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  1.  Doing what she wants, fine by me


    This album lacks the commercial edge of her debut (no hit singles here) and at first does appear subdued, due to the sparse arrangement of voice and acoustic guitar/piano (as per her current tour, no backing band, catch her if you can).

    A true artist, doing what comes naturally, rather than seeking commercial success.
    It just needs a few listens to get under your skin.
    Her voice has a new found warmth and maturity here.

    What an exceptional talent she is, apparent right from the unforgettable 'Later' (with Jools) tv appearance, and the (still played to death by me) debut album.
    Surely one of, if not the finest female singer/songwriter to have arrived on the scene in the last decade.

  2.  Sia


    The Australian singer Sia is who the other reviewers are referring to.
    Check out her solo albums, like some people... she is truly amazing.
    She enhances anything she contributes to.
    Even penned songs for Christina Aquilera, fancy that!

  3.  drop dead gorgeous


    I watched this when it aired on sky living, but in standard definition.
    Although I enjoyed it very much, the picture quality did not do it any justice. What a revelation upon seeing the blu ray!
    It is the only way to appreciate the series and to me was like watching it for the first time.
    In any event the series withstands repeated viewing, with a strong storyline and reasonable acting throughout by the (mostly) young cast and seasoned veterans like Xander Berkely (inspired choice) and Maggie Q (kick-ass beautiful).

    I am also a massive fan of Luc Besson's movie but this is completely different, only basic elements of that film are retained here.
    Obviously you need to like 'invincible assassin' type movies to enjoy it
    really, probably not for fans of the English Patient...

  4.  quality cast lifts this entertaining movie


    As others have pointed out this is actually nothing like taken, despite the cover photo and writing.
    There are elements of Bourne films but this does stand alone as quite a unique thriller to be enjoyed by everyone from teenagers to grandpa.
    It is twisty but not so much to become ridiculous.
    Nothing more to say about the film, just see it for yourself.

    Excellent international cast, especially the lovely Diane Kruger. Glad to see her getting some recognition after some good roles in Ing. Basterds and anything for her.

    I think Liam would have been an interesting choice for 'the fugitive', which some scenes reminded me of, and even at his age now he is more convincing in fight scenes than Harrison Ford ever was.

  5.  much more than a 'britflick'


    As already pointed out by other reviewers, the initial appearance of this film is somewhat deceiving.
    The Full Monty comparison on the sleeve does it no justice.
    It confronts some serious issues political and personal and the whole thing is handled beautifully helped by a top class cast.

    I did not expect it to be so powerful and moving and would recommend it to all ages to see this.

  6.  fell outta the sky, don't think he's an astronaut...


    This came after 'The Rock' ,which was arguably the first (and best?)of the big budget star laden high concept action movies of the 90's.

    This one is completely ludicrous, but doesn't take itself as seriously as some other Bruckheimer productions, it just does what it says on the box.
    Go in with the right expectation and it delivers in spades.
    Joy in seeing Malkovich chewing scenery 'lost your mind? ; 'according to my last psych evaluation, yes!'

    It should lend itself to the blu ray format, and does not disappoint on the video or audio front.
    Extras are hopelessly short but completely unnecessary for this film anyway.

    A five star blast.

  7.  a French classic


    I saw this years ago on probably BBC2 or C4 and absolutely loved it, the two leads are ace.
    Assassin based 'comedies' are hard to get right (I did like Grosse point blank) and there so many subtle comedy moments in this, with an unforgettable scene near the end.
    Anyone who liked (or not) the remake really needs to see this, unless you are unable to read subtitles (optional for French speakers) in which case I truly feel sorry for you.
    The remake did not quite work, despite a really good attempt at casting, sorry Emily but lovely as you are cannot compete with Marie Trintignant. It did at least get this released on dvd.
    This has not lost an ounce of it's charm, unlike many fondly remembered films that date, as it is real class.
    The dvd picture is very clean, much better than I was expecting, which makes this an essential purchase for fans of this film, even with no bonus features worth 5 stars for the film alone.
    Hope it gets a blu ray release perhaps in France region B with something added.

  8.  quality writing and casting, music from Jan Hammer too!


    This 1990 series made Clive Owen, and deservedly so, he is assured brilliance in this, as are the rest of the excellent cast.
    What sets it apart from other British weekly series of yesteryear is the continuation and story development, pulling all sorts of twists out more like 24 than a typical 'weekly adventure' like minder.

  9.  under water filming pioneers, don't be put off by the cover


    This is not the usual 'sharks are scary' narrated documentary you see all too often, it's a proper film dating from 1971 shot in widescreen 2.35:1 giving a cinematic feel to it.

    Anyone familiar with 'Jaws' will see it's influence on that story, diving in cages, the iconic undermouth shot etc.
    Gimbel and the Taylors really put something special together here.

    There are numerous diving segments interspersed with restful and reflective moments with the crew.

    The great white filming is at the very end and is worth the wait, sooner them than me!

  10.  Tell everyone


    This excellent French thriller is a must buy, if you even think you might like the film. Although back cover says 1080p, as the first reviewer points out, it is actually 1080i. However it is not a 'shoddy transfer', it looks superb, with a sharp and detailed picture that leaves the dvd standing. It DOES have the listed TrueHD soundtrack, and all UK 2-disc dvd extras are ported over.