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  1.  From someone who wouldnt normally be a fan


    I HATED busted, I HATE the whole emo genre.

    However giving this band a chance, in all honesty i can admit and amazing amount of talent for writting songs. Both music and lyrics are amazing.

  2.  Another Demo Review


    I thought it would be worth checking out this game after seeing the trailer and finding out that it'll be a PS3 exclusive. I downloaded the demo and was VERY impressed by what i saw. I still hope the final product is improved but i cant deny that this game definitely has the potential of becoming one of the most popular on the PS3. The idea of "Nectar" and the general storyline seem put together well. The controlling system is one of the best FPS console controlling systems ive come across. Aiming is smooth and and easy to get used to. Im usually very harsh when it comes to reviewing products but i must say that at the moment i find very little if any faults with this game. The graphics are as good as COD4 if not better.

    Will definitely purchase this and i think all PS3 owners should give this game a go.

  3.  Great series which should not have been axed


    None of the negative reviews should be taken seriously. This series was one of the best NBC had to offer. Michelle Ryan is a very good actress and did very well in the role of Jaime Summers. The special effects and storyline all work great and its definitely a serious worth checking out. I heard they made 14 episodes in total. I just hope ITV2 purchases the right to air the rest of the episodes.

  4.  Best Of album for the new fans


    This album is for those who are new to Maiden. Is it worth buying? yes. Its a good introduction to one of the best bands in this world. However it doesnt stop here.. If you're serious about metal and Maiden then dont wait long before purchasing their whole discography.

  5.  Very Bad


    With a decent cast and decent trailer you'd think this would be a good horror movie. However it goes in the opposite direction and miserably fails.

    The over used boring idea for vampires is becoming a bit of a joke. The movie fails to deliver any explanation as to why certain things happen and even tho some of the cast consists of well known actors, the acting is beyond terrible. The idea for the location of the events taking place in the movie is great, but everything else fails to deliver.

    Not worth buying at all.

  6.  Great British Comedy


    I've always been a fan of British movies. Many say British productions are mostly boring and they're wrong. This comedy is brilliant. Original idea, great cast and acting. The movie may be rated 15 but that doesn't mean it lacks adult humor.

  7.  Very Good Movie


    This movie has received many mixed reviews.. The main reason behind this is, that those expecting to watch a full on horror movie with gore etc. will get something a bit different. The movie is more of a thriller showing a troubled couple which have found themselves in a VERY difficult situation.

    The idea for the movie is very original even if argued otherwise.. it keeps you guessing as to whats going to happen next and is generaly very well put together..

    The only downside which i have to point out is the very rushed ending.. It was good however you cant help but think that they could have made it atleast 10mins longer.

    Overall a very good movie with some great acting and good storyline.

  8.  Low budget, bad acting


    I thought the first movie was decent but this one is bad... It has a few hot girls in it which is its only plus. The story line is poor and VERY cheesy and the acting is very bad also. If you want to have a few laughs with some friends whilst having a few beers then watch this movie for its hilarious stupidity. Otherwise i dont recomend it.