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  1.  As a horror film, it works pretty well


    I love horror movies, I0've been watching horror movies since I was a tween.
    Yet I couldn't watch this one until the end. It scared me to death. It's there, sitting in my nice little collection, and I've only watched the first part. I cannot go further.
    I believe this vouches for the movie's result.

  2.  What a pleasant surprise!


    Judging from the reviews I had read online, this looked mediocre.
    The reviews were wrong! It's actually quite a nice movie....very sober, very poignant, and extremely beliavable.
    Michael Fassbender is going to be a huge star very soon. He's got talent, looks and an impressive screen presence for a young actor.

  3.  At least a good one


    After the dreadful Wolverine, this is a breathe of fresh air. Probably not the best one in the saga (the first prize goes to X2), it's nevertheless a good one for X-Men enthousiasts.
    Its force lies in a brave choice for Magneto: Michael Fassbender steals the whole show as Erik. He is worth the movie. He had the not so easy (let's say downrigt terrifying) task to play the same character as Sir Ian McKellen. Sir Ian is probably one of the coolest men alive....well, Mr Fassbender exceeds the task and he delivers a riveting performance. You can easily see it's the same character. That's some powerful stuff.

  4.  Not to be missed


    This is one of the little lost gems of the '90s. When it was first aired it was butchered by CBS, which showed a lot of episodes in the wrong order (make sure you get the correct viewing order from Wikipedia, as the DVDs are wrong too).

    It was also a show way way ahead of its time. I'm pretty sure that it would have been a sheer success if it had been created in 2010.
    It's creepy and incredibly sexy...think about True Blood (but with a much better script & acting) crossed with Supernatural.

    Lucas Buck, the enigmatic sheriff of a small town called Trinity is introduced as the villain, but quickly becomes the main force and drive of the show, the very heart of Trinity. I'm not sure the '90s were a ripe time to have such a antihero as the protagonist of a show. He seduces the other characters and the viewers alike and I challenge anyone not to fall prey of his charm and not to cheer for him and hope he gets away with it.

  5.  My favorite one


    OK, I confess season 3 is my favorite one. Especially the first part, Villains. Smart and sharp and somewhat moving. If you're a Sylar fan, this is your season.

  6.  Sadly, this will be the last season


    This seasons starts very well. It gets somewhat unsatisfying later, but the ending is pretty good and The Wall is probably one of the best episodes ever, if not the best.
    On a funny side, it's nice to see they put Sylar in front of the cover again. From not being on the cover of s1 and being a lingering shadow on the cover of s2, he has truly gained his deserved place on the cover of s3 and s4. And of course Sylar fans won't be disappointed by season 4...