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  1.  Great show, worth the money


    I remember when I first got into this when it started in 2001 when I was 14. I liked how you didn't exactly need to know a lot about superman and all characters involved to like the show. Like many long running series, you as the viewer end up caring what happens to the characters, and that's why I think it's lasted this long. For those of you who don't know, season 10 is 100% the last season. I have seen up to ep19 of the tenth season and it is quite frankly the best. Everything begins to tie in, without giving spoilers. It ends in America on Friday May 13th and starts (yes starts?!) on E4 over here in the UK around May 31st. The only season I didn't like as much as the rest was season 8. Nothing much happened in that season to do with the involvement of progressing Clark towards Superman. At this price, it is pratically 11.50 pounds a season which is not too bad (probably likely to go down to 100 - 105 quid by the time October comes) So overall if you've seen any parts of this show and want the whole thing or even heard good things but never seen it, I would say it's definitely worth your time. Would kill those boring evenings for a few months at least anyway ;)

  2.  Better Than Lost Easily


    What I think makes this show is the characters. Everyone has their favourite character or favourite power. Even though it has this supernatural element to it, most of the choices they make you could apply to everyday life. Series 1 is better due to it introducing the characters and it's all new to the viewer.
    Series 2 was sadly shortened to 11 epsiodes thanks to the writer's strike, so to be honest you don't miss much if you missed the odd epsiode here and there.
    But overall, this show is gonna grow and as long as it doesn't get complicated like Lost has, (as viewers of series 3 might be) I hope we have Heroes for a long time to come!

  3.  Excellent piece...


    Of work here. This comes from the director who did american beauty and road to perdition. What i like about this film is that it is slightly like full metal jacket in that you don't see much action, it's more about the journey of each character, going from a innocent civilian to a killing machine so to speak.
    I think the most moving scene for me is towards the end when jake's character is in tears and all he wants to do is to just kill someone so his training is not vain. But overall, not the greatest "war" film made, but a moving one nonetheless.

  4.  Best Gig Ever


    Ok in my 2 and a half years of going to gigs all around london and a total of roughly 70 gigs.....the saturday show of these two gigs was the best one i've ever been to. (I was lucky enough to get standing tickets for both days)

    The crowd were so friendly, dave looked genuinely happy to be there, the set list wasn't exactly the same as the night before which is always nice if you're a person who sees the same band more than once on the same tour :d
    I think i must of had the longest crowdsurf ever...it was about 7 minutes long and i did from the end of the runaway all the way to the front of the stage (where i was standing through all of the friday show)

    But overall...a seriously good night for anyone there, new fans or old. Glad to be a part of it. Easily worth £18!