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  1.  Top Rock Album


    Have been aware of these for years from the early 80's but never heard their material. This album came up as a recommended on spotify so gave it spin and was very very impressed. If you like good heavy rock with great vocals , searing solos and harmonies like any good rock album should have this album is an absolute winner.

    Had I not known I would have this this band were a major American Rock band with this a massive international seller and to be fair on the strength of the album --- they should be as every- yes every track is top drawer- Make this your next purchase you will not be disappointed.

  2.  complex, deep,dark,musically brilliant - Steve Overland


    Building on from Storm Corrossion material in my opinion.
    Very complex and intricate,layered and dark with first class musicianship and song writing. So far so good but will be absorbed slowly as SW music is supposed to be not the quick fix shallow jingles or block riffs.Great through a good sound system.

  3.  Very Intense - Overworked


    Rush at their best with an abum full of great riffs and intricate sounds. I left this review to let the album be played for a few spins and this has dilated into possibly best album by Rush since Moving Pictures. Very well written, fantastic lyrics, great production and and every song stands up on its own. No Fillers here and great sound of classic heavy rush.
    Very Very Good

  4.  Melodic Rock From Lizzy's Wharton


    Don't get confused with Calm Before the Storm 2 - The 2 is the re-recorded album and I think loses some of this albums original quailities. This the original has the bite and upfront guitar harmonies that rock up the album better than its recent re-recorded edition in 2012.
    The 1990s album :-
    The third Album from Dare and after the magnificent 'Out of the Silence Debut' and the heavier and totally different and less effective ' Blood From Stone' Dare returned to the debut style with this superb album.

    This is a very effective melodic rock album from a very under-rated band. This album really does take you to a better place . A very under rated band and unique band.


  5.  Good but was Good Originally


    I remember seeing dare support the late grate Gary Moore with out of the Silence Album as the support band and was hooked immediatley. The second album was a major disappointment and the third "Calm Before the Storm" continued where out of the silence with the classic dare style that has been maintained since with a fine set of albums. Very surprised to see an album which I think is probably their best re-recorded. Of course its very good but so was the original so if you've not got the original bag this quick. Would have expected the blocky 2nd Dare Album blood form stone to have the re-treatment not this one.
    I will be buying this because I think it's important to support bands but don't think its bringing that much more (other than the B side unreleased songs) additions over and above the original.
    Would like to hear some more Lizzy songs treated with the Dare Haunting sound- Sun Goes down, Eire,Honesty is no excuse, slow blues,Spirit slips Away,Renegade away and don't let him slip away.

  6.  3rd and Best


    I thought 2 would take some beating but here we are again with yet another belter and sustained improvement from the previous. This is a real classic album from a great band. JB as great as he is has started to become predictable in his own band, GH great lyricist singer and front man but has not peaked like this in his other outings. Keyboards and drums as great musicians as they are will only ever supplement the 2 goliaths here. Stop the arguing guys and get this album toured - don't let this special arrgt slip into what could have been - turn on the news and get your disputes into perspective.
    Great Band and Album

  7.  Robbo and Band Slam out a Great Rock Album


    What a great Rock Album.
    I saw Robbo at the Phil Lynott tribute concert in Dublin and he was off that night and I thought perhaps he's had his day. This is not the case as Robbo slams out great riffs licks with his recognisable great style.
    Not a bad track on this album-robbos rlicks and riffs make the difference here-well well worth a spin. Good crunching Rock music with great vocals - a great band here.

  8.  Fish's final and lasting testament


    This is a very powerful,sincere rock masterpiece.
    The story of a crumbling life style , failing relationship, alcohol in addition to an absolute stormer about the Bands rawness having visited Aushwitz during a tour with powerful melody, harmonies this album takes your through a real emotional journey.

    Total respect to uncompromising Mr Fish.

    ps the remastered album is worth the extra few quid a second CD has a further set of unreleased songs - all good enough for an album in there own right and shows the class of this band.

  9.  Dark-Psychotic Immersion of fear - unrateable


    Very Strange - Sinister music with delicate sounds that haunt through to the soul. Bordering on a disjointed accord of different noises sensations that walk you through an emotional jounrney via walls of sound. Where as Sabbath slam the evil in with blocky riffs- this is delicate harmonies and orchestral pieces that fades in -slowly suffocates and then leaves no trace - pure evil. Anyone who knows Steve Wilson work will see how this relates to his 2 albums. Not PT - Not Opeth. Both guys here bring somethings different-distinctive - very self indulgent - creative to the table. Will irratate as many and possibly more than those of us than can relate to this.. and probably as intended. Musicians should push the boundaries and challenge sounds - well done

  10.  Lazy Covers, Lazy Cover no hard edge - V.Poor


    The worst of the VH DLR era this one.
    One decent track - The full Bug in true VH hard rock style is the only glimmer of hope here. Stinkers are Happy Trails - basically just an mess about, big bad bill the same, dancing in the streets - just dreadful - Pretty Woman a real lazy affair with no flair from the great EVH.
    Cathedral - OK EVH showing his magic making the guitar sound like a church organ, Secrets and little guitar are poor bluesy riffs.
    Hang em high is a rocker but seems to loose its way almost too fast.This was the start of synth melt down building on the sunday afternnon in the park from Fair Warning
    This album lost all the venom from the earlier Fair Warning, .Women and children first and VH1-2.1984 came after this which again compared to the first four was not in the same league.

    Having recently bought and listened to the majestic Different kind of truth have I gone back to back catalogue of VH with DLR and the first 4 albums have stood the test of time but this one today is just dreadful.

    VH in 1982 were in melt down - 2011 the Halen with with roth is back and wipes the slate again from this lazy album.