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  1.  Diehard fans only


    Ok, I was more than a little disappointed in this movie as I am a big fan of the series. To be honest there just wasn't enough intrigue, paranormal freekiness and edge of the sit tension I was expecting. It was a bit of a tame effort really as the story just isn't very interesting, compared to more recent movies of a similar genre. The writers really did not play to the X-files brands strengths and as a result we get an average if a little boring movie. There may be just enough here for the diehard fan, but you'll probably be disappointed.

  2.  Below Average


    To say this is a 'masterpiece' is over the top to say the least. Gladiator and Black Hawk Down both also directed by Ridley Scott are a lot better, but I wouldn't even class either a masterpiece. I would advise you rent this one and avoid disappointment if you haven't already seen it. The story is rarely gripping or very interesting for the majority of the film, however I do agree with the previous reviwer that it does start quite well. I do enjoy Leo's performances, however he does not quite get it right in this movie, nor is the script or story good enough for such a talented actor.

  3.  Excellent player


    Picture quality 10/10
    Upscaling 9/10
    Value for money 9/10
    Loading times 8/10
    Firmware updates 10/10

    Hard to fault this player, I really love it. Great quality player, easy to use and looks the part.

  4.  Good but less than I expected


    For me this only just gets 4 stars and is by far the lesser of the entire cod series. The single player and online play for me was missing something and haven't played it very much compared with cod 4. I didn't like the atmosphere or tone of the single player missions if I'm honest. I don't think this will be noted by many, but I found that the setting of missions on the Russian side a little unsettling given the history of the fall of Berlin. Added to this there was no real attempt to create a bond with gamer to the characters or even the storyline. Despite this I enjoyed those missions a lot more than those set in the pacific conflict. I didn't like the jungle settings at all; I have always preferred the sort of atmosphere of urban conflict represented in other cod games. Despite all my misgivings I still would recommend this game, distinctly more average than previous cods but still of a high standard in the FPS genre as a whole.

  5.  A marked improvement


    The Tomb Raider games are not for those who want frantic high octane action or thrills. If you're looking for something a bit more chilled out and like a good puzzler look no further. Personally I love the Tomb Raider games (welcome break from FPS and fifa etc) and think this game gets the balance of puzzle over action just right. To be honest any action in Tomb Raider games is more of distraction or a small hurdle to overcome to complete a puzzle rather than a key component of the game. I wouldn't recommend it or expect it to be to everyone's taste but it's the possibly the best in it genre and in my opinion a welcome change from the likes of gears of war, cod etc Great price from play for a game with hours of gameplay and outstanding graphics, 5 stars!

  6.  Only just above average


    Lets be honest I think a majority of reviewers of games on play seem to either give a product 5 stars or 1 star, one extreme or the other. This game is neither, it is not a bad game but it certainly doesn't deserve 5 stars as a lot of people have given it. At 39.99 I would look at better first person shooters that are significantly cheaper. If you into first person shooters and own the likes of cod and want another title in your collection then this is probably a game you'll enjoy. However there are a lot better first person shooters out there. There is nothing particularly new or exciting about this game, gameplay is decent, graphics are good however there was something about it that never really kept me playing or gripped to the gameplay. I'll run you through some of the things I didn't like about it, firstly a few of the missions are quite boring e.g. you have to use stealth however this is not executed very well as it really doesn't require much skill. Secondly some of the levels look very bare and linear even if the graphics are good it doesn't hide the fact your unable to do very much in the surrounding environment and are forced down a very linear pathway (even more so than other shooters). The game is way too short, which is a pity as the overall levels and gameplay improves in the last quarter of the game. For me it's not one I would recommend shelling out nearly 40 quid for. ps I got this game free when upgrading my mobile :) so it wasn't all bad.

  7.  Quality product and even better price


    It is quite hard to tell from the picture, but this is one of the more attractive of TV stands out there. The black glass looks top class and everything about it just looks well made and sturdy when put together. The reason I bought this was firstly the price and secondly because I didn't want a stand with chrome looking legs which to me look a bit tacky. The TV I bought was offering a stand for just 50 quid but I opted to buy this one separately and I couldn't be happier. Fast and efficient delivery, thanks again play!

  8.  Stick to Oblivion


    Really looked forward to this game and was initially impressed, but not for very long. It offers nothing different from oblivion and is no where near as gripping. The graphics are good however post nuclear war envirnoments are hardly beautifull to look. The word grey springs to mind. The game is boring and completing the quests offer no real fun or sense of achievement. Better new release games out there.

  9.  Doesn't offer anything new but still a good WWII shooter


    This is a good shooter, which has perhaps been overlooked by other more impressive titles around the time of its release. I for one only bought it recently and for 11.99 I was more than satisfied with what I got for my money. It is graphically and gameplay wise a very sound game as well as challenging and fun to play. Perhaps my only gripe with this game is that it doesn't really offer anything new to the whole WWII game franchise. It won't blow you away but could be a nice stocking filler for xmas.

  10.  Pure Genius


    I initially ignored this game on release as I thought it looked too bizarre for my taste and it also had no online multiplayer mode. A friend lent the game to me a few months after the release and thought ok I'll give it a go. At first I thought it was ok, but the more I played the more hooked I became. The plot and gameplay are just amazing and the he whole atmosphere of the game sucked me in. This is one of the most impressive and immersive first person shooters I ever played. You simple have to own this game and at the current price why not give it a go?