n' roll with again a brilliant lyric where Hunter spits out the words as only he can "Poor ain't got a future" he sings "People gettin' rich out of other people's misery" the disgust in his voice all to clear.I found myself chuckling at some songs and very moved at others,Way with Words is a very moving song to his wife again with a great lyric it is beautifully sung as only Ian Hunter can..Arms And Legs is pure bright and breezy pop,Win It All veers into Tom Waits territory,Babylon Blues is lively bluesy rock,Flowers is very catchy and has a great little chorus and as already stated has great words.
    Ian Hunter has just turned 70 but he still retains his unique voice and there is no doubt that he is in the songwriting form of his life.

  3.  micked


    .Re-mastered version of 1981 round up of previously unreleased Stones material.The packaging remains very basic which is a let down but the re-mastered sound is fantastic - a big improvement - now to the music.
    This is one of the Stones most underated releases there are two great rockers in Start Me Up and Neighbours but it the slow songs which really catch the ear and move you.Worried About You,Tops,Heaven,No Use in Crying and Waiting On a Friend are GREAT and give this album a feel that no other Stones record has managed.

  4.  micked


    The excellent bootleg series continues and again the standard is very high, yet again Dylan unearths alternate versions that are top drawer.The alternate take of Born In Time is vastly superior to the version on Under The Red Sky and the version of Missippi on disc disc one rivals the one on Love and Theft.
    The discoveries are the brilliant Can't Escape From You sung by Dylan in the style of Tom Waits,the moving Cross the Green Mountain and Red River Shore which did not make Time Out Of Mind (it probably did not fit the mood of the album)it is a great song.Dreamin' of You is a moody but powerful song and i love Huck's Tune.There are live tracks as well which are mostly ok but it is the discovery of the unreleased songs which i have been listening to alot.
    How does Dylan do it - leave masterpieces off his albums?
    He can't sing a note but his voice reigns you in?
    Buy this it is very very good.

  5.  Micked


    The third album from Stray found the band moving into slightly different terrains starting off with Our Song which starts with acoustic guitars before Del Bromhams guitar comes crashing in the song has a great chorus and should have been a hit single.The album is jam packed with top tunes Move that Wigwam is about the the rape of the indians land in the old wild west,Leave it Out features some fantastic slide guitar from Del Bromham and is still played live at the band's gigs today.Most Stray fans consider this CD to be the bands best album other tracks worthy of mention are the classic After the Storm which has a strong Hendrix vibe and the brilliant How Could I Forget You. Steve Gadd's raw vocals deserve a mention he was one of the great frontmen in rock music and sang with passion and soul, every track on this album is very good and encompasses a range of different styles which made Stray unique nobody else sounded like them they were and still are to this day a great great band. As a live band there is no one to touch them.Buy this album you will not be disapointed.

  6.  micked


    Ian hunter vocalist with mott the hoople once said that he thought nothing came out of the sessions for this album but on hearing it years later he could hear the sex pistols loud and clear,he was right !!! You only have to hear Death Maybe Be Your Santa Clause and the Moon Upstairs (brilliant lyrics by Ian Hunter) to hear the Sex Pistols years before they happened.There is more so much more to this record such as the nine minute epic that is The Journey a song which starts quietly before erupting,the classic piano based rocker Angeline which is just great.old fashioned soul in second love and a whole lot more.produced by guy stevens he managed to inspire the group although Ian Hunter's voice is a bit to far down in the mix stiil it is a great album.

  7.  micked


    Fifth studio album in severn years from the boss and on first listen i was dissapointed six listens later i now reckon this is great.The record starts with Outlaw Pete an eight minute mini-opera incorporating strings and organ high up in the mix it's a great track but not what you expect from Bruce.The next two tracks My Lucky Day and the title track are bright brilliant pop songs next up is Queen Of The Supermarket - now i thought this was rubbish at first - infact it is a masterpiece you will be shouting out the chorus, it does that to you.Good Eye is top notch blues rock and Tomorrow Never Knows is a tender country ballad a beautuiful song sang with affection it is georgous.This Life and Kingdom Of Days both have a Beach Boys influence and are really good.The Last Carnival is a warm moving ballad to Danny Federici and final song The Wrestler is a song written for the film of the same name - very moving as well. Surprise Surprise is the reason i have i have deducted a star it is awful and lets the album down it is the only poor track.This album does take its time be prepared to wonder what is going on at first,each listen will bring further rewards.

  8. Revival


    John Fogerty - CD

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    Great album from Mr Creedence Clearwater Revival himself reminding everybody what a great singer,songwriter and guitarist John Fogerty still is.It is the same as before top tunes incorporating rock and roll,swamp rock,pop,country rock and soulful slower songs.Fogerty's voice if anything is stronger than in the past a wonderful instrument,.the guitar playing quite brilliant the songs are without doubt the best he has written in his solo career.Best of all he is angry with many a dig in the lyrics towards the Bush regime most notably in I Can't Stand It Anymore and It Ain't Right two out and out rock and roll songs both lasting less than two minutes each both urgent angry and to the point both musically and lyrically great stuff.Other stand out tracks include the tender Broken Down Cowboy and the Hendrix vibe of Summer Of Love.If you liked Creedence Clearwater Revival you will love this, in fact if you like rock music you will love this.

  9.  micked


    I went for the two disc option as opposed to the four disc and it is very good.The first disc is choc-full of acoustic versions of some of his most famous songs and they are a very collectable too for anyone who is a fan of Weller.There are a couple of excellent cover versions of Ronnie Lanes The Poacher and Manfreds Mans Pretty Flamingo played with much gutso.The second disc is more of an in-concert disc not as good as the first disc but still ok.The production is very good it gives a very intimate feel to the acoustic tracks, the packaging is great as well which makes this a must have at such a good price.

  10.  micked


    Very good retrospective of Ian Hunter and Mott The Hoople Disc one starts with the Island years good to see the inclusion of B side The Debt great lyric and beautifuly understated performance.The obvious inclusions are all here Dudes,Once Bitten,Memphis,Roll Away The Stone,Golden Age,Saturday Gigs etc these justify the price on ther own but are only a small part of the story.Other gems from Mott's catalogue well worth mention are the Dylany I Wish I Was Your Mother which is a great song and the georgous Sea Diver.The halfway point on Disc one gives way to the CBS years which in turn halfway through Disc two gives way to the Ian Hunter solo output which is choc-full of top tunes speciat mention must go to tracks such as Bastard and Standing In My Light .There is a great previously unreleased track called Avalanche a really nice song.Some songs that were omitted from this collection that really should have been on here are Rape and All American Alien Boy from Hunter's solo years and It'll Be Me and Death Maybe Your Santa Claus from Mott The Hoople.
    I think that the compilers should have gone for Disc one - The Island Years,Disc two the CBS years,Disc three the Hunter solo years still this is a good collection beautifully packaged and if you like me already owned virtually everything here you would have to own this as well, Mott what a band! Ian Hunter what a great writer!