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  1.  got one...bad idea?


    Got one of these on day of release, traded in my elite that was only a few weeks old. got a few days out of it then.....whats that noise? the power brick sounded like a jet... a fan in the power brick...omg then the console sounded like it was going to take off, the main fan in the xbox..yes the one with that huge open venting system, picked up speed. it was like a hoover....my first reaction was NOoooo, then i turned off xbox after all the noise had stopped. rang microsoft told them the story, they sent me out a new power brick to try it out, Oh and the fan will get like that after some time playing, but all i was doing was scrolling around xbox menus, well anyway got power brick, tried it and its still the same so....Sent it to the shop where i got it and traded it for a super elite xbox 250gig ff13 model new,didnt have to pay anything extra and happy again.
    I gave it two stars because they still didnt get it right. it lost three stars for
    (1) alot of heat/after 5min(microsoft and heat dont get on!!!)
    (2) its not whisper quite....noise for power brick(well at lest the noise is moving away from console) and very loud cooling fan
    (3) finger and dust magnet.....bad idea if you have kids(to shiney for them i.e stands out to much)
    im gonna hold off before i get another xbox360 s... going to let microsoft sort this one out. if your thinking of getting a xbox360 for gaming try xbox elite or super elite - there quite/no heat and do the same job.
    Ok the new xbox has the kenect port at the back....but i play games i dont wanna jump around the sitting room.
    Thanks for reading.

  2.  God of war filler


    This is a good game. Alot of people say it ripped off gow but who cares, all the new fps come from coping counter strike. But we still play codmw and everybody will be getting medal of honor when it's released. dantes has a good story and moves to get us all ready for gow. Also online mulitiplayer will be released soon for this game. If you love hack and slash get this game even if your a god of war fan.

  3. MAG



    8 New from  £7.04  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.68



    Mag will play in 1080p. On the back of the box it says 720-1080i.
    Just go to your display setting on the xmb and deselect 720. You should be left with 1080p and 1080i, start game and it will run at 1080p. Works for me. Must have being the update that was released.
    Anyway what a great game. Has it's good and bads but so does every game out there. Just needs time. I remember when killzone 2 was released. Hated it online but a few updates and it's one of the best fps out there.

  4.  They have done it again


    2k have hit the jackpot yet again... What a great game, outstanding graphics and gameplay. If you loved the first bioshock this game is a must buy. Or if your looking for a great first person game this is the game for you!!!

  5.  Return of ryu....


    Played demo Wow....what a game, graphics to movement in this is just amazing. Played ninja gaiden 2 on xbox but man team ninja really held off for the ps3 version. It shows the power of the ps3.
    Now just one thing there's no gore but who cares ninja gaiden will have you pulling your hair out it's that hard.And mission mode that's co-op class. 10/10

  6.  Sssssweet


    Fun for everyone, old one is a classic give this one time and will be the same.