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  1.  The King Of Pop is back


    WOW! What a brilliant album this is. After 3 years away, the best selling artist of the decade returns with his 8th studio album, and it is easily up there as one of his finest. There is not a single bad track on here. It is the perfect mix of old Robbie and experimental Robbie. There are lots of fantastic ballads delivered in only the way the Robster can. Opening number Morning Sun is simply fantastic - has a great Sgt Pepper sound to it. The massive global smash hit 'Bodies' is a soaring anthem that just gets better with each listen. Second single 'You Know Me' is orchastra pop at its best. A brilliant pop tune - very addictive and catchy. Then comes Blasphemy, which is simply beautiful. The last Williams/Chambers penned tune. It has some brilliant lyrics from Robbie, and his voice sounds amazing on it. Do You Mind is classic rockin Robbie, whilst 'Last Days Of Disco sees Rob return to the electro sound of his Rudebox album. But dont be put off, this track is simply brilliant and easily one of the highlights of the album. The short but great Somewhere leads perfectly into the Bowie-influence 'Deceptecon' which is just wonderful in so many ways. 'Starstruck' sounds like a mix between Fastlove by George Michael and Robbie's own 'Lovelight'. Very catchy and could well be the 3rd single. Difficult For Weirdo's sees him revert back to the Pet Shop Boys influenced electro sound once again, and works very well. The comes 'Superblind', easily in the top 3 songs on the album. This stars off slow and builds up with soaring guitar riffs with Robbie proclaiming "Im the genius behind me". Just when you thought it cant get much better, the anthemic 'Wont Do That' appears accompanied with a great guitar solo..

    This is a truly fantastic album, and any fan of sosphisticated orchestral pop music should own it. The legend that is Trevor Horn does an excellent job producing this. It deserves to be a massive hit. If you have any sence you will buy it now!

  2. Rudebox


    Robbie Williams - CD

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     One of the most under-rated albums ever!


    This album got such undeserved flack from tabloids and people who never gave it a chance, purely because it sounds so different from Robbie's usual material. I wish people would open their minds and appriciate this for the truly wonderful, innovative, diverce record it is. Yes the single 'Rudebox' is clearly not a great song, and is largly to blame for the negetivity surrounding the album, but please do not be fooled by the tabloids and people who put this album down because of the single Rudebox, because you are missing out on an amazing album if you do.

    There is something on this album for everyone. You have a rap/hip hop/funk sound on tracks such as Keep On, Bongo Bong (both featuring Lily Allen) Good Doctor, Dickhead, and the two tracks 'The 80's and The 90's, where Robbie sings (or talks) about his childhood, and days in Take That. It proves to all the doubters that Robbie is one of the most talented lyricists of his generation. These two tracks are two of the best he has ever released.

    There is also some classic uplifting Robbie pop on there as well, with amazing songs such as Viva Life On Mars, She's Madonna (featuring the Pet Shop Boys),Kiss Me, and the amazing 'Lovelight'. As well as that there is excellent unique electro sounding tracks such as 'The Actor' (one of the best songs he has ever released), We're the Pet Shop Boys (featuring the Pet Shop Boys) and Never Touch That Switch. And there is even two excellent slower songs, Summertime, which sees Rob return to his ballad roots, and 'Burslam Normals'.

    Overall, this is one of the most enjoyable and diverce albums I own. It is such a shame the tabloids and the lead single has put so many people off buying it. Pleae don't be fooled. Buy it, give it a chance and you will be pleasently suprised I am sure. And don't believe it was the disaster it is labelled as being either. It sold over 4.5m copies globally, and reached #1 in 14 countries, and as far as reviews go, it got amazing reviews from series music mags and broadsheet papers, it was mainly the tabloids who put it down. Had it sold millions in the UK, I highly doubt they would've as sales are all that matter to them.

  3.  A great bargin


    What a fantastic bargin. £3 for one of the best pop albums of the 21st Century.

    This album displays what a fantastic songwriter Robbie is. Himself and Stephen Duffy created this wonderful record, where each and every song is excellent (which is very rare with albums these days), lyrically it is his best album to date. It is also his most serious and is more like a complete piece of work from a singer-songwriter, as opose to a pop album with loads of potential hit singles. Although there are those classic Robbie pop/rock songs thrown in there as well, such as the worldwide smash hit 'Tripping', and 'A Place To Crash'.

    Overall I definatly reccoment this album for all music lovers. It is an excellent diverce pop/rock album, that went onto reach #1 in twenty countries and sell over seven million copies globally.

  4.  Utterly fantastic


    I am not a big fan of romantic comedies, but this film is an exception. It is worth watching for Jack Nicholson's amazing performance alone. A truly wonderful script, so witty and cleverly written, and the performances are top notch. It really is hilarous.

  5. Feel



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     Truely wonderful


    This book is without a shadow of a doubt the finest biography of a singer I've ever read. Chris Heath is such an extremly talentled writer. As a big Robbie fan myself, I always thought I knew alot about him, but I have a completelly different view on him after reading this. He is such an extremly intelligent person, who has such a great way with words. A truly fascinating charachter. There is not a dull moment in this book, it it hilarous and also sad, and really does give the best insight into the life of one of the biggest pop stars of all time. A must read.