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  1.  Mediocore


    I found the begining of the game fun and exciting, the middle of the game frustrating and the end of the game was brill. But overall I wasn't that impressed by it. Played one online match, its pretty much exactly like the demo and I find it not worth playing compared to GoW2. Trading it in tomorrow, finished in 1 day, about 4-6 hours gameplay

  2.  Got nothing on Ninja Gaiden 2


    I find this game somewhat ridiculous.. Infected trains? and helicopters, come on! If you want a good ninja game get Ninja Gaiden 2. I find the game relies too heavily on spamming quick time events. Trading it in tomorrow



    Collectors beward. By now, if your buying this dvd you'll have 10 lovely volumes of Naruto in cardboard cases. However this does not come with one, therefore spoiling my collection. Might sound petty but on my shelf it looks rubbish! Haven't watched the content yet as it only came today but i'm sure it will be brilliant.

  4.  I still really don't know anything about this game


    What i do know is its so much fun! I bought this because of the hype and for once LBP lives up to it! From dressing up your own sackboy to making your own levels this game makes me smile so much, something rare in next gen games as most involve huge guns and grim story lines. LBP is so light hearted and even though i can't tell you what its about, not because i don't want to ruin it.. i just can't, you have to experience it yourself.

  5.  Metal gear only reason i bought a ps3.


    And I'm so glad i did, yes there are other reasons i got my ps3 but this was the main one. The graphics and gameplay are the best i've ever seen. Take your time and be patient, its not as easy to sneak around on this one as on the previous installments but octo camo is brilliant! The best game ever, followed closely by Fable 2

  6.  Really not that bad


    People obviously don't know a good FPS when they see one. This game may have its floors but its really not that bad. I got this for free so maybe I'm bias as it cost me nothing. Haven't been online yet but if its anything like the story it should be good. Not as good as games like MGS or Fallout 3 but there in a league of their own.

  7.  Dare I go as far to say 'better than resident evil 4'...


    Yes, basically. Firstly the graphics are amazing, the zero gravity and airlock zones are incredible. Secondly the gun are so inventive and fun! Line cutter and plasma rifle being my top two (can't say i'm a fan of the Ripper like most other people, i prefer to stand as far away from those horrible necromorphs as possible). The gameplay is incredible and I can play this game for hours on end, currently on the 8th mission of 12 and loving every second. Only bad point is that to be honest its not that scary, you can tell when somethings going to just out at you. Dying is a lot more fun than 'you've died'. Instead your head rolls off or your body gets cut in half, which is much more realistic. The best part for me is when you can look out across space and see the planet the ship took a chunk from and the sun shining in your eyes. Must buy!

  8.  Best title on XBOX 360 to date


    Where do i start, from the word go i was immersed in this game. Being a fan of the first fable i already knew what to expect, however this game is such an improvement on the first installment and has to be my game of the year so far. The graphics aren't the best but they are very good, however for a game like this they didn't need to be realistic anyway. The combat and magic are brilliant, fighting in the crucible using level 5 vortex annihilating everything they can throw at me has to be one of the best parts of the game, for me. The property market and pet dog are the icing on the cake, personally i advise being good as i was full evil for the first half of the game and you just look stupid and everyone hates you. All in all we'll have to see if Gears of War 2 can top this outstanding title. High expectations indeed

  9.  So far so good


    I had been looking forward to this game giving me something to do before the release of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm and being a fan of Bethesda and the Elder scrolls series I thought i'd give it a try. The begining in the vault is brilliant, growing up and the G.O.A.T test was a lot of fun, but I have to say this is nothing like Oblivion. This game does have stunning graphics and the third person is better than most people think (so long as you zoom in so you can't see your legs, but when have Bethesda ever made it so your feet touch the floor realistically). On the other hand i have found that the combat is a bit repetitive for example the V.A.T.S system (automatic firing basically does the job for you) and I find myself always in desperate need of health. For me, I will just be doing the main story and not exploring anywhere I don't have too. Saying that i have racked up a lot of hours on the game so far, and i love the fact your dad is voiced by Liam Neeson. All in all 4 stars out of 5 for graphics and the sheer mass of this game, the map is huge! I personally prefer Fable 2 and Dead Space.

  10.  RASENGAN!


    Wow, is the only word that can describe the countless hours i've spent on the demo off PSN. I bought a PS3 recently (I already own an xbox 360, dissapointed after the bismal Naruto rise of a ninja) just for this game, and luckily it has not dissapointed by any means. Stunning visuals and the best fighting engine i've ever seen. Litterally cannot wait for the release date! Safe to say i will be playing this over Gears of war 2 (as there both released on the same day)