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  1.  a must see


    This film has so much to offer, from romance, to comedy, to sadness and with fantastic performances from Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor this beautiully shot and scored film is a must see!
    Its not often you find a film that can be romantic as well as hilarious, and being based around true events makes it fascinating as well.
    It is a little rude in places, but I dont think this should deter people from watching.
    This is one film definately worth the full price,

  2.  Awful


    I didnt think the first film was brilliant, with poor cgi and pathetic characters, but it has nothing on this one.
    I dont want to give away any spoilers, but a certain character develops emotions, which is ridiculous, Milla Jovovich is annoying, and drives this film even further away from being a resi film, and some characters from the games are included, but for no reason other than to name drop.
    All in all, with a pointless plot full of holes, bad acting, and bad cgi, Im going to be avoiding this series in future.

  3.  very enjoyable


    Being a fan of the resident evil series, i was highly disappointed with the films, and will not be watching any more made, so when i heard capcom wanted a cgi film to be made, i was very excited.
    I bought it the minute it came out, and to my relief, wasnt disappointed!
    The plot was a bit much to take in on first viewing, but that may have been because i was busy taking in the brilliant graphics.
    Its good to see the original characters back together with a proper resident evil plot. I'd say that fans would probably enjoy this, and perhaps any zombie film fans too.

  4.  I loved it!


    As soon as i saw this game on the shelf i wanted it, how could a chocobo game not be fun?
    Well i wasn't disappointed! The characters are cute, the graphics are lovely, and the games are addictive.
    It only took me about 14 hours to complete, so it isnt a long game, although you can play the mini games as much as you like, and there are alot to choose from.
    i would say anyone of any age should play this game, me and my boyfriend are in our 20's and we had lots of fun with it, (especially being final fantasy fans) but it would easily be alot of fun for a child aswell.

  5.  Not for me


    Upon reading the numerous five star reviews for this game, i searched and searched until i found a copy and rushed home to play it. However, after playing it for several hours over several days, i finally decided this game wasnt going anywhere.
    The graphics are brilliant, and the two screen system is utilized brilliantly, making this game a visual gem.
    This is the only thing that makes the cut scenes tolerable for me, they go on for too long, and are comprised of 2 - 4 characters having a very boring conversation. This happens quite often.
    The fighting system is a let down, it just isnt satisfying to win a fight, and it feels unnecessarily over complicated.
    The game play seemed exciting at first, and completing the first couple of tasks was fairly enjoyable, but after several 'days' task i just felt the only thing i was playing for was the storyline.
    Storyline-wise i was enjoying this game, but in the end it just didnt keep me entertained long enough for me to care what happens next.
    I wouldn't say don't try this game, i would just say tread carefully, as i thought this was going to be the best game i would play this year, and i was disappointed.

  6.  crash...and burn


    The only thing entertaining about this game, is the mini games section, but even that isn't brilliant with only 3 games to choose from that aren't particularly challenging.
    The 'adventure' section, ie the main game, is very boring, the levels look the same, and they play the same, jump a few times, grab a few 'mojo' balls, fight little creatures and ride a mutant. Enter new level and repeat.
    The controls are stiff and slow, making the game play frustrating as well as boring, and the levels don't challenge you for awhile.
    Another feature i was annoyed with was the mutant part, you can only keep one mutant at a time, i was hoping you could build a collection, but this is not the case.
    overall i'd say this game might be fun for small children, but id stick with Mario, or maybe even check out Chocobo Tales.

  7.  awesome!


    I was very excited when the day finally arrived that i could go to town and grab my copy of the complete masterworks 2!
    And i was not disappointed, the concert footage is amazing, and thoroughly entertaining, as are the bonus features, which document the tour, tv appearances, and a short.
    If you are a fan of the d you will not be disappointed, so get your copy now!

  8.  very good, but slightly glitchy


    the only silent hill game i havnt played yet (just about to start) is silent hill 4 the room, and i havnt been disappointed with them yet.
    i was very excited when i saw origins and although some online reviews wernt too good, i got it anyway.
    i still have allot to play, but im really enjoying it, the old characters are back, and as good as ever, and our main guy can use his fists for a change, so although weak we are never without a weapon!
    now, lets start with the bad and end with the good - the fighting system is a bit annoying, weapons break and if you are in a room full of creatures they are very hard to kill, the problem is, you have to do a finishing move, which he wont always perform (seems to be a glitch) so when your in that situation, its very annoying. the camera angles have changed, you cant control what your looking at, which can also be annoying!
    i dont let this put me off though, the music is great, the graphics are nice, the sequences in the beginning look good, and its still scary!
    so, what do i think? get it! dont be put of by slightly more difficult gameplay! its still brilliant!

  9.  quirky and enjoyable


    what attracted me to this film was my love for johnny depps acting skills. i have been collecting his films for a few years, and this was one that i had never heard of before.
    its pretty strange, and difficult to write a quick plot description for, so lets say its the journey of a young man, meeting very unusual characters, and following his 'dreams'.
    this film isnt for everyone, but if you like depp, or films that are out of the ordinary, give it a go!
    its quite humorous, and i really enjoyed it!

  10.  brilliant!


    as soon as i watched this film i wanted to share it with everyone, i passed it round my family, and it got a warm review from all!
    its a romantic comedy, but with alot of other emotions that make it so beautiful to watch, it will have you laughing and maybe crying!
    depp is brilliant, as he often is, but the other actors are equally as brilliant, i wasnt bored for a single second.
    give this film a go, unless you like nothing but fast paced action thrillers, i think this is a film for the collection!