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  1.  help!


    i have a docking station for the new iPod nano of shuffle,not sure what one it is. it has 8gb. i used it with me docking station and its is great. i was just wondering if anyone new if there is a peice of kit i could purchase to connect the iPod classic with the docking station (Isound IS-453)

  2.  just great.


    this film is simply funny. takes a bit to get into untill anything funny happens, but when it does it is followed by loads more funny moments, a must by

  3.  imaginative


    this is a super film. great acting and characters, the story line, however is lacking...truth. I think it is important that this, being a truth story sould be less of a made-up story, only about 80% of this film i reckon is true though this is not important if you like a good old blood and gore film. i reconmend this film, to any one who has seen and liked troy, kingdom of heaven, and gladiator.

  4.  probably would have been good...


    well, it never worked. i installed it, played it, well almost did, and it never worked. i could get onto the start video, well i could only hear it i you not see it. i would get onto the main menu, but when i clicked new game it took ages to loads and when it was almost full, it crashed and went onto my desktop. This game would have been good probs, im just enoyed it never worked :(.

  5.  Really big!


    this is a great poster, brighting up my room. i never new it was so big, it really is a great poster if you like ghost rider, you must get this, i love it!

  6.  Must buy!


    i bought guild wars factions , about one year ago. for some reason it stoped working on my computer, it was an amazing game though. about a weak ago i bought guild wars nightfall, people, if you have played factions this game matches it no bother, it may even be better than it. this is a must buy game to any gamer that enjoys online gaming and role playing games. belive it or not, even though guild wars nightfall is a massive game it does not require a great computer to play it on. the only down fall to this game is that the max level is 20, but consedering the sheer size of this game and that its free to play online, it does not really matter, a fantasic game.