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  1.  Great Blu Ray!


    i had prievously seen this show on the skyone release and thought it was great, so had to buy it when i heard of this blu ray copy! there are some nice special features, including the interview and girl cam.
    my only slight problem with this version is that its similar in quality to the BR copy of the Tangled up tour, where some shots dont look fully HD, so perhaps for some people the DVD version wouldnt be a bad choice. though that said, im pleased i opted for this blu ray version. it makes for a great product and a must have for any GA fan!

  2.  Amazing Film!


    I bought the DVD the day it came out and loved it! and when i heard of a Blu-ray release, I couldn't wait to get it! and I was not disapointed. with over 1000 scenes made clearer and more detailed for HD you really can tell the difference, absoulutley stunning visuals.
    I have played and completed the Final Fantasy VII games although I would recommend this film to everyone, even if you're not familiar with the Final Fantasy series. An absolute must have for anyone with a blu-ray player!

  3. III


    Billy Talent - CD

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     Great 3rd Album


    After just a few listens, the album proves the continuation of the great billy talent albums. Their sound has changed slightly, though its still a fantastic album. Love all the songs, apart from "Sudden Movements" on which im not too over keen on, though on the whole, this is a great album!!! would recommend everyone buying it!

  4.  Best series on television!


    in my opinion this is the best tv series available on dvd. I first watched this series when i was 13 and loved it, im now 19 and jumped at the chance to get the series on dvd. Although all 5 films are brill, i do prefere the series. would recommend this to anyone!!

  5.  great western FPS


    Completed this game earlier today and loved it! one of the best games I've played this year. Each chapter is as tense and well constructed as the other. Like the other review said, occasional sign of screen tear but its never a problem in the game. Thought gameplay and graphics were brilliant throughout the game. Since completion I've been playing online and found it very addictive with loads of different online modes. Would recommend this game to any PS3 owner as the game keeps delivering! It really is a must have!

  6.  Unforgettable


    another great eastwood film with a brilliant cast and great acting from each of them. mixed with a great story and screen play, this is a must buy for any blu ray collector.

  7.  amazing film!


    I watched Begins the day before on Blu Ray and both were outstanding.
    The effects and story and quality of the picture were just amazing.
    I'm not usually a fan of DC and Marvel films but this was just amazing!
    Highly recommend!

  8.  Great but grainy


    I'm a big fan of girls aloud and despite a few "poor quality" reviews I still bought it. Although the background looks grainy on quite a few shots, I can imagine due to the low light conditions, I don't regret buying it. The girls still look great. Good extras on the blu-ray, though its a shame the quality isn't as clear as other blu-rays. Worth buying if you're a girls aloud fan and don't mind a bit of graininess in the background.



    I have been a huge metal gear fan for years now and this game really does sum it all up. With both amazing graphics and gameplay to compliment alongside the story, it makes for, in my opinion, the best game available on PS3.

    I have completed it twice and the game just makes you want to play it more and more after completion. After the game has been completed theres so much you can still do. Play online, virtual training or even go back and play the game in a different style, ie. more stealthily. And theres so many secrets and different ways to play the game, the game just keeps giving!

    Would recommend to any metal gear fan, action game fan or anyone who likes the sound of the game, or anyone who owns a PS3. Though I would recommend reading up or playing the previous games to get to know the story.

    A must buy and at this great price!

  10.  Great TV-PS3 looks so amazing!


    I was concerned about buying this TV at first due to its lower dynamic contrast ratio of 25,000:1, where the 26" sony V4000 had one of 35,000:1, and was the same price(but smaller). Though when reading up reviews on the V4000, i found out there was people complaining of motion blur. This read, I opted for the larger TV and haven't regretted it.

    There has been no problems with motion blur with this TV. I mainly use it for my PS3, connected via HDMI and it looks amazing. Metal Gear 4 looks so good, great picture and amazing sound.

    Arrived very quickly, 2 working days, and great packaging.

    TV also very easy to set up and comes with stand.

    Would highly recommend this TV and its at a great price.