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  1.  Amazing


    The most addictive game I have ever played.

    As a fan of harmonix previous games (FreQuency and Amplitude) I was eager to play the GH series.
    It didn't appeal to me at first and seemed like a tacky drinking game like Singstar (who honestly plays that sober?)
    But a mate got it and we have not stopped playing it since.
    Once you've worked your way up to expert, you can even please real crowds who actually cheer when you start playing one of the many classic rock songs, and nailing the solo's.

    The addition of co-op suddenly changed multiplayer from a exhausting battle, to a proper show. With one on lead and the other on bass (or rhythm).

    I cannot recommend this game enough as it is the single most played game in my entire collection - I still play and get high scores!

    I cannot wait for GH3!!!

  2.  Not everyone's fave...


    Hats off to the genius who thought it would be a good idea NOT to have multiplayer splitscreen. This game is begging for 2 player action..

    A bit bland, but this is definitely my type of game - hence the 4 stars.
    An amazing soundtrack and balls out fun!

    The graphics are something else, a great game for showing off PS3's capabilities.

    Fun if you like this type of game but can be a bit challenging.

    Great idea though, I love the whole motor-festival type thing!

    Definitely worth checking out if you get it cheap (or even free) but only if this is your type of game.

  3.  Nearly perfect.


    I loved Red Alert and Red Alert 2 even more so.

    But this even tops that!
    Nothing like the precious games. This one's more about offense rather than defense (no wall building here) plus rewards/upgrades for destroying the opposition.

    3 factions and an amazing line up of units and upgrades.
    Earn medals by completing the story and challenge modes...Plenty of hours gaming!!!

    Don't play online, it's just not worth the grief...

  4.  Will I ever stop playing?


    I have been playing this game for years, nearly everyday - and I can't see that trend changing!

    Still tons of people playing online (not a game for single player) and with mods such as Desert Combat and Forgotten Hope, there's plenty of variety.

    Forget the homing "lock on" missiles and weak tanks on BF2, this game is all about the skill, but more so - Fun!!.

    Never a dull moment, and a bargain!
    I have been hooked since the demo!

  5.  Outstanding!


    An outstanding game that betters the original. See the other reviews for highlights and praise.

    However, I took it online and was very disappointed.
    The only way I can see it working is if you play with a mate.

    Stick to the AI wish is more than good enough!
    And have fun with more mission, units, upgrades and commander abilities!

    If you loved the original, this will guarantee you many more months of gaming enjoyment!!!

  6.  Excellent


    With more money than sense, I just ordered this headset as it was the first one to pop up when I searched.

    However, this headset is outstanding. It's very comfortable and the sound quality is amazing. Not much more can be said, except it's definitely the best headset available that doesn't sacrifice quality for value. Well worth every penny!