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    after completion (which took me 5 hours...)
    3 stars for:
    +Fantastic Graphics (+1 star)
    +Amazing technology with the big groups of people (+1 star)
    +Historically correct to the layout of the cities (+1 star)
    +Fantastic animation and climbing (+1 star)
    +Creative story line (+1 star)
    -Nothing to do at end of SHORT story mode (-1 star)
    -Cant skip the extrmemly long and boring cutscenes, even when you have finished the game (-1 star)
    =Total 3 stars

  2.  ! ! ! DO NOT BUY THIS VERSION ! ! !


    You can get the standard version off play for £24.99 and download the survival pack FOR FREE off Xbox LIVE! They are charging £15 MORE just for the Game Of The Year text under where it says Xbox 360! !!!CAUTION RIP OFF!!! Also this is a good game to play with friends, if your PC can handle it, get it on PC but if not get the 360 version. It does get abit boring and repetitive but £24.99 isnt THAT much...



    Rent this game, i repeat rent this game!!! It lasts for about 5 hours or so and is very easy, even on hard. It's not all bad though, great music if you like hip-hop, lots of unlockables and music videos, nice graphics and funny script. Im giving it 3 stars becauase its repetitive, there is about 3 different enemies, it only has online coop and its short.

  4.  One of the best films


    On the video on here it says,
    'D: It is destiny'
    on the actual film it says 'D: It is written'



    I have played the beta of this game, halo 3, cod4, cod world at war, resistance 2 and many other shooter games but this is the best shooter game i have ever played by far. The graphics are stunning, the detail is stunning, the animations are stunning, the physics are stunning, the cutscenes are stunning, the online is amazing and the story mode is brilliant! If your a fan of first person shooters or are new to the fps genre i seriously recommend this game! 10/10

  6.  Not frightening AT ALL


    It's just hilariously corny! Its great and deffo a must buy!

  7.  How can anyone not love this game?


    People are saying it was over hyped, was there posters on sky scrapers like when gta iv came out? Was there a scene made out of plastic models like when halo 3 came out? Does everyone know what lbp is? No!

  8. BioShock



    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £14.98

     A bit of an improvement on the 360 version...


    But it doesnt blow me away. I would give it a 4.5 if i could, but i cant... Its still a must buy for £29.99 considering most games cost £39.99 and its still a great game. If you have playstation network theres a demo out. Download that and see what you think.

  9.  I would give it 0 stars if i could...


    This has got to be THE worst game i have EVER EVER EVER played and i have played A LOT of games! The graphics are below average, it is EXTREMELY repetative! I'm not going to go on about how bad this game is but if you have any taste do not get this!

  10.  B.O.R.I.N.G


    This game is so slow paced its untrue. I wouldnt give £1 for it. the most boring game i have EVER played and a eye sore for the playstation 3, but it might appeal to other gamers. I prefer games like alone in the dark and gta ect.