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  1.  grows on you


    I only bought this game because I was curious about how a shooter-on-rails would compare to the other 3d-games I play. -And the point is that they don't compare.

    I only play one level at a time, which is about half an hour. -And that is why it has become one of the game I play the most: I don't have to spend alot time with it to be happy.

    The graphics are nice and so on - but who cares - it's just fun to turn off the brain and shoot zombies.

  2.  Very badly made


    This is a wii-make of some old pc-game.
    Nothing has been done to make the graphics up-to-date: it is only 4/3 format (no widescreen), low-detail characters, no shadows or light-effects. The background images have far too few layers, so characters often appear infront of object that they are actually supposed to be behind. You need to go back to the early 90' to find equally ugly games.
    The cut-scenes are just badly made: low frame-rate, low detail and even obvious grahcic errors are seen in some scenes.
    The animations are very simple and jerk every time they are changed or reset (no blending).
    The interface is very non-intuitive as buttons give no inducation what they are for.
    The game-play is for the most part missing. I have played the game for 3-4 hours now (the first couple of chapters) and there has not been a single puzzle. The only thing I can do is run around stealing stuff from people and hope that I at some point trigger a cut-scene that will bring me to the next chapter.
    The voice-over is ok, and Agatha Christie is a cool IP, but otherwise it's difficulty to say anything positive about this game.
    -Oh, the cover of the casing is also nice - that was why I bought the game... I guess I should have read a review first :)

  3.  Broken


    this games just seems broken. The controls are awful, sorry, but it's true.
    I tried letting many different people play this game and those who spend most time on it used about 15 minutes before they wanted to play something else.