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  1.  ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!


    One of those games where it's real easy to die, then you have to go back to the start of the level to do it all over again (most of the time). What appears to be a complete free roaming environment, the developers have come up with a biohazard virus that kills you off in a second when you go out of bounds.
    The swinging arm zip line gig, is cool at first, then even when you're used to it you trying the same bit over and over and over and over and over AND OVER again! Because the fact of the matter is, the controls are flawed. Great graphics, great idea.........poor result and disappointing. Glad I only paid a tenner for it!

  2.  Don't listen to me or others....make your own mind up


    Don't listen to the negative reviews on this album. Of course it aint classic gnr.........axl's the only original member left!!!!!....duh!
    It's true, the gnr sound has moved on to something that isn't instantly appealing to all, but that can arguably be put down to the anticipation of an album that's 17 years in the making. I don't catre who you are........you're never gonna deliver to peoples expectations after taking that amount of time to complete an album.
    The songs are varied (musically) and what i can guarantee is that they will grow on you if you don't like what you hear the first time round. But make your own mind up.

  3.  QUALITY!!!!!!


    The best PSP game I've played so far!!!!! Buy it..........for the love of god, buy it NOW!!!!!

  4.  Terrible


    I thought at least would be almost as good as Fifa 08 considering it's made by the same people. But no............oh no, no, no, no, NO!

    Probably the worst footie I've played since PS one's early days. Graphics are horrible, animation is worse.

    Maybe this is a lot better on other consoles, but not the PSP version. It stinks!