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  1.  Never,Never use soldiers as policemen


    Far Far better than the over baked melodrama penned by Jimmy McGoven, Hard hitting & very atmospheric a fair and chilling account of a day of confusion and political manipulation by BOTH sides.Though not touching on the horific sectarian murder & violence preceding the riot, it's still a film well worth the watch.

  2.  Grooooovy


    A rival to the Avengers it was the last of the Swinging Sixties 'Brit hits'
    'S' is an elite department within Interpol, Department S inherited those cases which the other member groups had failed to solve.
    If this is anything like mine (same cover) you should get all this,
    01: Six Days
    02: The Trojan Tanker
    03: A Cellar Full of Silence
    04: The Pied Piper of Hambledown
    05: One of Our Aircraft Is Empty
    06: The Man in the Elegant Room
    07: Handicap Dead
    08: Black Out

    Season 2

    01: Who Plays the Dummy?
    02: The Treasure of the Costa Del Sol
    03: The Man Who Got a New Face
    04: Les Fleurs du Mal
    05: The Shift That Never Was
    06: The Man from 'X'
    07: Dead Men Die Twice
    08: The Perfect Operation
    09: The Duplicated Man
    10: The Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine
    11: Death on Reflection
    12: The Last Train to Redbridge
    13: A Small War of Nerves
    14: The Bones of Byrom Blain
    15: Spencer Bodily Is Sixty Years Old
    16: The Ghost of Mary Burnham
    17: A Fish Out of Water
    18: The Soup of the Day
    19: A Ticket to Nowhere
    20: The Double Death of Charlie Crippen

    Exclusive Audio Commentaries With Peter Wyngarde
    Inserted Booklet Reprint Of Original Itc Publicity Brochure
    Rare Production Photographs
    Image Galleries
    Original Itc Publicity
    Music & Effects Audio Tracks
    Motion Menu
    Scene Selection

    Umbrella Propaganda

  3.  Steed your STILL NEEDED


    The Swinging Sixties at its whacky best, if only the world was really like this! More Tea?

  4.  The Reviews below tell it all !


    A five star road movie, feel good & emotional without the sugar syrup.

  5.  Wonderful Epic


    Everything mel gibson isn't. Lavish, emotional, well paced, action packed, accurate historical epic. Highly recomended.

  6.  ARRRGH !


    Jump right out of your seat old fashioned scare fest. Wow just dosn't cover it ! Buy this now! Five star

  7.  AWESOM


    An oft over used word, but this film truly is. This strange world will not dissapoint, and for this price is a must for any collection.

  8.  Epic Boredom


    If you enjoy historical epics then steer clear of this abysmal film. Overlong and tedious gibson overacts his way through a totally hysterical and fictitious account of americas birth. Owes more to bald ego than bald eagle. This film trots along like the overweight turkey it is. A truly awful waste of time and money.



    No more to say, overlong, dull & inacurate . This film trots along like a turkey

  10.  Best Buy five star value


    1953 ??? WOW top effects and still stands among the best sci-fi movies EVER!!