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  1.  makes you feel like you are in the army


    what can i say, best story, best fights, best live, best actions, realistic,best shooter ever,amazing,amazing,amazing

  2.  i tried to like it... its hard


    two worlds looked like a great game on the shelf, i only bout it cos ide been on oblivion for 5 months and fort i would become nerdy if i played it more( for the record im still playing it nine months later!!)

    its a rely bad game, i dont like the fights or the charecter making or the graphics, but the thing that got me is the way that if it rains the guy goes" im wet" or "its very cold"
    i couldnt stand it

  3.  alrite, but not a good buy


    blacksite is a very weak game that realy has no story in it.
    some of the levels dragg instead of leaving you amazed.
    the stroy was very bad and linear
    their are a few good bits but no where near engoung, i would prefere buying call on duty 4

  4.  unbeilivble.. this will never get old


    i have had oblivion for over nine months now and still want to play more. their is no other game in da world like this, it is amazing everything is so real and the main quest isnt even half the game, theirs always so much to do,find more stuff, train, do quests, make moeny, thefe,find more secrets and much much more, i have completed oblivion 5 times and have done every quest in exsictance and yet i still play it, you dont even need the quests to ahve fun, be a deadra worshipper, a vampire in the sewers,a mass murderer, a spy, a monk and much much more use you imagination and then the game will never end.

    i have just orderd morrowind, the one before oblivion hoping it will be better just like everyone says, i know everything bbout this game cos i go on uesp(great site you can find out anything)

    if you have half a brain you will buy this game NOW

  5.  very good game. but a bit repitive


    this by all means is a very good game. good graphics, enviroments, weapons but it repeats it self alot. you find guns and shoot people no story or anything. i dont like that sort of game though but you might

  6.  brill game, but i would recemend ds2


    this is a reallly good game, ok graphics simple story and easy to follow. the one bad point is they put far to many enemies in so it is half impossible to complete. once you go into the first dungeon theres about 100 ememies and the further you get there become more. for this reason i wuld recemend ds 2. it has nothing to do with 1 but has great places its not as hard and all in all its a better game. i have completed both games and they are btoh easily the best rpg ( role play games) ever created! and thats saying somthing. there is also a nother pack ds legends of arrana and even though i havnt played this it is apparently amazing as well

  7.  good for dog lovers, bad for normal people


    This is a really poor game. you do what you can and once you've done that theres nothing more no extras nothing. i would not advise this game if your normal but if you like dogs then buy it.

  8.  good game... if you like total war


    This is the cheapest i've ever seen this pack i bout mine for £40 and this is £18 insane! It has most the latest games and the music which is quite good but its only worth the £ if you like total war if not then theres not much use of this game. you ether love it or hate it. I think their quite good games but i always get killed on the campaign!!!!!!!!!!!

  9.  wow this game is 10 times better than the best game!!!


    This game is amazing you can explore an entire world freely without being stopped by small fry enemy's which is handy when your hunt a collissus down. A bit of a confusing story but who cares you have to outwit your enemy and find its weak point. its brill but the finally enemy is probably the funnest point of any game I've ever played and I've played 65 games!!!!!

  10.  brilliant game, one of star wars best!


    This is an amazing game. good story, good graphics. good cutscenes, good battle scenes the list keeps going! The only bad point of this game is the further you get the harder it gets and gets hard to follow. Thats why i only gave it four but some people think hard is good and it is... just not to hard