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  1.  Hidden Gem


    I really liked this film. A mix of samurai and western filmed 300 style.
    There were a few slow moments, but there were some visually impressive action scenes that far made up for them. Not too violent, sure there is blood, but no major gore/bad language or sex.
    All the cast did a great job without hamming it up too much.
    highly recommended.

  2.  Epic gaming.


    I've been a huge fan of the games since Final Fantasy 7, a game that had what most hollywood movies craved. Great visual and a top story. A dozen years later and we are here with FF XIII. This entry in the series brings back everything you loved, but also adds new elements that expand the gameplay greatly. I'm not finished just yet, but the game has sucked me in from the beginning. The visuals are superb, the cut scenes rival most CG animated movies, Square have finally been forgiven for FF: The Spirits Within (A film I actually enjoyed though).
    The only flaws in this game is the linear gameplay and a certain annoying character, but the flaws aren't bad enough to lower from a 5 star rating.
    Buy it, play it, love it and then play it again. A good years gaming will be well spent.

  3.  A Romantic Sci-Fi Classic


    Seriously overlooked on its cinema release (not by me). This superb film cannot be planted in just one genre. Its has sci-fi elements mixed with a whodunnit thriller. Despite being violent in numerous scenes, I find this film to be one of the most romantic films ever.
    Upon numerous viewing, this has finally made it to my No1 favourite of all time so my views are slightly biased, but I must recommend it to anyone who really appreciates good storytelling with beautifully acted characters. Ralph Fiennes (Voldermort) hasn't been as colourful until this years In Bruges. 10/10

  4.  HD Anime, a new era


    I recently got this on HD-DVD (yes, the dead format) and was blown away by the quality of the animation. The picture is crystal clear and flawless.
    If you are a fan of the original Appleseed movie, you won't be disappointed with this follow-up. Sure the story had elements of other sci-fi flicks, but you'll be too awestruck by the quality to really care. Also, you can tell John Woo was involved, as the film has many of his trademarks on it.
    The extras were really interesting too, it goes to show how much work is put in, to producing such quality as this.

  5.  Kiss you family and friends goodbye.


    I've had one since the first release day and I love it. Sure, I fell victim to the three red lights of death recently but, with all the hours I'd put in playing, it was bound to happen. Once you find a game that suits your gaming needs, you'll never want to put the controller down. For the full gaming experience, you will need to upgrade with a hard drive and a wireless controller.
    There are some faults, the machine does whirr a little loud but once your immersed in game land, you'll hardly notice it. I do own a PS3 but there are more game choices for the 360 to suit everones needs.
    I've even just ordered a 360 for each of my kids for xmas because once i'm gaming, there not a cat in hells chance of them getting a look in.
    Along with Sky+, the Xbox 360 is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st Century.
    Game on!!

  6.  Die Hard 4.Whoa


    I was a little disappointed when they first announced this installment a family friendly PG13 in the US. Die Hard movies have always been known for the Blood, Violence and Language, its what made them what they are. When I saw this at the cinema I was expecting a tame(quite lame) sell-out, trying to cash in by having younger viewers. I was so wrong. This sequel has almost everything you'd come to expect from a Die Hard movie, and 10X's more. The film hardly lets up, from the first action scene to the last, the movie is a pedal to the metal, all out action bullet fest. There maybe less blood and language but you'd hardly notice as the film is so fast paced. Bruce Willis, here, is on top form as the wise-cracking cop, hell bent on doing his job and stopping the bad guys. Villians Timothy Olyphant and Maggie Q are also great, Timothy as the calm but crazy computer terrorist and Maggie Q as his kick-ass girlfriend. Along for the ride is Justin Long (Dodgeball, Jeepers Creepers) as the hacker Willis must protect, Long also excels in his role as a fish out of water computer nerd.
    This Die Hard is right up there with the original, Better the 2 and easily as good as 3. It maybe free of 18 cert material but that dosen't matter. Just sit back and enjoy another crazy ride with John McClane.
    Hopefully this Disc will be the same as the US unrated version that was rumoured to exist when the film was originally released.

  7.  Great stuff.


    I saw this at the cinema and really enjoyed it. There are some great action sequences and the films idea is pulled off perfectly. The only bad point is Nicholas Cage's dodgy haircut. I'm glad this was released by EIV and not Paramount, Paramount have signed a HD-DVD only deal for future releases, UK viewers are lucky, Americans cannot get this title on blu-ray.

  8.  A gripping thriller


    I recently bought this on Region 1 and thought that it was a brilliant film and intriguing story. The pace is slow but the performances and story keep you too hooked to notice.
    A warning though, advertised on the disc is a directors cut coming soon, so movie fans may want to hold out for that one. I wish I knew about it before hand.

  9.  A Fantastic Original Series.


    This short series starring Peter Krause(Six Feet Under) is an absolute must for fans of Lost and Heroes. With a story that puts most Sci-fi movies to shame, this clever and original show will leave you wanting more. However the price for this Region 2 set is discusting compared to Plays sister USA site, at half the cost.