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  1.  Worth every penny!


    I started this box set in March 2010 and have just finished it a few days ago. What a journey....the Sopranos is one of the Greatest achievements in television history. Believe the hype, its so deep, so human and soooooo violent.

    The ending whatever you may think of it, in my opinion was AMAZING!

    All I have to say is this is a bargain for 49.99, your getting over 80 episodes of this Masterpiece in TV viewing.



    Ive had the VHS and the DVD. And I absolutely cannot wait for the Blu-Ray!! This a Disney Masterpiece, not many Disneys come close!!!

    Pre-Order now!!

  3.  Fun for a one time watch....nothing more.


    I watched this a few days ago, and found the english accents annoying. And the whole story was on the dull side. Especially the "it was all a dream" style ending. Although once you start the adventure you will finish it, because of the glossy action and great cinematography, its just a shame they couldn't get a more solid storyline.

  4.  A Waste of a Great Character


    Firstly I will talk about the quality of the Blu-Ray....its no way near the quality of 2009-2010 Blu-ray releases and feels more in line with 720 than 1080.

    Secondly, the story started with much promise great intro and first half and then wham, it goes to hell. Dont get me wrong Liev and Hugh were great as Sabretooth and Wolverine. There is also a great cameo of Deadpool by Ryan Reynolds, which they totally destroy in the final act.

    This film is only worth the 1st act and for that reason I give it 1 star. Terrible story and terrible quality. Stay clear.

  5.  A Diamond in the Roth.


    What an amazing film, I just like the other two reviewers also hadn't heard of this film, but downloaded it from the usual sites. And didnt expect much and maybe thats why I enjoyed this film soooo much!! For this reason I dont want to talk about the plot at all, go into it with an open mind and just enjoy the ride. What a FILM! Samuel L Jackson and the supporting cast are all on top of their games here!!

    5/5 Film!



    Nothing to be said here!!! If you dont own a Blu-Ray this should be THE purchase to start your collection!

  7.  Stick to the Games


    Having played every Resident Evil game from 1-4 and the side stories Zero and CV. I found this title to be lacking. I watched it with much anticipation for the Resi universe with the new game coming out. I found this to not have the urgency of the games. It was a slow piece and felt like three episodes of tv show just edited together into a movie. There was some notably good scenes, although the movie was very quiet all the way through. I found the plot compared to the games to be dull, why is there no "wesker" or "umbrella"....the cliffhanger was equally annoying for long term fans of the series. This movie takes its own roots setting up future adventures for Leon and Claire. With their own antogonist in the form of a new "evil" bio weapons company.
    Although still better than the live action films, be wary. Rent it, dont buy! this is not for the fans of Resi evil, its for the HARDCORE fans of resi evil, who buy and collect for the sake of it.
    Just wait three more months and get Resident Evil 5....that is where the real plotlines are!